MORE Car Boot finds

I seem to have had a bumper time for Treasures from Car Boots, so here’s a few more of the bits and pieces that I have found lately.

French Document 1777

This is a French Legal document 12 pages in total, written in 1777, it mentions the King, Majesty, who at the time was King Louis the XV1 16th, very well known King. It is concerning a chap called Hyacinthe Laurent Du Pontavice De Hussey (have found he married in 1787 and died just a few years later age 40) It is very hard to decipher this from Old French to English. It mentions also a Lady Olive Marie Malkerbe & a Sir Jan Baptiste De Nantrail, the pages are stamped Bretagne/Brittany. I gather from information that I have been given that it has mention of a settlement of lands in Normandy.

Just As I Am

This little decorative booklet is fabulous, lovely cover & pages. ‘Just As I Am’ is a well known Hymn and was written by Charlotte Elliott in 1835, first appearing in the ‘Christian Remembrancer’ of which she was Editor.

Evening Bells

This is another wonderful little booklet, a bit grubby like the first one and this one has lost its front cover, but its still so nice. The original Hymn first line is ‘The radiant morn hath passed away’ was a lot shorter than this little book, this one has 15 verses ! 
It says designs by Alice Price and P Corbyn Price. Published by M.H.Nathan & Co London E.C. Doing some research I have found this Company M.H.Nathan & Co was dissolved on 9th June 1884, so this must be dated before that, report in the London Gazette July 17th 1884.

Barretstown Castle/Falmouth House

This 3 sided letter above is about the writer (H.Fortesine) & Mrs Fortesine coming to the house (But don’t know where Falmouth House is ?) so get it ready & they having a party. Could Audley End, be the famous House I wonder? Have checked and there was a Thursday 5th October in 1911, so could be about right. Barretstown Castle, Ballymore Eustace is in County Kildare, Ireland. It belonged to the Borrowes Family at the time, would love to know who Mr H Fortesine is.

Weymouth Carnival 1950’s

Found this Picture of Weymouth Carnival, its very fragile, during the 1950’s I think, the winning float is bottom left of picture.

John Moir & Son Limited..a Bill

I’ll end with this Bill, I had to chuckle Mr T Willis very naughty running up a bill of £7.2.2d…John Moir & Sons Ltd were a very well known company making and selling Preserved provision, jams, potted salmon all sorts of foods that could be preserved were by this firm.

Till Next Time Then…………………………………………………….

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