Do you know Cicely Burnip?

Isn’t this little girl just so sweet, lovely happy face. She looks a darling in that lace dress & those boots! But who is she?


What this little girls name?



It says “Cicely Burnip’s Daughter. From Thora with love to Bessy.”

Cicely Theresa Burnip   1893–1968
Birth 2 APR 1893 • Bishop Auckland, Durham, England
Death SEP 1968 • East Dereham, Norfolk, England

Her father, John, was 38, and her mother, Maria, was 32 when she was born. She married Edmund R Robinson in 1926 in Midhurst, Sussex. She died in September 1968 in East Dereham, Norfolk, at the age of 75.

This lady above is the best possibility, but I’m not totally sure as I have found just a son born to the couple in late 1928, Edmand John? BUT there are two girls born to a Burnip previous to her marriage date. 1. Marguerite b 1920 in Sunderland Durham, surname Burnip & Mothers maiden name Burnip. Then 2. Cecilia b1921 in Lanchester, Durham, surname Burnip & Mothers maiden name Burnip. Were these two girls born before her marriage to Edmund? Was she an unmarried Mother? Or is there another explanation? Were the two girls born to totally different women and nothing to do with Cicely? Is there another Cicely Burnip somewhere?

What do you think?

Below is Edman Robinson going out to New York America in February 1930, his family follows in July. He went out as a Farmer & came back as a Mechanic in 1932

burnip 3

This is confirmation of Cicely (born Bishop Auckland) & her son Edmand (born Fressingfield, Suffolk), surname Robinson. They are travelling with Cicelys Mother Maria Burnip on this passenger list from Southampton to New York, America in July 1930.


burnip passenger back

Here above is their return trip from America, Cicely, Husband Edman, son John (Edmand John) & also her Mother Maria Burnip. They arrived back in the UK on 28 Nov 1932. No daughters? Would be nice to identify this little girl if anyone has an information please get in touch!

Have filled in a very quick basic tree on Ancestry, link here..Burnip Family

Till next time then………..



  1. Hello Lynn

    The little girl seems likely to be Thora Katherine Burnip (1914-2008). Born in Canada, she was a daughter of Cicely’s brother Fred Wilberforce Burnip.

    Ancestry member Lillie Ford’s “Ford Family Tree” has two photos of Thora in her own gallery and another in her sister Isabel’s, all taken in later life, so maybe you would care to contact Lillie. Although her “Ford/Hancock Tree” is less complete, it gives the place of Thora’s death and cites that year’s electoral register for her address: 51 Burdon Lane, Cheam, Surrey, SM2 7PP [Broadlands Nursing Home].

    The words “Cicely Burnip’s daughter” appear to have been added in biro several decades after your portrait was inscribed “From Thora with love to Betty” by Cicely Burnip of Eye, Suffolk. Her handwriting (with its distinctive form of t, closely resembling s) can be seen in a postcard she sent in 1916 to Betty [Elizabeth Mary Christine] Reynolds of Denham (1901-1990), which I have uploaded to Flickr (, where there is a link to your very helpful research.


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    • Hello David, Thank you so much for getting in touch. WOW! there’s a lot there to go through, huge thanks to you for contacting me, will do all that and look forward to seeing all the extra information. Thanks again! Lynn


  2. Hi Lynn: I just came across this while researching some info for Lillie Hancock. Thora Burnip was her great-grandmother and someone I met often as she was the sister of my mother Isabel Creedy (nee Burnip).

    I have lots of info here but have to contact Lillie again as this latest search was stimulated by an e-mail from her in March — we’ve sent a few e-mails to and fro but have never met as I’m in Ottawa, Canada and last time I saw Liilie’s late mother Denise was years ago.

    Send me an e-mail and I’ll reply with more.

    Graham Creedy

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    • Thanks so much for contacvting me Graham, really kind of you. Wonderful to hear you are in contact with other members of this family too. Take care, Kind Regards Lynn


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