Happy Christmas & New Year

Thought I would end the year 2013 showing you a little of what’s to come for 2014. Not long ago I acquired 3 more Victorian Albums with some photos inside. I am just working on the first one at the moment, but here’s a sneak preview of some of the lovely pages to come….

Wishing all my friends and viewers a very Happy, Peaceful Christmas and New Year     xx

Till next time then ………………….


  1. Thank you, glad you enjoy. I love sharing them 🙂 I post a different one every day on Twitter account too @LynnsWPics and of course there are lots more on my Pinterest……….Happy New Year Jill x


  2. Thanks Alison, that is the problem, dealers take out the CDV's or Cabinet cards to sell separately and family pics are spit, its such a shame, these pics come from 2 albums, lovely to have some decorated pages. Happy New Year x


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