Jewell Suitcase Family Part 2

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I couldn’t help, not write a Part 2 about this Jewell Suitcase Family, there is such a lot of information on the records online about them. So I thought I would just write a brief bit about all the family members. I am contacting people who I think are descendants of these people in the many Photos to see if they can be returned to the family, hope I am lucky soon.
One resource that I have been able to make use of is this one  Cornwall Database Online they have the most fabulous information on their site, transcribed by volunteers I understand, do take a look if you are researching West Country ancestors. Another very interesting site if you are researching the Helston area in Cornwall is this one Helston History it cover also Porthleven and the Lizard

I will start with Jacob Jewell, he was born in 1856 to William Jewell born 1822 and died in 1896, a miner and Martha (Knight) born 1820 and died in 1892 William was one of ten children that I have found. Williams parents were John Jewell born 1806-died 1890 a Farm labourer and Patience (Groninan) born 1806-she died 1890 just a few weeks after John, as far as I can see they were all born in Cornwall.
There are photos of Jacob in uniform of some sort, but as yet I am not 100% certain if he was at sea, which looks the likely case, I have found conflicting records, it seems he died in about 1909, but I can’t find out for certain, I do wonder if he died aboard ship, if he was a sea going chap.
Jacob Jewell married Mary Williams Warren on 29th November 1877, she was born 1856, died 1926, she was the daughter of William Warren a miner and Julia Williams and one of ten children.

Mary William Warren herself had ten children but in the 1911 census she was listed as being a widow, but also only 5 of her children were still living.
I have found 8 of those children

1.Ada Jane Jewell, born 6 June 1878, died 1897

2.Beatrice Mary Jewell, born 6 July 1880, christened 12 September 1880 at Nancegollan Chapel, Crowan (Weslyan Methodist) and sadly died in the last quarter of 1880.

3.Theresa Warren Jewell, who I wrote about in the previous Blog Part 1.

4.Beatrice Mary Jewell, named after baby who died, was born 22 January 1883, she went on to marry Joseph Frederick Ingleheart at the beginning of 1908, Have found Joseph, called Fred or Frederick in the family with his parents in Budock in the 1911 census (his mother had a total of 17 children but only 9 survived by 1911) Beatrice was with her Mum a Widow in Helston, Cornwall with their 2 daughters, Ethel Elise Ingleheart b 1908 and Frances Rose Cerita Ingleheart b 1909, in the census it says she had another child that had died, have found a Cybil C Ingleheart born and died in last quarter of 1910, but I can’t be sure that this is the child, and I have also found a later entry, a boy called Joseph H W Ingleheart born in 1913 but sadly died at just a year old in 1914.
Joseph Frederick was in the DCLI (Duke Cornwalls Light Infantry) during the War years, on the census his occupation was a gardener, he died in 1946 in Falmouth area of Cornwall, Beatrice died at the end of 1973 in Plymouth, Devon she was 90.

Ethel Elise Ingleheart m Alfred Roy Jeffrey 7th October 1939, Plympton, Devon.

5. Gordon William Jewell born 11 September 1884, married Beatrice Maud Rowe in 1905 (causing a bit of confusion in the records it seems, as now there were 2 Beatrice M Jewell’s listed!!) They had 3 children that I can find, Eliza Ada in 1907, Beatrice Maude in 1908 and a Boy Vivian Henry in 1909. Beatrice was with her parents Henry and Matilda and her 3 children in the 1911 census, while Gordon who I have found was an Insurance agent for a while, also he worked on the railways as a cleaner between August 1904 and August 1905, then turned to Painting and Decorating, was listed in 1911 at his Mum Mary’s home, now the puzzle, were they just visiting or had they separated ? I wonder because in 1946 when Gordon William Jewell died he left his £335 to his brother Thomas Hedley Jewell, not his wife? Beatrice Maud died on 7th January 1955 and left £2,820 to her son Vivian Henry Rowe Jewell a farmer.

Thomas Hedley and Gordon William in their younger days

6. Arthur Wesley Jewell was born beginning of 1886, but sadly died in late 1903, he was just 17.

Thomas Hedley and Gordon William with Partners and Mum Mary

7.Thomas Hedley Jewell born in 1887 was single still in the 1911 census and living at home with Mum, but he married a Hilda May Geach (born 24 September 1895) at the beginning of 1934, he was 47 and she was 38, Thomas Hedley died on 16 October 1963 at 151 Charlestown Road, St Austell, leaving £311.9s to his widow Hilda May Jewell. I cannot be sure that either of them married before meeting each other, there are a couple of possibilities for Thomas Hedley, so maybe. But I have found a Hilda May Geach born in the right year in the 1901 census living in St Austell, so I think she was a spinster when they married, I have found no children for them at all.  Hilda May Jewell died in 1970 in Plymouth, Devon.

Gordon with brother Hedley and a Mr Jones in later years

8.Cerita Maud Jewell born 5 January 1890, married a Gilbert Campbell Blight on Christmas Day 1907 in Helston area. Gilbert was born in 1883 in Kensington, London. In the 1911 census, they lived at Bay View Terrace, Porthleven, Cornwall. Would have been a fabulous view from there looking out to sea. Gilbert was a grocery assistant. Then the war came and he joined the Army the Royal Fusilliers, he was wounded out in 1917 and demobbed in 1919. He put down in the records that next of kin was his father Amos Blight, not his wife. When he died on 1st December 1949 he left everything to a friend in the grocery trade, not his widow, so maybe they had separated ?
A possible child Richard J Blight born in 1913 and sadly died in 1917, may belong to them, the mother is listed as Jewell.
Cerita Maud Blight died in Newton Abbot, Devon in December 1974.

 I have so many of this family’s pictures, that honestly I didn’t know where to start sorting. Here are a few more mixed pictures that you might like to see..

Gordon with his Dog Peter taken at Charlestown
This is Em’ who seems to have been Gordon’s partner in later years
1938 2nd from right is Theresa,so she must have made a trip back from US
1938 Another pic with Theresa in middle right
And another family pic taken 1938 for Theresa’s visit
This is one of Theresa taken in the US with 3 of her Grandchildren
Beatrice 2nd left at back,Fred,Cerita,Gordon and lovely to see Mum Mary in the Front centre

The picture above was taken possibly not long before Mum Mary died in 1926, Gordon would have been about 42, so looks about right.

This Pic is still the best of the Jewell Family all together

This picture taken before they all went their seperate ways……………….
Hedley left back. Theresa is centre back, Gordon right back.
Beatrice left front, with arm on Mums knee and Cerita on the front right………
If you know any Jewell family decendants please let me know, would love for these pictures to go back to the Family Jewell, I shall keep looking…………

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 Jewell Suitcase Family..
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Till next time then………..


  1. Thank you so much Liz, loved researching them & still loads I could do about them too, but now I'm going to try through the winter and find someone in family to give them back..fingers crossed, Lynn


  2. Hi, my father was George Wilton Jewell, 1915-1998, born in Cabin John Maryland, son of George Washington Jewell. My father told me his father died when he was 10 years old of Peritonitis from a ruptured appendix. His mother was Mary Hamilton Jewell. She died in 1961. I have no details. I do have one picture of my paternal grandparents. It is in the United States. I have one photo of my father with his mother, two brothers and one of his sisters. I am in Helston Cornwall until the end of June. I love reading your research. I would love to figure out which Jewell family line I am related to.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Donna, I don’t know if you have seen my reply above, but I have searched through my notes and sadly not found any names that match with your names of family you have mentioned above. I wrote this blog before I started to compile family trees to go with my blogs. But you may find if you go to Ancestry UK online, where you can register for free, that you may find someone with a link to your part of the family on a Public Tree. You can then send them a message & ask questions. The other thing I would suggest is looking through the telephone directories while you are in Cornwall & just ringing all the Jewell family you find, you might strike lucky! Of course, also contact the Local Family History Society, if you go to a local library they will be able to point you in the right direction for that & any more help too. Good luck in your search, please let me know how you get on! Lynn
    P.S. I have also corrected the broken links on the 2 Jewell Blogs so you should be able to read them both I hope.


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