Changes and Updates. Jewell Family Photos returned.

I have neglected my Blog for quite a while it seems, amazing where the time goes to!
So just to update you a little, we have moved from Christchurch to Shaftesbury, still in Dorset but North of the County, and we have moved from a very old 1930’s bungalow to a modern house, so it has been quite a change. But we are enjoying living here, the countryside is fantastic, and the area is a lot less commercialised than where we were in Christchurch. We can see wonderful views of the Blackmore Vale from our windows, and Gold Hill, made famous by Hovis is just five minutes walk up the hill.

 Exploring a new area when you move is always lovely, new people, new places, are keeping us busy.
We do miss being so close to the sea though, that’s the only downside so far!

Photo Update…Wonderful news about the Jewell Family Photos, that I wrote 2 blogs about last year. Link here..  Jewell Family Pt 1 and Jewell Family Pt 2
I had an email from a relative of the family by marriage, and she in turn acted as a go between, to ask about, and arrange for all the photos to finally be returned to the family. I even had a wonderful chat with Gordon’s Grandson and his wife on the telephone. They are elderly, and not on the internet, so with the photos I sent all of their Family History that I had found out, with all my notes, and also a copy of the two blogs that I had written about them all.
They were so pleased, and they have descendants who are thrilled to be getting the family photos back, so they will not be ending up at another Car Boot sale.
I was a little sad to see them all go, as I have got to know the family and all the photos so well, especially the branch that settled in America, Gordon’s sister. They didn’t even know that they had family over there, so that is something that they are going to follow up on, which is wonderful too.

Of course moving here to Shaftesbury has meant also that we are now searching out new Car Boot sales. So far we have found quite a few really good ones and my collection of Old Photos has been growing, I have just started to scan these new additions too. So eventually they will be either on my new Facebook page or new boards on my Pinterest or if I am lucky enough to find names etc on any they may get returned to their families.
Just last weekend I acquired 2 French Victorian albums, and as I have no knowledge at all about French photographers I have decided to wait and research these during the winter months, I shall have more time then.
Here below are just a few of the lovely new additions I have found recently.

Photographer from Margate
Great group pic,dressed as Clowns,no name/place
Photographer is Walshams,Doughty St,London and Provinces
Super fancy dress parade,Bride and Groom are gorgeous,nothing written on.
A Real Wedding..see below

The Wedding picture above says on the back “For Derek, Wishing him a happy 5th birthday from Auntie Kitty and Uncle George”  So I assume the little pageboy is Derek and the couple are Kitty and George.
Of course if anyone recognizes any of these anonymous families please let me know !!!

Till next time then…………….


  1. Sorry for the late reply..have only just seen this comment ! Thanks so much, I love finding stuff & we try and go to at least 1 Car boot every week during the nice weather, I am going on to your Blog now 🙂 Thanks Lynn


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