John Anthony Mackrell Birth Certificate 1923

Not an old photo this time, but a Birth Certificate…Can you help ??

When we went to a local car boot sale over May Bank Holiday, I came across this Birth Certificate. I am assuming it was thrown out with everything else as a house clearance after someone had passed away. But I couldn’t just leave it, it might have got lost or thrown away again !!

1 June 1923

I asked everyone on my Facebook page and on Twitter if they knew or had heard of the family at all, hoping that I might get a lead.
My Twitter friend Sylvia Valentine @HistoryLady2013 was kind enough to do a little research for me, she found out that John Anthony Mackrell was one of four possible children, born to Tom Harold Mackrell and Maud Margaret Mackrell (Formerly Whatley)
 Cannot totally confirm, obviously without certificates for them all.
1) William H Mackrell. Oct 1912. Vol  2c. Page 454. Andover, Hampshire
2) David A Mackrell. Mar 1921. Vol 2b. Page 796. Portsmouth, Hampshire
3) John A Mackrell. June 1923…Above cert.
4) Joan A Mackrell. Sept 1926. Vol 2c. Page 427. Andover, Hampshire
Also Sylvia found the marriage record of Tom Harold Mackrell and Maud Margaret Whatley In December 1911 in Andover, Hampshire. Vol 2c. Page 571.

In looking at the 1939 Register, which can be found on Find My Past.. 1939 Register  ..
Sylvia found the family of Tom H born 30 Sept 1881 Storekeeper, Maude M born 27 Nov 1885 Household duties and Son David A born 22 Jan 1921 a fitter apprentice.
The Mackrell family were living at  Red Tiles, Anna Valley, Andover R.D. Hampshire, England.

Following on from this research on  Ancestry I found Tom H Mackrell’s last will and testament record…

Also a link to the Find a Grave website, where I found Tom (died 1950) and Maud’s(died 1971) headstone and grave at St Mary’s Churchyard, Monxton, Test Valley Borough, Hampshire, England.

Click here for website.. Find a Grave  What a fabulous job they do !!

Tom Harold was the eldest of five children of Thomas Mackrell (A Tailor in 1901 and a Beer Retailer in 1911) and his wife Sarah Mackrell.

Back to this Birth certificate and John Anthony Mackrell, I have found 2 possible marriage records for him…(John A Mackrell)
1) in the 1st quarter of 1958, Andover, Hampshire. Vol 6b. Page 189. Marrying a  Jean D Pirrie.
2) in the 2nd quarter of 1966, Basingstoke, Hampshire. Vol 6b. Page 231. Marrying a Maureen A Lewis.
Following on from this I found a John A Mackrell and Maureen Mackrell registered on the electoral roll 2006/14 living at  Hillbrow, Winchester Road, Alresford, Hampshire.
(Sylvia also found the same information from the electoral roll)

So I am assuming from this that John possibly married twice within eight years. And maybe has recently passed away, hence a house clearance….
I have also found three possible births with a father Mackrell and mother Lewis in the area that may be their offspring…..
I was unable to find any Mackrell/Pirrie matches for children born 1958/66.

1) Stuart John Mackrell born June 1967.
2) Robert James Mackrell born Sept 1970.
3) Gary Ian Mackrell born Sept 1972.

I do hope this information will help to find the family of John Anthony Mackrell, because who knows, this certificate may have been thrown out in error……..I do hope so.
Do you know the family at all ???? 

Till next time then……………………..

UPDATE…A little more information here from lovely friends and followers of Blog…
1) Jean D Pirrie was born Jean D’artua Steadman (parents Leonard Steadman and Mildred D’Artua Fricker) on 28 Jul 1920 in Warwickshire. She married William G Pirrie (2nd Qtr 1948) in Surrey. William died 1957 in Middlesex.
Jean married John A Mackrell in Hampshire, 1958.

2)  Stuart John Mackrell was a Director (Aircraft Engineer) at Aeromech Aviation Ltd from 25 Aug 1999 to 14 May 2002.  That firm is now dissolved, they were at 23 Grange Road Alresford, Hampshire SO24 9HB.
Gary Ian Mackrell was a Secretary at the same firm.

3) A Company called Mac & Mac used to rent a building from our company back a few years, his name was Owen Mackrell and lived/lives in Hayling Island. Maybe a relative, sure he was born in early 60’s.
I found an Owen A Mackrell b 1963 in Alton, Hampshire and married to a Julia in 1882..could he be related ?

Many thanks Steve and Cindy …………..

NEW UPDATE…Please see more information below from Mandy, including the sad news that her Great-Uncle Tony Mackrell (John Anthony Mackrell) passed away a few days ago…Many thanks Mandy.


  1. Hello, I have just found this as thought I’d try google to see if there was any information that would help me register my Great-Uncle Tony Mackrell (John Anthony Mackrell) death. I couldn’t believe my eyes when this popped up. It seems that some of the information may relate to a different Mackrell, because Uncle Tony was married to Jean until her death some years ago and did not remarry. Aunty Jean was married before and as far as I am aware there was one child from that marriage. Uncle Tony had no biological children. He did have 2 brothers (Great-Uncle BIll and my granddad David) and a younger sister who I believe died at a young age (my granddad was the only sibling to have children). Uncle Tony certainly lived at Red Tiles in Anna Valley for many years as I remember as a small girl going to Aunty Jean’s and Uncle Tony’s for Christmas parties with my parents and grandparents and Aunty Jean letting me and my brother try her home made wine! Sadly Uncle Tony died on Saturday 20 May 2017 at Willow Court Nursing home in Andover. It was very likely that Uncle Tony’s step-son was the one to discard of the birth certificate without thought as a few years back broke all contact with Uncle Tony and wished to have nothing more to do with him, hence why I am the one to have to register the death (my mum is too poorly and my uncle lives in Scotland).


    • Hi Mandy
      So very sorry to hear that your uncle has passed away & thanks so much for all the extra information. Very sad… If you wish to contact me privately, please contact at top of my blog..Contact Me… That is my email address.
      Kind Regards Lynn


  2. Hi, I am researching Mackrell family history as my great grandmother’s maiden name was Mackrell. On a walk in clatford i came across a gravestone in the local church of John Anthony Mackrell. Same D.O.B & death date. Is this the same man?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Predictive text but dartford when it should’ve been Clatford. Someone did some Mackrell family research that you’re welcome to have if you’d like. I could post it to you?

      Liked by 1 person

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