Phoebe Jordan 1861-1945

This is a follow-up to my Blog post from 30th January 2012, another person from my Family Tree………how time flies, this is the 2nd daughter of the family….
Phoebe was born before marriage also, she was Edward and Phoebe’s second child, born on the 3rd December 1861 at 5 Butlers Buildings, Bethnal Green, Middlesex, London.

In the 1871 census Phoebe was 9 years old and living at 15 Acre Cottages with her Mother, father, 2 brothers and 3 sisters.

In the 1881 census Phoebe now 19 years old was a servant living at 11 Acre Lane, Lambeth, London. This was the home of Henry W Mertens age 48 yrs, who its stated, is a retired Photographer and Artist, his wife’s name is Sarah, she is 45 yrs. They have 3 children, all have left home now, William aged 22, one of 24 and 25. They had visitors on the night of the census, Dennis and Fanny Shepherd, both aged 25. There was also Maria Bowles aged 57 yrs, a ladies nurse.

Phoebe had a child on 5th July 1889, a daughter, she called her Phoebe. the father was John Crew. She was born at 16 Great Acre Court, Clapham, near her family. John Crew was not on the childs birth certificate.
On the census for 1891, young Phoebe is not mentioned, but Phoebe aged 29 now, is listed as living in one room at 6 Great Acre Court, Clapham, on her own. Her occupation is Charwoman.
She is still living close to her family, Mother, Father, 2 brothers and 2 sisters, all still at 12 Great Acre Court, Clapham.
On the 1st December 1900, Phoebe had another daughter she called Violet, again John Crew was the father, but not on the Birth Certificate. Violet was born at 5 Carfax Square, Clapham.
In the census of 1901, Phoebe aged 39 yrs is still living at 5 Carfax Square with her 2 daughters. No sign of John Crew.
HOORAY !!   On the 2nd May 1903 Phoebe and John Crew marry at the Wandsworth Register Office.
John Crew’s address at the time was listed as 3 Clarence Cottages, Landos Road, Brixton, London.He is an Electrician.
On the 13th January 1928, after the Legitimacy Act of 1926, John Crew re-registered Phoebe and Violets births, with new certificates. They state him as their father.
In 1904 Phoebe had another daughter called Leah, and in 1905 a son who they called John.
In the 1911 Census they all lived together at St Alphonsus Road, Park Road, Clapham, they stated on the census they had been married for 22 years ! naughty !
They had a lodger living with them called Leonard Pearce Bailey age 23 from Gloucester who was a chauffeur.
Phoebe died on 17 February 1945 at Aristotle Road, Lambeth age 83, three years after John who was also 83 when he died.
I have more to investigate with this couple but I strongly suspect that John had another family maybe, thats why he didn’t marry Phoebe sooner or maybe it was for another reason, I will try and find out, love it when you find mysteries……..

Till next time then…………………………..


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