1926 & 1932/33 Totally Old Photos

The last part of this particular group of found old photos and they are dated 1926, and just the last few are 1932/33.



Happy young ladies taken in summer 1926.


Wonderful picnic and playtime with ladies and children.



We are in 1932 now, wonder which one is Ruby and where the bridge was?


Image above is Good Friday 85 years ago on April 14th 1933 a lovely get together picnic at Farningham Woods. Its near to Sissinghurst in Kent and is now a Nature Reserve.


Both these last two old photos dated Aug 1933 taken at Brighton. It does seem from very small clues about all three groups of these old photos that the ladies all came from Sussex or Kent. Do you recognise anyone at all from your family, are they your ancestors?

Here’s a few more from the collection too, but these are all undated, some are similar to these three blogs with dates on, they looked such a happy bunch of friends and family….

Have a super Happy Easter Weekend everyone…….

Till next time then…….


  1. What a wonderful collection you have there Lynn and they do look very happy .Seems like they loved their picnic outings.I hope you get someone from the family who recognizes them, that would be wonderful for you. Have a great Easter.

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