Wedding 1950’s American style

Usually when I find old Wedding photos, it is just an odd one, sometimes I’m lucky and find a Bride & Groom with a full family group. Not often do I find 12 photos from the same Wedding together, they were obviously in an album & were removed to sell. It wasn’t until I got home & looked properly at them that I realised they were from America.  Aren’t they just wonderful & the dresses are so gorgeous..very typical 1950’s style…

Unfortunately there is no writing at all on the back of any !! Very frustrating !

I am assuming the photos belonged to the family of the chief bridesmaid, featured in the picture on the left above with Bride, probably they were related.

Last two photos below of Bridesmaids coming out with Ushers…

I can’t identify the Church either..even though on the last photo above it says ‘ Emanuel Church. Evangelical and Reformed ‘ On the board to the left….

I would love to know where it was..Do any American followers know ?..can you help ?? Some info I found about the Churches…Below..

Evangelical and Reformed Church, Protestant denomination formed by the merger in 1934, of the Reformed Church in the United States, and the Evangelical Synod of North America. Both of these bodies had originated in the Reformation in Europe.

Their churches in America were established by immigrants from Germany and Switzerland. The Reformed Church in the United States, long known as the German Reformed Church, organized its first synod in 1747 and adopted a constitution in 1793. The Evangelical Synod of North America (not to be confused with the Evangelical Church, which merged in 1946 with the United Brethren in Christ to form the Evangelical United Brethren Church) was founded in 1840 at Gravois Settlement, St. Louis, Missouri , by a union of Reformed and Lutheran Christians. In its early years it was known as the German Evangelical Church Association of the West.

The Evangelical and Reformed Church is Presbyterian in organization, and its creed is the Heidelberg and Luther’s catechisms and the Augsburg Confession; great latitude in interpretation is allowed, however, with greater emphasis leaning toward deed rather than creed. The church maintains educational institutions and foreign missions.

In 1957 the Evangelical and Reformed Church united with the Congregational Christian Churches to form the United Church of Christ.

Above info from….The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia

Till next time then……………….


  1. I am wondering if the huge Self Service Discount Mart sign visible in some photos could be a clue. It definitely does not look like the West coast…which leaves a lot of other places as possibilities.


  2. My husband and I are in California but have been examining these and the brick house has a rather substantial storm door. We are thinking this may be the midwest… Ohio, Illinois, possibly Michigan. All the cars look very clean and new which made me wonder if it is somewhere near what was the car capital then…Detroit, Michigan. The brick house and church remind me of a trip to Pennsylvania. We don’t think the plants Are overgrown enough for this to be the South. I love the dresses…the mid- length bridesmaid dresses look similar to my Mom’s 1957 wedding dress which was not full length but very elegant. We will keep trying with this…the church may still be standing and the building seems distinctive.


  3. Hi Lynn! I feel this is the Emanuel Church located at 10 Lincoln Place Irvington NJ. The cross street is Nye. If you put the address into google maps you can see the clues: 1. Bolt holes in brick to left of church door are same size outline as display sign in mounted to exterior church wall in 1950s photo. 2. Metal security door now covers old door seen in 50s but part of white stonework is still visible under metal door. 3) There is a lighter color brick to right of metal security door above white stone horizontal band. Same light colored brick is visible in 1950s. 4) In 1950s photo where bride is walking along street, photographer has caught a bit of the building closest, across the street. The window and door are in exactly the same positions: small window at top then 2 connected windows lower and to the right, then another lower window at left, finally the door and to the right of it a ground level basement window. I examined by looking in very closely on google street view since I can virtually drive down the street. 5) Park seen in 1950s photos is also there in google maps. The large building with the huge Discount Mart sign is not there but may have been torn down. I am pretty convinced this is Irvington NJ…curious to know what you think. Katie


  4. One other thing, the church on the corner of Lincoln Place and Nye now has a different name but it did come up as Emanuel Church when I put it into google maps so the name must have been changed at some point.


    • Thanks Katie, as I said not knowing the US or area at all makes it difficult for me, so good luck. I will have another look on PC tomorrow 😊Thanks so much 👍⛪️


  5. Sorry for delay, been a bit busy here with other stuff ! Been having a real good look & definitely think you have found the Church, shame it’s changed name isn’t it & as you say the area does seem to match up very well, been up & down thew street, agree with you roads too. Well done, never thought this area would be found ! Thanks so much !


    • Glad you agree Lynn…Irvington must be the place! It is kind of poignant seeing the changes. Sad to see the church has a security gate. The photos really capture a particular time, moment and place. So glad you posted them.


  6. Lynn, I think it’s sad how many unnamed photos end up like this, no loving thoughtful care for them. I am so glad that you are saving them, and posting online for everyone. I am excited that your one reader, Katie, was able to help you identify the place.

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  7. […] While I was going through the images in the book and comparing them with the collection I had bought I spotted one photo (see below top left) on page 21 that I recognised, not from the collection I had just bought, but from a Blog I had written a few years ago. 2016 to be precise, what a surprise! I had bought 12 photos of one American 1950s wedding and after writing a Blog about them and asking for help where the wedding had taken place in America, I was fortunate enough to have had a lady Katie contact me via the comments on the Blog, who was able to identify the Church where it took place, it was the Emanuel Church located at 10 Lincoln Place, Irvington, New Jersey, America. This is the link to my Blog of November 2016 with comments and identification. […]


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