Some of my Interesting CarBoot Finds

I seem to have found some quite interesting items this month at the Car Boot Sales, some Photos and Letters. A small selection here to share with you…..
Have done a little research on them and here are my findings so far……….

Earl Granville Letter
This first letter, is to a Lord, sadly I don’t know which one, but maybe it could be Lord Lyons? I will explain later.. Granville George Levenson-Gower the 2nd Earl Granville 11 May 1815-31 Mar 1891, had a Political career that spanned over 50 years, he led the Liberal Party in the House of Lords for almost 30 years, was three times Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. He was also best friends with Prime Minister Gladstone. His foreign policy was based on patience, peace and no alliances. In his personal life he was married twice.

The Queen’s speech that is mentioned in this letter was on Thursday 21st January 1886 at the State Opening of Parliament. This particular one was one of very few that Queen Victoria attended in person after Prince Albert’s death..More info at Royal website follow this link..   State Opening Parliament 21st Jan 1886

Lord Lyons


Maybe Lord Lyons Sister Minna? Full name below

These 2 Photos were together and top one had pencilled on the back Lord Lyons (Richard Bickerton Pemell Lyons), after reading a bit about him I am wondering if the bottom photo may be his favourite Sister who he called Minna, but I need to do a bit more research on Augusta Mary Minna Catherine Lyons, she became Augusta Mary Minna Catherine Fitzalan-Howard, Duchess of Norfolk. I have found a younger portrait of her and there is quite a likeness, with lots of years in between. The Lady in the Photo has a fabulous dress on so I think she is definitely well to do.

Lord Lyons was quite a man and there is lots of information on the internet about his life. Lots more info here follow link..  Richard Bickerton Pemell Lyons he went to Winchester College, then Christ Church, Oxford before entering the Diplomatic service in 1839. In 1858 his first major appointment was as British Envoy to the United States in Washington, two years before The Civil War. He was very good at his job it seems as he was a great favourite of Queen Victoria and Prime Minister Palmerston…He worked after in Turkey and Paris…He suffered a serious stroke in November 1887 and died in December, he is buried in the Fitzalan Chapel at Arundel Castle.
Lord Lyons family was famous too his Father was  Edmund Lyons 1st Baron Lyons who had a very distinguished Naval career and who amazingly was born in 1790 very close to where we live Nr Christchurch, Dorset in Whitehayes House (Now flats)

‘Guess My Name’

Have never seen one of these before, I would think a Victorian Game, on the Front coloured page it says ‘Guess My Name’ Each question must be answered by a well-known Surname, representing a trade or calling…..Surprised it hadn’t been written on…

Dog Biscuits Invoice

This is a bill of sale for Dog Biscuits etc..great from Thomas Taylor Castlegate, Malton…..Wonder what happened to the shop ? 

Rosalind Carlisle Letters

These two letters come from Naworth Castle, Carlisle..They are written by Rosalind Carlisle to a James Mitchelll about his employement, he obviously was doing well !!  Rosalind used to do all the business dealings for her husband  George James Howard, 9th Earl of Carlisle (12 August 1843 – 16 April 1911)  The 9th Earl’s circle of friends included Philip Webb, Edward Burne-Jones, William Morris and many other eminent Pre Raphaelites.     Apparently Rosalind was quite a force to be reckoned her full name was  Rosalind Frances Howard, Countess of Carlisle (née Stanley; 20 February 1845 – 12 August 1921),

Rosalind Carlisle with Lord Tennison
 she was known as The Radical Countess and was a promoter of women’s political rights and temperance movement activist. 
Here’s more info about the Castle itself… Naworth Castle website-History       The family also had Castle Howard……….

Mystery Chap Any Ideas ??
This is a picture that I know nothing about any ideas people ??  Russian or Turkish gent have been suggestions..and what are the medals do you think ?

Till next time then…………………………………………………………..

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