St Micheal’s Soudley & St John’s Cinderford


I enjoy looking at group old photos, because its amazing the range of fashions, dresses, suits, coats, hats etc that you can find, all along beside each other. Children are always good fun too, often they are making faces or being a bit cheeky !

This photo above has writing on the back..’After Evensong 17 July 1949. St Micheal’s Soudley’  So looking up the Church I discovered it was called Saint Michael and all angels,  Church road, Soudley. This church is also attached to the parish of Saint John’s in Cinderford. Gloucestshire. Here’s a more up to date photo of the Church..below


‘St Micheal’s was built in 1909..St Michael’s has a similar tradition to St John’s, the worship being in the moderate catholic tradition with a Eucharistic and sacramental focus using mainly traditional hymns and Common Worship liturgies’  Info from Church website here.. St Micheal’s Soudley

When I saw the name Cinderford I thought..’I’m sure I’ve got a photo somewhere of a Cinderford group’ !  I did & found it ! See below..


Written on the back of this one above it says..’Garden Party at St John’s Cinderford. 11 Sept 1948′ So just taken the year before the first photo..If you look carefully you can spot some faces in both..Info below from Church website & Forest of Dean website..

1)’This church(St John) is sited on Cinderford Tump, north east of Cinderford Bridge. The church was designed by Blore in a 13th century style to include a nave, chancel with transepts, and small tower and spire. It was consecrated in 1844…..The Forest of Dean area is not unusual in having a history involving many religious denominations, amongst them Roman Catholic, Baptists, Bible Christians, United Methodists, Congregationalists, Primitive Methodists, Wesleyan Methodists and Independents. A good number of chapels of those denominations still exist today, but in this article we concentrate on the places of worship of the Church of England.’  Website here.Forest of Dean Churches

2)’St John the Evangelist Church, Cinderford dates from 1844, when the centre of Cinderford was nearby. The current parish includes what is now the southern part of the town together with Ruspidge and the village of Soudley some 2 miles distant.

At St John’s Church the worship is in the moderate catholic tradition and has a Eucharistic and sacramental focus, reflecting the Church’s seasons, using mainly traditional hymns and Common Worship liturgies. Well-ordered worship is prayerful and spiritual.’


Found this super Old Postcard photo above on Forest of Dean Family History website..Link here…..Forest of Dean Family History

Some Family History information for where to find records from the Gloucestershire Archives here.. Family History

Lots of wonderful information as always from British History online, all about the area..Link here.. Soudley & Cinderford area

Do you have Ancestors from Soudley or Cinderford ?? Do you recognise anyone in the photos ? If you do I would love to hear from you..

Update..I am very pleased to say that both of these old photos, have now been returned to the Village they were taken. To a family born in the Village, so hopefully the older generation will be able to enjoy looking at these….Many thanks to Louise for contacting me……..

Till next time then……….

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