March Old Photos, thank you to followers!

I haven’t got back into researching properly yet after my knee operation, but my wonderful Twitter followers have really been outstanding with help on a few of my unresearched old photos during the last three weeks.
So here are details of some of their research and findings, I’m hoping that someone may recognise their family among them.

This first one above John suggested a Cavalry Uniform, and Meredith a bandleader with that baton in his hand. Any more information would be very welcome.

This second one above (pencil writing is mine) there were several suggestions 1. Joan Lanyon & William Farmer 2. Aunts and Marg and Emily and Mother. Winifred Persey Joan Lanyon Winnie Farmer. 3. Five children five names. Caroline, Joan? All Farmers?

I’ve tried lots of different combinations of my thoughts and suggestions but no luck yet to match up with a family. Any help would be welcome on deciphering this writing please.

Number three, a Wedding photo above. 1. Steve thought the men looked like WO1 and the groom a Sergeant from the Royal Engineers. 2. Annette said ‘There is a marriage listed in Bethnal Green in the 2ndQ of 1938. Names are John H Hodgson and his wife Mary A Foster, I wonder if it’s them?’ Then Annette wrote ‘There is a John H Hodgson (b 26 May 1906) listed in the 1939 Register who is a Sergeant with the Royal Engineers living Bethnal Green with wife Mary (b 21 Dec 1913)’. 3. Then Bebbo said Chap on left is a Warrant Officer (like Steve), the groom looks like a Royal Engineer Sergeant from the bomb above the 3 stripes and on the collar. All great information.  I have found that John died in 1992 and Mary died in 1998. Do you recognise this couple from your family?

Inked Hodgson
1939 Register that Annette found.
This says on the back ‘Wedding Photo. Freddie Cornwell & Gina.’

Number four is another beautiful Wedding photo above. Freddie Cornwell and Gina: I had a super response from this fantastic Wedding photo. 1. Joanne said ‘There’s a marriage registered in 1949 in Wandsworth of Frederick L Cornwell and Georgina R Conway’. ‘I think she was born in 1922 in Lambeth so she’d have been about 27. Can’t find a birth for Frederick.’ 2. Then Kathryn said ‘ I think Frederick was born 1904 London, died 1986 Leigh-on-Sea. In 1939, he was a bank clerk and Gina was a book-keeper and shorthand-typist. Love her outfit.’ 3. Dave said ‘Frederick Laurance CORNWELL b.5 Aug 1904, Bow, Poplar the son of Alfred & Henrietta CORNWELL m.Q3 1949, Wandsworth, Georgina R CONWAY d.24 Sep 1986, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex Freddie & Gina had at least four children born in the 1950s I think she’s still alive…’ 4. Joanne replied ‘Yes, she appears in the 2019 electoral register in Leigh-on-Sea. I think she might be in a care home of some sort, given the address.’  5. Dave said ‘They moved to Essex soon after the wedding – their children were all born there. From the way the names are written on the back, I wonder whether the photo belonged to a friend rather than a family member’…then sent the photo of Wandsworth Register Office & the exact spot where the photo was taken!


Then a surprise comment 6. Then Tim wrote a comment ‘Have a look at Comedian & actor, Phil Cornwell from Essex, Copy sent to Phil & his son Frederick

So I did and found this on Wikipedia: ‘Philip Cornwell (born 5 October 1957) is an English comedian, actor, impressionist and writer. He is well known in the UK as being part of the Dead Ringers television and radio series, and achieved international recognition as the voice of Murdoc Niccals in the virtual band Gorillaz. Cornwell has co-written and performed principal roles in The Glam Metal Detectives and Stella Street. He is also well known as DJ Dave Clifton from I’m Alan Partridge and Alpha Papa. He is married with 6 childrenPhil is one of Freddie and Gina’s children after a few messages Tim had contact back from the family, and as was thought Gina is still alive and the family already has this fabulous Wedding photo, but Phil thanked me via Tim for offering it to them. You never know who you will find on an old photo do you!

On the back it says 1937 Iver Heath

Then we have this lovely family group photo, taken Iver Heath 1937. 1. Chris said

‘I had a quick look on the 39 Register for two-year-olds in Iver. I can only see one within the open records, a Christopher GILES.’ He had searched through the 1939 Register and he came up with this possibility:



Chris says ‘Interestingly, the father of Bessie GILES (nee GARD), William, dies at Iver Cottage hospital in 1938 and the mother, Florence dies at The Flower Patch in 1941. Perhaps they all lived together?’  Chris has also found other information about a sister of Christopher that I need to research further, but looks extremely promising if we have the correct family!


Then we have this lovely young lady on an old postcard above. 1. Katie Jane asked ‘Can I share this to the Poole memories page on FB??‘ Yes, please! There were lots of comments on the page, but here’s just a couple from Eugenie on the Facebook Page, so many thanks to them all and I shall catch up with all those comments and suggestions soon, thank you all. Facebook is another place to ask questions as there are so many different groups now all sharing their knowledge with each other. Thanks Katie Jane!


Then we have below todays photo of a wonderful looking man so smart & proud in his, I wanted to know more about him and the uniform he is wearing, so asked for help.


So 1. I had a comment from John on Twitter ‘Looking at the badge on his collar (brass instrument of some kind) and the sleeve badge, he is in a military band and wearing a ceremonial uniform. Sergeant or equivalent rank.’ 2. I also had more information from Mike on InstagramMike thinks it looks like the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, one whose constituent battalions were raised in Madras. 105th Madras Light Infantry.’ Also 3. From Leprachaunrabbit ‘Crossed rifles with crown and laurels is a Marksmanship insignia’

What an amazing amount of information from followers and others, I am very very grateful for all your help, so thank you so much, everyone, what stars you all are!

If you can add any more information to any of these old photos, that would be lovely and very welcome.

Till next time then………


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