Edwin K Perks & Lucy Brereton

People that know me through Twitter and this Blog, know that we enjoy going to Car Boot Sales at Weekends. I have found all manner of bargains, some for the Grandchildren like Clothes and Toys, particular reading Books that I am looking out for, lately finding items for the home & to help with making The Wedding Cake I have just finished, like the Cake turntable I picked up for just £2 !

But my absolute love is Old Photos and Old Books, sometimes we pay a little & sometimes a lot more, but then I try to pick out a few to resell, then what I sell pays for what I keep.
This Bank holiday weekend I was very lucky we actually went to 3 Boot Sales and on one of the Sunday ones, my Husband haggled with the chap and managed to get 2 old photo albums and a shoe box full of photos for a very reasonable price.
The whole lot is I am sure now, from the same family, although I still have more researching to do.
In the shoebox I found a piece of paper with details of a Wedding written by the Bride herself, so have been on Ancestry to find out more about who she married etc….These are my findings so far……
Edwin Kesterton Perks born 30 November 1887 Ipswich, Suffolk (Tailor Cutter in 1911) Parents George Edwin Kesterton born 1862 Colchester, Essex and Elvina Maria Gallant born 1859 in Chelmoniston, Suffolk..Edwin also had three siblings.
Edwin married Lucy Brereton on the 27th December 1916. Lucy I think was born in the late 1890’s (needs more research) I do know that when they married her parents were both desceased, her fathers name was Henry A Brereton and her mother Sarah Ann Brereton, Lucy did have at least one sibling as it states in newspaper cutting.
I managed to find a child of this couple, a daughter Margaret Lucy Perks born in late 1923 and looking at some of the photos that I thought might be her, I was intrigued to see a lady in later life and wearing no wedding ring, so I thought aahh could be clue ! and I was right I looked up Margaret Lucy Perks and found that the details of her funeral were in the Telegraph & Bournemouth Echo and she only actually died last December 2012 in a nursing home in Lymington, Hampshire, not too far away from us here in Christchurch…. So she never married or had children to pass the Photos on to, but you would have thought that maybe her Mum or Dads siblings may have had children that would want to have them?…very sad I think.

Says ‘Margaret Christmas 1928’ so she was 5
says ‘Sept 1938’ so Margaret was 15

ABOVE Picture…………….Lovely Happy Family Photo with her Mum Lucy and Dad Edwin (Ted)

Margaret Lucy Perks in her later years

  This is the account of her wedding in Ipswich that Lucy Brereton wrote:

Dec 27th 1916, My Wedding Day
The day proved very bright but cold. Wedding at 1.30 at St Margarets. Mr Job played the organ. We then went on to Mildreds (33 Lacey St).  Ted’s (Edwin)  friends & my own. Left Ipswich Station by the 4.20. Very thick fog, arrived at Liverpool St 21/2 hrs late. We then went on to Strand Palace Hotel where arrangements had previously been made. Did not go out again owing to fog. Married in Navy Blue Costume, Wine shade Velour Hat, Squirrel Furs and wearing bunch of white Heather. Went away in large niggor Brown Coat (Teds present to me)
Thursday 28th Good bit of walking in the morning, went to see Westminster Cathedral. Afternoon Drury Lane Pantomine ‘Puss in Boots’ Evening Savoy Theatre ‘The Professors Love Story’
Friday 29th Morning Madam Tussauds. Afternoon Colosseau. Evening Lyric Theatre to see Doris Keave in ‘Romance’
Saturday 30th Morning went through Houses of Parliament & on to the Grafton Gallery to see lovely war Photograhs.
Home by the 3.10. Received home by friends at 141, then on to Upland Rd, where we stayed the following three weeks.

Ted joined up & went to Bury Jan 18th 1917.
Passed into Royal Flying Corps Jan 20th 1917.

Lucy had inserted the Newspaper clipping of their Wedding at St Margarets into a postcard of the church, I wonder if that’s why they called their daughter Margaret, after the church they married in ?
If any Perks or Brereton family are out there anywhere it would be great to return this lot of photos to the family………………….
I have started a new Twitter account just for Pictures that I have found at various Car Boot Sales, so if you Love old Photos please give me a follow……….See link above….many thanks
Till next time then………………………………………

Footnote..Have been contacted recently about Margaret Lucy Perks..turns out she was also an amatuer Artist in Suffolk..How wonderful…Link Here….  www.suffolkpainters.co.uk


  1. I loved this post. So sad there were no family to pass the photos on to. I love my old family photos and treasure them.Fascinating that you managed to trace the family details on ancestry too.


  2. Thanks Anne, I think that's one reason why I keep on buying them, I would hate for someone's memories to end up at the tip! at least they all get a good home with me, and I am able to share them too, Lynn


  3. How brilliant that you saved these photos, yet so sad you only just missed Margaret's death. Hopefully you can track down some of her cousins to pass them on to. I will have to keep an eye out for photos like these in future and try and do the same. I wonder how someone ends up with these photo albums and why on earth they would sell them!?


  4. It is very sad but that is why they ended up at a boot sale, because they cleared the house after she died, stuff gets sent to auction & its bought& then split up & people just don't seem to want pics. I now have a whole shelf of Non Family photo albums to go through,but I shall keep giving them a good home & sharing 🙂


  5. Hi Jana
    Thank you so much, that's really kind of you to include me on your Blog, hope you continue to enjoy my Blog at Lynns Waffles, Kind Regards, Lynn


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