Monday Old Photos (3)

Here are three old photos, all have something written on, so what do you think about who they actually are?

Thank goodness for Ebay this year! It’s always a thrill when I find new old photos to add to my collection and these next two beautiful Cabinet Cards are fabulous! I bought both from the same seller, now I’m thinking that the couple in this first Wedding photo is the same couple taken later after they had had two children?

What do you think of my theory? Opinions please? The gentleman above and below looks a snappy dresser, very aware of fashion and very sure of himself. The lady look to me an older version of the bride, she has quite a distinctive face. Both are taken at photographers studios in Exeter, Devon. Plus we have names on this second one below!

Left to right, written on the front on the people: Emily. Phil. George. Emm (Emily/Emma?) Unfortunately there is nothing written on the back at all. Ideas please??

This last one, again bought from Ebay, is a wonderful group old photo taken outdoors, mostly ladies in their finery, a few gents, especially all those stunning hats👒👒👒👒👒👒👒

I wonder which one is Les who sent the postcard?

As it’s postally used we have a date 7th February 1909, sent from St Helens, Lancashire (historically) to Neasden, north west London to ‘Dear Mother. Glad to say Sidney is doing alright so far. I had him out for a short time Friday & Saturday. I think I sent you one of these (photo) pass it on to Hetty if I did. With love to all, hoping you all better. Les (I think?) So assuming his Mother hasn’t remarried he will have the same surname as her, I’m not entirely sure of the name though, looks like Mrs Thorniley? What do you think?

Any help would be very welcome.

Till next time then…………


  1. I found a David THORNILEY born 1878, Ormskirk Lancashire, living at 8 Woodheyes Road, Willesden, London in the 1911 census with his wife Esther and step daughter Esther Jane SHEPPARD. Esther had at least three children from her first marriage one of whom was Lilian born 1880. In 1903 Lilian married Ernest HOTCHKISS and in 1904 they had a son Sidney born in St Helens Lancashire. In 1911 census Lilian , Ernest, Sidney and a new baby daughter were living in St Helens.

    From this I think the postcard is addressed to Esther and is from her daughter Lilian aka ‘Lils’ (not Les) and that Sidney is Mrs Thorniley’s grandson. Not sure who Hetty is though.

    Happy to be proved wrong.

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  2. Hi Lynn, Well ! there is always help out there for you isn’t there. Sounds good. Lovely photo’s especially the last one with all those lovely hats and fresh white blouses. I keep hoping that one day there maybe a photo here that I recognize and maybe I can be of some help OH well ! I can dream eh. Stay safe and have a lovely week.

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  3. I do have some great followers Rita & some enjoy researching as much as I do! Great to have a little help sometimes too.
    All keeping well here thanks, hope you are too xx


  4. Although I see the resemblance of the couple in photos 1 and 2, I don’t think the second one is of them with their children. Judging from the fashion, the wedding photo was taken in the 1900s. If their children were about 16-17 in the second photo, it would have to date to the early 1920s which it doesn’t (the fashion in the second photo is more late Victorian, early Edwardian). Perhaps siblings of one of the sitters instead?

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