Vicars & Nuns. Canon Robert Sparke Hutchings & Rev George Cyril Hutchings

I came across this small collection of Cabinet Cards at the Antique Bazaar in Crewkerne, good place for a wander, it has many traders under one roof & lots of treasures, antiques & vintage wares to suit everyone.


I haven’t come across many Cabinet Cards of Nuns before, such a shame there was no writing on the back of either, but I assume they are from Salisbury.


I know nothing about where these Nuns would live in Salisbury, do you recognise the buildings in the image below? Is this Salisbury too?


The Archbishop below is an interesting find too. Just look what someone has written on the back! I have managed to find a link to a super blog by Professor Howard Williams all about Archbishop Benson. Quote “This is what happened in St Deiniol’s Church, Hawarden, Flintshire, to the Archbishop of Canterbury Edward White Benson, aged 67, on Sunday 11th October 1886. Benson had been visiting former prime minister William Ewart Gladstone when he perished from a heart attack during the Sunday service. Upon one of the pillars within the Church there is a photograph and memorial plaque commemorating his (un)lucky fate. This is a rare memorial because it marks the church itself as a site of death and commemorates that fact.”


Archbishop Benson.jpg
Quote from Blog “His monument (I am not sure whether it marks his burial place, or not) is under the north-west tower of Canterbury Cathedral – St Augustine’s Chapel. It is a striking and dramatic late Victorian effigy tomb


This is a direct link to the Blog  The Blog of Professor Howard Williams    Interesting reading & more photos!


This Cabinet Card above is, I’m sure the same gentleman as named Cabinet Card below. Photo taken around 1887-1897, according to Fradelle & Young photographers details from my London reference book….side by side, image below

Robert S Hutchings.jpg

Cabinet Card below taken at an entrance to a Church?


Because this photo was taken at a Salisbury Photographers & I have a lovely friend Steve on Twitter (@Salcathguide) who is a guide at Salisbury Cathedral, I asked him if he could shed any light on my Canon Hutchings. Meanwhile I was searching around Wiltshire & surrounding counties for records myself, and strangely there happened to be a Reverend Hutchings who was once Vicar of Beaminster where I live! The Rev. George Cyril HUTCHINGS M.A. who died in 1950, could they be related?

Steve came back to me after researching at the Cathedral ” I’ve discovered that Canon Hutchings – and there were two – was installed in 1917 and is remarked on in 1950 as one of three long serving Cathedral canons. The other one was Vicar of Alderbury and died in 1910. So they aren’t the same person, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a family connection. Curiously, the photo looks like it may have been taken in the porch of Alderbury church, built in the 1850s. But it also might be any one of dozens of other churches. It is not the Cathedral however, or any of the canonries that I can think of.” It certainly helps when you have people ‘in the know’ to lead you on the right path! Here’s a photo below of Alderbury Church entrance & Steve was right they do match up!


So now to go to Alderbury Church records & they have a super website, with loads of information if you are researching the Church records, plus photos! I wish all Churches were like this! In their gallery they actually have the same Cabinet Card photo as I have above.


All info below I found on the website of The Parish Church of St. Mary, Alderbury and Whaddon…    St Mary Alderbury and Waddon
Part of the Clarendon Team of Churches

Robert Sparke Hutchings M.A. Vicar of Alderbury, Pitton and Farley 1865-1874. Then Vicar of Alderbury 1865-1910. Rural Dean of Alderbury 1869-1910. Canon of Salisbury 1876-1910. Proctor in Convocation 1886-1906.

Robert Sparke Hutchings was born in Penang in 1819 in the last year of the reign of George III. His grand-daughter, whom he baptised at Alderbury in 1893, was still alive and active in 1988. He was Vicar of Alderbury, Pitton, and Farley until 1874 when Pitton and Farley became a separate parish. He then remained Vicar of Alderbury until his death, aged 90, in 1910. Vicar 1865-1910

387 Hutchings Frances d.12.10.1896 Age 75 b. Abt 1821 Buried Church.
387 Hutchings Robert Sparke d.06.11.1910 Age 90 b. Abt 1820 Buried Church.

Yay I found his birth details…..

Name: Robert Sparke Hutchings
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 18 Dec 1820
Birth Place: Chr. Prince of Wales Island Bengal India
Baptism Date: 12 Mar 1821
Baptism Age: 0
Baptism Place: Prince of Wales Island, Bengal, India
Father: Robert Sparke Hutchings
Mother: Elvira
Reference ID: v 11 p 672
FHL Film Number: 498611

Steve also suggested looking at Crockfords Clerical Directory, luckily they have records on Ancestry from there & I found him. Firstly the records from the 1908 Directory



Look who else I found too, image above, George Cyril Hutchings, who became the Vicar of Beaminster. Then found George Cyril in the 1932 Directory, below.


George Cyril Hutchings a
This record above of George Cyril Hutchings confirmed a link with Robert Sparke Hutchings, he was his Son born in 1864.

I have found that Robert Sparke Hutchings was the very first Vicar of St Andrew’s Church, Monkton Wyld, “the Parish only created in 1850, St Andrew’s church was begun 2 years previous, by the architect RC Carpenter, better known for his restoration of Sherborne Abbey. Mr R.C.Carpenter was hired by Elizabeth Dodson (or Hodson as the church guide spells it) to build the new church, with aide from the Incorporated and Diocesan Church Building Societies. Carpenter was also charged with designing the neighbouring parsonage, school, and schoolmaster’s house. Mrs Hodson named her son-in-law Rev. Robert Sparke Hutchings as the first vicar of Monkton Wyld”        More Information & lots more photos of this beautiful Church from the super website of Britain Express

These are the census records below of Robert Sparke Hutchings, from 1861 as Vicar of Monkton Wyld, nr Whitchurch Canonicorum, Dorset to Alderbury in 1871, 1881, 1891 & 1901 at Alderbury, where he died in Nov 1910.

RSH 1861 aRSH 1861 b

Robert Sparke 1871c Son George Cyril.RSH 1881c

Robert Sparke Hutchings 1891cRobert Sparke Hutchings 1901c


Above…Robert Sparke Hutchings will



Above 1932 Crockfords entry for George Cyril Hutchings, as Vicar of St Mary’s & Holy Trinity, Beaminster from 1912, and below 1939 image from 1939 Register still in Beaminster, and also an image of George Cyril Hutchings will in 1950


George Cryril 1939Reg BeaminsterGeorge Cyril.Will 1950


This is the Church of St Mary, Alderbury, Wiltshire
This is my local Church of St Mary’s, Beaminster, Dorset


I wonder, are there any descendants of the Hutchings family still living in Alderbury or Beaminster? I shall be making another visit soon to our Local Museum, so hoping I might find out more information about the family.

Thanks so much once again to Steve from Salisbury Cathedral, he’s a mine of information & lovely to follow on Twitter too. Please do get in touch if you have any more information about any of these old photos.

Till next time then…………





Agnes Jane Akers ❤️ Charles William Sly

UPDATE 3 Sep 2018

Had an email from a lovely chap who saw my Blog about his Grandparents! “I was having a surf on my computer and came across your photo of Agnes Sly nee Akers wife of C W Sly, these are my grandparents…… I have a great interest in the family tree I have many photos but had not seen that one…..Nesta is 101 on Sept 5th (One of his cousins on the tree)…….I`d like to have a chat…...Richard …….(age 86)
He’s just learning on his computer & doing well!
So I phoned him & we did have a lovely chat yesterday afternoon, and this morning his Grandmother’s beautiful photo taken in 1917 is on it’s way back to him and his family!   Part 2 Blog sharing more treasures from the family Family Akers/Sly

On the way home from our holiday in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago we popped into a carboot sale in Devon, and just found one photo, this lovely lady was in a tatty frame on someone’s table. So I bought her, it wasn’t until I took the photo out of the frame that I realised there was pencil writing on the back, so difficult to see! But I have a little ultra violet torch for just such purpose!


It say’s on the back here below “Agnes Sly wife of C W Sly August 1917


This lovely lady’s maiden name was Agnes Jane AKERS she married Charles William SLY at the beginning of 1880 in Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales.

This is their family history story. As usual I have compiled a family tree on Ancestry for the family.. Direct Link here.. Akers/Sly Family Lynns Waffles

Agnes Jane AKERS was born in Aug 1855 in St Fagans, Glamorganshire, Wales as the fifth child of James Matthews AKERS and Jane FORESHEW (AKERS, AGNES JANE FORESHEIR (Misspelt) Order GRO Reference: 1855 S Quarter in CARDIFF Volume 11A Page 218 ).

She had eleven siblings that I have found, namely: Edward, Elizabeth Ann, James Matthews, William, Frances, Herbert, Reginald Foreshew, Edith Mary, Arthur, Amy Isobel, and Minnie. When she was 24, she married Charles William SLY, son of Charles SLY and Eliza Nicholls KIRK, in Jan 1880 in Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. She died in Jun 1927 in Axbridge, Somerset, England.

Agnes Jane AKERS lived in St Fagan, Glamorgan, Wales in 1871 (Relation to Head of House: Daughter). She lived in Weston Super Mare, Somerset, England in 1881 (Marital Status: Married; Relationship to Head: Wife). She lived in Weston Super Mare, Somerset, England in 1891 (Relation to Head: Wife). She lived in Weston Super Mare, Somerset, England in 1901 (Relation to Head of House: Wife). She lived in Weston super Mare, Somerset, England on 02 Apr 1911 (Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Wife).

Charles William SLY was born in Jul 1853 in Warminster, Wiltshire. He was baptized on 29 Jul 1853 in Warminster, Wiltshire. He was the second child of Charles SLY and Eliza Nicholls KIRK. He had three siblings I have found, namely: Eliza E J, Mary Margaret Kirk, and George H. He died on 23 Oct 1931 in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England (Lived at no 2 Bouverie Mansions, Quadrant Square, Weston Super Mare). Charles was first a Clerk, then a Bank Clerk, Bank Cashier, finally being a Bank Manager.

Charles William SLY was baptized on 29 Jul 1853 in Warminster, Wiltshire, England

Agnes and Charles had the following children:

  1. Mabel Agnes SLY was born on 31 Mar 1881 in Weston Super Mare, Somerset (SLY, MABEL AGNES AKERS Order GRO Reference: 1881 J Quarter in AXBRIDGE Volume 05C Page 546 ). Mabel never married. She died on 17 Aug 1958 in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England.
  2. Charles Ernest SLY was born in 1883 in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England (SLY, CHARLES ERNEST AKERS Order GRO Reference: 1883 M Quarter in AXBRIDGE Volume 05C Page 549 ). He died in 1905 aged just 22 (See Newspaper reports below)  in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England (SLY, CHARLES ERNEST 22 Order GRO Reference: 1905 S Quarter in AXBRIDGE Volume 05C Page 289 ).
  3. Harold Foreshew SLY was born in 1884 in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England. He died in 1884 just a baby, in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England (SLY, HAROLD FORESHEW 0 Order GRO Reference: 1884 D Quarter in AXBRIDGE Volume 05C Page 389 ).
  4. Robert Douglas SLY was born on 16 Nov 1886 in Weston Super Mare, Somerset (SLY, ROBERT DOUGLAS AKERS Order GRO Reference: 1886 D Quarter in AXBRIDGE Volume 05C Page 529 ). He died on 20 Nov 1955 in Bath, Somerset, England. He married Winifred Rose PARSONS in Jun 1930 in Axbridge, Somerset. I think I have found two sons from this marriage in 1930 and 1932, but cannot confirm any marriages or more details without certificates.
  5. Alec Foreshew SLY was born on 07 May 1888 in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England (SLY, ALEC FORESHEW AKERS Order GRO Reference: 1888 J Quarter in AXBRIDGE Volume 05C Page 517 ). He died on 06 Jan 1956 in Taunton, Somerset, England. He married Ida Gertrude HASLOCK in Mar 1921 in Paddington, London. I have found one likely son born to this couple in 1922, but again as there are a few with the same initials & first names, I cannot be sure without certificates whether he married or had any children himself.
  6. Kathleen Mary SLY was born on 15 Aug 1893 in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England (SLY, KATHLEEN MARY AKERS Order GRO Reference: 1893 S Quarter in AXBRIDGE Volume 05C Page 503 ). She died on 01 Nov 1987 in Teignmouth, Devon, England. She married Reginald Norman JONES in Dec 1916 in Axbridge, Somerset, England. I have found three probable daughters to this couple, born in 1917, 1919, and 1923. Did they marry and have children? Are there any Ancestors out there somewhere?


None of the women in the family at the funeral, as was the custom, that must have been dreadful, his Mum Agnes is not even mentioned! What different times they were.



A poem in remembrance



Just 22 years old, their son Charles died ‘with heart trouble’ probably easy to fix today, the couple had lost two sons, so sad.


While I was adding records and compiling the family tree, I also found some more old photos that people have shared on their public trees of the Sly family. One is a beautiful rather sad looking Agnes in her younger days, had she just lost her tiny son Harold in 1884?


Agnes Jane Akers
Agnes Jane Sly (Akers)


I also found a photo of Charles William Sly, Agnes’s husband (Below)


Charles William Sly
Charles William Sly


These last two found photos are of two of Charles William Sly’s uncles (His Fathers brothers) The first is James Sly 1831-1881. He married in Withensea in December 1862, his wife Eliza had a son the following year (Sept quarter) and just a short while after the birth she died (Dec quarter). This photo below was obviously taken just after his wife’s death in 1863 with his new baby son Charles Herbert James Sly (1862-1927). James was first a Grocers assistant, then a tea merchant in Hull, then a Traveller (Commercial) He did remarry in 1871 to Sarah Peltingelt and had four more children, two boys and two girls.

James Sly & son Charles Herbert

This last photo I found is of William Sly 1822-1886, another of Charles Sly’s brothers (another uncle of Charles William Sly’s)

William Sly Innkeeper

He was the Innkeeper of the White Hart at 18 George Street, Warminster, Wiltshire for many years. A William Sly, not the same William obviously! Was the Innkeeper of the White Hart in the records from 1822 & must have been before, right through to 1881, I wonder could it have been his father William Sly? He is described in the 1841 census as a Farmer, but I have found before that a Farmer diversifies within a village being a land owner, so maybe he was the license holder of the pub too, then after his death William the son took it on.

This below is part of an article about the White Hart in the Wiltshire Times, dated  13 Dec 2007.

“This old inn, the White Hart Inn is situated on the corner of George Street with Sambourne Road, in Warminster, Wiltshire. It was recorded in history books as far back as the early 1700. Halliday, in his historical notes about Warminster, stated the former name of the Inn was the Roebuck. In the 1801 Survey of Warminster the inn was run by a Bill Sly with outbuildings attached to the property containing a brew house. One feature of this historic inn was a special pipe rack for customers to place the long Churchwarden-style clay pipes. Another practice was to keep a large tankard of two gallons capacity, known as Brazen Serpent, filled with beer which was paid for by means of a whip round. The Warminster Sessions of July 1608 ordered that the “best beer and ale was to be sold at three pence a gallon.” An advert dated 1900 listed the White Hart Inn as a posting and commercial house with horses, wagonettes, traps of all descriptions let on hire. The inn was also a noted house for Bartlett’s Old and Mild Beer Bitter and Stout – the brewery just a few hundred yards away at Portway. Our archive picture (Below) is dated 100 years ago and shows a busy street scene. The houses, almost centre of the picture, which include the sign of Dr Young’s Surgery in the window, no longer exists – the site is now the road that leads to the Western Car Park.” What is the White Hart now? Does anyone know?


Part of an article from 1834 in the Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette, over the burning of hay at a farm owned by William Sly, which also states that he ran the White Hart too!

Are you a descendant of the Akers or Sly family? I would love this lady to go home to her family, please get in touch, see Contact Me at top of Blog.

Till next time then……………..


Selina Wonnacott & William Henry Dillon

I usually buy my old photos from Car Boot sales, Fleamarkets, Antique Fairs/shops but scrolling through Ebay one evening I noticed this absolutely beautiful glass Ambrotype photo, unframed, of a couple, taken I thought probably 1855/60’s.

I have put Black Card behind as the black lacquer is damaged

There has been some colouring/tinting done by the Photographer in Gold, the couple’s rings, watch & also the flowers are coloured in a pot between them. The lady is also holding something that is decorated & coloured with gold, a card of some sort? I did wonder if maybe this was taken to celebrate their marriage or a Wedding Anniversary, maybe 25th? but the description had no names. So I bought it to add to my other Ambrotypes I have. Then I thought after, I wonder what area it comes from or if the seller knows anything at all about it’s origins. So I sent a message to Lynda and asked. So glad I did! Not only did she know it’s origin but also a name & she was selling on behalf of a descendant! She also gave me her name (in confidence) so that I could verify I had the right family when researching.

Lynda also checked with the descendant selling that she had consulted the family about this photo, and no one had wanted it. I was a bit concerned that such a treasure should be lost to the family, but apparently they had other photos & family items they were keeping.

The name I had been given was Selina Wonnacott, the descendants Mothers family & possibly Mothers Great Great Grandmother. Also they lived in an area in Plymouth at the time.

So I started searching and it didn’t take me long to find Selina, I started a tree so that I could establish that I had the correct family with my named descendant. I very quickly had established sadly that it couldn’t be Selina and her husband as when they married in 1863, he was 21 and she was 24. Far too young, so it has to be the next generation back.

Wonnacott & Dillon Family History.

Richard WONNACOTT was born in 1809 in Tavistock, Devon, England as the first child of Thomas WONNACOTT and Mary LITTLEJOHNS. He had one sibling I have found, Thomas. He died on 03 Apr 1859 in East Stonehouse, Devonshire.
When he was 22, he married Mary ROBJOHNS, daughter of John ROBJOHNS and Jenny LUXMORE, on 03 Oct 1831 in East Stonehouse, Devon, England.

Richard WONNACOTT lived in Tavistock, Devon, England in 1841 (Richard is a Carpenter ). He lived in East Stonehouse, Devon, England in 1851 (Relationship: Head. Building Foreman.). He lived in Cookbury Holsworthy, Devonshire in 1851.

Richard WONNACOTT and Mary ROBJOHNS had the following children:

1. John WONNACOTT was born on 27 Jul 1832 in Tavistock, Devon, England. He died in Jan 1915 in Tavistock, Devonshire. He married Jane Ann BLIGHT in 1856 in Devon.

2. Thomas Robjohns WONNACOTT was born on 15 Jul 1834 in Plymstock, Devon, England. He died on 17 Nov 1918 in Surrey, England. He married Sarah Andrews in 1856 in East Stonehouse, Devon, England.

3. Eliza Ann WONNACOTT was born on 22 Jan 1837 in East Stonehouse, Devon, England. She died in Jan 1865 in Stoke Damerel, Devonshire.
4. Selina WONNACOTT was born in Jan 1839 in Tavistock, Devon, England. She died in Apr 1875 in East Stonehouse, Devonshire (Tragically died young at 36, so not the lady in my photo. See Blog.). She married William Henry DILLON HUNTER in Oct 1863 (he was 21 & she 24, so too young for photo) in Stoke Damerel, Devon.
5. William WONNACOTT was born about 1841 in Tavistock, Devon, England. He died on 06 Oct 1878 in Merchant Marine, At Sea, SS.Great Britain. He married Emily Louisa Short on 11 Feb 1866 in Walmer, Kent, England.


“When launched in 1843, Great Britain was by far the largest vessel afloat. However, her protracted construction and high cost had left her owners in a difficult financial position, and they were forced out of business in 1846 having spent all their funds re-floating the ship after she was run aground at Dundrum Bay after a navigational error. In 1852 she was sold for salvage and repaired. Great Britain carried thousands of immigrants to Australia from 1852 until converted to sail in 1881. Three years later, she was retired to the Falkland Islands where she was used as a warehouse, quarantine ship and coal hulk until scuttled in 1937″…………

Modern view of SS Great Britain

…...In 1970, following a cash donation by Sir Jack Hayward that paid for the vessel to be towed back to the UK, Great Britain was returned to the Bristol dry dock where she was built. Now listed as part of the National Historic Fleet, she is an award-winning visitor attraction and museum ship in Bristol Harbour, with between 150,000 and 200,000 visitors annually“………………..Information & photo above, source: Wikipedia.

William Henry DILLON HUNTER was born in Oct 1842 in St Andrews, Plymouth, Devon as the first child of William Dillon and Margaret Hunter (HUNTER, WILLIAM HENRY DILLON JAMES Order GRO Reference: 1842 D Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 09 Page 389 ). He died in Mar 1927 in St Germans, Cornwall, England. When he was 21, he married Selina WONNACOTT, daughter of Richard WONNACOTT and Mary ROBJOHNS, in Oct 1863 in Stoke Damerel, Devon. When he was 33, he married Mary Brock WILTON,daughter of Samuel WILTON and Ann BROCK, in 1876 in Devon.

William Henry DILLON HUNTER was baptized in 1843 in Devon (The last name/surname was mixed up when they registered the birth? also putting the mother’s maiden name incorrect as James, should be Hunter which should have gone before Dillon. James was Margaret’s father’s name, so could explain?). He lived in Plymouth Charles the Martyr, Devon, England in 1851 (Relationship: Son). He lived in Charles, Devon, England in 1861 (Relationship: Son. He was a General Clerk). He lived in East Stonehouse, Devon, England in 1871 (Relationship: Head. He was a Warehouseman). He lived in Plymouth St Andrew, Devon, England in 1881 (Marital Status: Married; Relationship to Head: Head. He was a commercial clerk & traveller). He lived in Plymouth, Devon, England in 1901 (Relation to Head of House: Head. He is now an Accountant). He lived in Rame, Cornwall, England on 02 Apr 1911 (Marital Status: Widowed; Relation to Head of House: Father, should be Father In Law. Living with daughter Alice & husband, his second wife Mary had died in 1909.).

William Henry DILLON HUNTER and Selina WONNACOTT had the following children:

1. Alice Mary Margaret Dillon was born on 09 Jul 1864 in Stoke Damerel, Devon, England (DILLON, ALICE MARY MARGARET WONNACOTT Order GRO Reference: 1864 S Quarter in STOKE DAMEREL Volume 05B Page 334 ). She died on 16 Jan 1958 in Plymouth, Devon, England. She married William Henry Spiller on 20 Jul 1898 in Plymouth, Devon, England (See Gallery, marriage cert borrowed from Public Tree on Ancestry).
2. William Wonnacott DILLON was born on 01 Jan 1868 in Stoke Damerel, Devon (DILLON, WILLIAM WONNACOTT WONNACOTT Order GRO Reference: 1868 M Quarter in STOKE DAMEREL Volume 05B Page 367 ). He died in Dec 1956 in Plymouth, Devon, England. He married Helena Whiteman PARKER in Jul 1897 in St Giles in the Fields and St George, London, England.
3. George Herbert Dillon was born in 1871 in Stonehouse, Devon, England. He died on 10 Jul 1888 in Lost at Sea. STORY: George Herbert Dillon, letter to his father on 27 August 1888. He went overboard on morning of 20 July 1888 on the ship Barque ‘Eden Holme’ (photo below) see letter & pic below. Letter & portrait from a Public Tree on Ancestry.


Letter to Father in 1888
Terrible tradgedy as he was only 17.



Info from Low Head Pilot Station Maritime Museum website “The Eden Holme was an iron vessel of 827 tons. The dimensions were — Length, 201.8 ft.(61.5m.); breadth, 32.2 ft.(9.8m.); depth, 18.5 ft.(5.6m.) She was built in 1875 by Messrs Bartram, Haswell, and Company, at Sunderland, and the port of registry was Maryport in England. She was rigged as a barque with square sails on her front two masts and a gaff sail on her mizzen mast. The Eden Holme spent her early years trading to Queensland, South Australia and North America. In 1896 with the break up of the Walker Line, she was placed on the London to Tasmania run. She was skippered by John Wyrill, who had been master of the Walker line’s Berean since her maiden voyage in 1869, and who now transferred to the Holme Line. The Eden Holme and Brier Holme shared the Launceston wool trade. One would arrive in the spring and leave Launceston before Christmas, while the other would arrive in December and stay until February. Sometimes the ships unloaded cargo in Hobart, before sailing to Launceston to load wool. In 1904 John Wyrill made his last voyage before retirement. His replacement was the young Captain George Dulling“.

William Henry DILLON HUNTER and Mary Brock WILTON had the following children:

  1. Henry Ernest Ambrose DILLON was born in Apr 1877 in Plymouth, Devon, England (DILLON, HENRY ERNEST AMBROSE WILTON Order GRO Reference: 1877 J Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 296 ). He died in Apr 1889 in Plymouth, Devonshire.
    2. Stanley Cecil DILLON was born on 12 Jun 1879 in Plymouth, Devon, England. He died in 1958. He married Adela Emily Katherine HACKETT in 1909 in Tottenham, Middlesex, England (Catholic Church. Dispensation because of one party not being Catholic. Both lived at 20 Peabody’s Est, Lordship Lane, Tottenham.)
    3. Bishop Percival DILLON was born on 12 Oct 1881 in Plymouth, England (DILLON, BISHOP PERCIVAL WILTON Order GRO Reference: 1881 D Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 283 ). He died on 29 Jul 1958 in Shanghai, China.


Alice M M Dillon & husband
William Henry Spiller (Family History Below) & Alice M M Dillon. Borrowed from Public Tree on Ancestry

William Henry Spiller was born on 14 Jul 1835 in Cawsand, Cornwall as the first child of John Spiller and Sarah Hooper. He had one sibling, namely: Sarah Jane. He died on 13 Dec 1918 in St Germans, Cornwall, England. When he was 28, he married Sarah Ann Cock, daughter of George Cock and Ann Cock, in Oct 1864 in St Germans, Cornwall. When he was 63, he married Alice Mary Margaret Dillon, daughter of William Henry DILLON HUNTER and Selina WONNACOTT, on 20 Jul 1898 in Plymouth, Devon, England (See Gallery, marriage cert borrowed from Public Tree on Ancestry).

William Henry Spiller lived in Rame, Cornwall, England in 1841. He lived in Rame, Cornwall, England in 1851 (Relationship: Son). He lived in Vessels, Royal Navy, England in 1861 (Relationship: Boatswains Mate). He lived in Vessels, Devon, England in 1871 (Relationship: Boatswain 2 Class). He lived in Vessels, Devon, England in 1881 (Marital Status: Married). He lived in Maker, Cornwall, England in 1891 (Relation to Head: Head. Retired Warrant Officer, Royal Navy). He lived in Maker, Cornwall, England in 1901 (Relation to Head of House: Head). He lived in Rame, Cornwall, England on 02 Apr 1911 (Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Head). “The rank of boatswain is the oldest rank in the Royal Navy, and its origins can be traced back to the year 1040. In that year, when five English ports began furnishing warships to King Edward the Confessor in exchange for certain privileges, they also furnished crews whose officers were the master, boatswain, carpenter and cook. Later these officers were “warranted” by the British Admiralty. They maintained and sailed the ships and were the standing officers of the navy

William Henry Spiller and Sarah Ann Cock had no children.
William Henry Spiller and Alice Mary Margaret Dillon had one daughter:

Marjorie Christina Alice Spiller was born on 27 Jun 1906 in Kingsand, Cornwall. She died in Jul 2006 in Plymouth, Devon, England. She married William George John Gardner in Sep 1924 in St Germans, Cornwall. The descendant comes down from Marjorie.

FotoJet a

This Wonnacott and Dillon family histories are so interesting, many family members have great life stories. Here is the direct link to the public tree I compiled on Ancestry for them all. …    Wonnacott & Dillon Family Lynns Waffles

There are several Public Trees on Ancestry with details, Letters and many super Photos of the families, well worth looking up if you have a connection to any of them.

This photo below I found on Ancestry is one of my favourites..

FotoJet b

I am unable to pin down the couple on the beautiful Ambrotype photo although I think my best hunch is on the Dillon side of the family, William Dillon and Margaret Hunter, William Dillon was born about 1799 in Aberdeen, Scotland (He also used William Murray Dillon as his name, so was his Mother’s maiden name Murray? Seems possible as he was born in Scotland. as the first child of Phillip DILLON). He died sometime after 1863 in Cornwall, England (Wife & Son on 1861 census. Says wife of a Petty Officer.). When he was 48, he married Margaret Hunter, daughter of James HUNTER, on 13 Sep 1847 in Plymouth, Devon, England (See GALLERY for Wedding cert. Anglican. Place..Plymouth, Charles the Martyr).

William Dillon lived in Plymouth Charles the Martyr, Devon, England in 1851 (Relationship: Head). He is described on son’s Marriage Cert as a ‘Seaman Instructor’ in 1863. Is it them..I wonder? What do you think?

This is the Ambrotype below, without the black card on the back, you can see the spots where the laquer backing is damaged…


Till next time then……………….

Marie Louise Wancke married Karl Isak Pyhlsson

As you can imagine I have many many photos still to research, but thought I would take the next single one in my list…….I never imagined it would take me on a journey to the Netherlands, Sweden, Milan, Italy, Sunderland, Durham. Also connections to Christopher Columbus and even the Queen of Holland.


What an absolutely stunning photograph! Overjoyed when I saw the writing on the back too! Names and a date!

Pyhlson a

My starting point with this family was the little girl here above in the photo, her name was either Ivis or Marguerite and I estimated she was about 4 years old. So as the photo was dated I looked at the GRO free indexes for a female Pyhlson born 1898 or 1 year each way, as it was not such a common surname it came up with just one ‘PYHLSON, IVIS, WAUCKE (Mothers maiden name)Order GRO Reference: 1898 J Quarter in SUNDERLAND Volume 10A Page 666’ So I started a tree on Ancestry with her. I looked for the birth record now and found that actually she was named Ivis Marguerite Pyhlson, an error on the GRO has omitted Marguerite & put just IVIS. Always good to check for a middle name as often I have found people use their middle names in preference. Also the mother’s surname should be Wancke not Waucke so another error has occured somewhere too.

So now I have confirmation that the writing is correct I started looking for a marriage on Find My Past, between a Pyhlson and a Wancke in the ten years previous to the little girls birth. I find it easier & quicker on there, I always start on Civil Marriages & put in the two surnames, no variations and I was lucky just one came up! A marriage between KARL ISAK PYHLSON married Marie Louise Wancke in 1896 in Sunderland, Durham. So maybe Mum was known as Ivis and the daughter was known as Marguerite. Confirmed in this newspaper report below of when she was at University. So this means looking for variations of those names when researching.


Was lucky enough also to find a photo (Below) of Karl Isak Pyhlson on an article in the Newspaper Archives on Find My Past. (more on him later)


Back to the daughter Ivis Marguerite Pyhlson, one of the first records I came across was a marriage for her in 1926 in Sunderland to a Mario Chisalberti, which opened up more records, but for a Mario Ghisalberti, it soon became clear that on the original record the surname should be spelt with a G. As in this fantastic account of their Wedding on the newspaper records on Find My Past……See Below….A gold mine of information about the family, also pointing me to the Wancke family Twins, who most likely were Mum Marie Louise’s brother’s children. So I added another brother to the tree, first brother I had added from the photo writing was Hjalmar Wancke, this next one with as yet unknown first name and then added the Twins. Of course the twins may have belonged to Hjalman but I needed to check that first. I quickly found their full names of Jessie Christine Wancke and Phyllis Hildergarde Wancke, they were also born in Sunderland, Durham on 14 November 1908. So I was finding lots of records now, Census & Births, Marriages and Deaths for all the family.


All these records once added to the tree enabled me to build a fuller picture of the family in general. Not having researched Sweden’s records before either it was interesting as to what I found. Some spell the surname with a SS and some with just one S. This is just one example from Family Search website…eg..       Sweden, Household Examination
Name: Carl Isak Pyhlson
Event Type: Census
Event Date: 1889 – 1893
Event Place: Uppsala, Uppsala, Sverige
Event Place (Original): Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden
Birth Date: 20 Apr 1860
Birthplace: Östersund. Karl was actually crossed out on the later one, obviously having left to live in Britain by then, but there were other family members living in the household which was very helpful to my research. These records SEE BELOW also gave me his birth date which was super!

Swedish Household_LI.jpg

My very amateur attempt at translating this record above & others leads me to believe that probably Ida Margreta Pyhlsson was Karl’s Mother born 9 Jan 1832, then Hulda Emilia Pyhlsson born 29 Aug 1861 was her Sons (No Name) wife, then the son died and she was made a widow June 1903 the year before she moved in with Mother In Law on 14 Oct 1904? Is Per Severin Pyhlsson born 1885 her son? Have added on the tree as her son, time will tell if I can find out more information or translate this better. It’s all only a best guess! Trying to translate Swedish Household Census from Swedish to English from Family Search has been quite a challenge!

So coming back to Hulda Emilia I have found on an earlier Swedish Household index she is there with her son Per Severin, so I got that right! But also her husband Axel Fredr Hjalmar Pyhlsson who was born 3 May 1837 so he couldn’t obviously be the son of Ida Margreta Pyhlsson (born 1832) but maybe her brother in law? I think this family without being able to read the language correctly is best left for the time being, I could spend hours on it and still not unravel the puzzle………..


Karl Pyhlson & Family 1911 Census Sunderland He is a Coal Exporter, so a business man.


After seeing the record above I was not surprised to find lots of references to him in the Newspaper Archives especially after his death. ” Mr Karl Pyhlson on Newspaper report from Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette 07 August 1933




One of his passions was Phillately, Stamp collecting and this was a mention after his death in the Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette on 22 September 1933…Below..


Marie Louise Pyhlson (Wancke) died ten years later on 27 Jan 1943, Sunderland, Durham, she left over £11,710 in her will…More on her family Later…..


A report from January 1916 Mr and Mrs Karl Pyhlson involved in local life of Sunderland.


I was astonished to find so many references to Mario Ghisalberti, he was born in Milan, Italy and a very well known Journalist, Author and Librettist (Music arranger). Also he was an Italian playwright. Below are just some of the references in the Newspaper archives of his work. “Ghisalberti, Mario (1902-1980)
L’oro e la croce. Il romanzo di Cristoforo Colombo (1944)
For the gold and the cross. Novel about the life and time of Christoffel Columbus
Heinemann, the Hague [1950] Translated / edited by: Fick-Lugten,W.A.
With illustrations van Aart van Ewijk. 702 (2 parts)


Above 4 images…From the Aberdeen Press and Journal 17 September 1949 about Christopher Columbus

Presents the opera La vedova scaltra (The Schalk Widow), written in 1930 by the German-Italian composer Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari (1876-1948) ).
This is a comical opera in three companies after an original piece by the eminent Italian stage player Carlo Goldoni (1707-1793), on a libretto by Mario Ghisalberti (1902-1980). The first performance was realized on March 15, 1931 in Rome.

“A book by Mario Ghisalberti (Pub Heinmann 9/6d) The Flying Fish, advertised in the newspaper 18 Feb 1950”.

There were more references to him in the newspapers, it seemed he was also well travelled and wife Ivis Marguerite travelled with him on his trips mainly to the United States of America. I have found no children born to the couple. There seem to be several reports of his death on 22 August 1980, but no source for this as yet. Ivis Marguerite died in Milan, Italy apparently on 21 April 1987, another probate source is linked to Marguerite Pyhlson, filed under Pyhlson. Both dated on this entry for the will 1989, 2 years later than death. Is this an error? Should death be 1987 or 89? I’m not sure.


After I had built up the family tree to give me a wider view I came across a Public Tree on Ancestry that had shared lots of super portraits of the Wancke side of the family. Marie Louise Wancke was one of seven children born to Johan Fredrik Wanke & his wife Maria Ulrika Karoline Widing. Here’s a quick round up below of what I have researched of the family. I have also included the photos that were shared on Ancestry.

Pyhlson Scan

Lovely portrait photo below of Maria Ulrika Karoline Wancke (Widing)


As you can see above on the family records for Wancke one of Marie’s brother’s Jonas Robert died very young at 22 in Stockton, so I had to try and find out why if I could, luckily the newspaper archives came up trumps again.



What a dreadful tradgedy to happen to the family!


As always if you are a descendant of this family I would love the photo to go back where it belongs, so do get in touch at ‘Contact Me’ at the top of my Blog.


Picture from Wikipedia


Karl Isak Pyhlson was awarded The Order Of Oranje Nassau when he retired by The Queen of Holland.

The Order is a civil and military Dutch order of chivalry founded on 4 April 1892 by the Queen regent Emma, acting on behalf of her under-age daughter Queen Wilhelmina.
The order is a chivalric order open to “everyone who has earned special merits for society”. These are people who deserve appreciation and recognition from society for the special way in which they have carried out their activities” Info from Wikipedia…..

This is the link to the Public Tree on Ancestry that I have compiled. Pyhlson Family Lynns Waffles

If the Wancke family are your Ancestors I’m sure you will find lots to help you out on this family Website, please note I do not know if the information found on there is accurate, but it does also go with a Public Tree (with photos) on Ancestry, so you can always make contact with them…Link Below……

Wanke Family Tree online website, lots of great info and super photos

Till next time then…………….


Dozens of Old Photos, but who do they belong to? Any ideas?

A recent find, a huge bag of Old Photos.


I found this bag of old photos at Dorchester recently and seeing some writing on the backs of some, initially I thought I would probably have no trouble matching a family to them.


How wrong I was! Some of the ‘clues’ above and also some of my many pages of notes!! I have researched lots of Albert Harry & Albert’s with a selection of the surnames & marrying a lady called Elsie, no luck as there are so many. The most likely I have made a tree and traced down, but not able to find a son called Jack who had two children Dick and Biddy (Both obviously nicknames). Of course the most likely surname is Steward (written on several photo envelopes), but have drawn a blank there too. If only I knew their proper names! Even Biddy usually short for Bridget I can’t find one in the date range matching any of these surnames & even different surnames don’t match up! Bet her name is totally different! Places where the family members lived or visited or even have holidayed are Aylesbury, Fareham (This is the only one I have an actual address for and guess what, in the 1939 Register the property is empty! Hawarden, Wrexham, Chester, Dunbar, Khartoum (Sudan, this is Military connection) Potential Surnames are Steward, Stewart, Stuart, Gray, Murrays, Walker, Wicks. Christian names mentioned are Jack (Father to Dick & Biddy) Dick (Took lots of the pics) Bid/Biddy young girl who went to Hawarden School, which I have found was called Canon Drew Junior School, thanks to a very helpful lady in the office of Hawarden School I phoned. Also is probably Jack’s parents called Albert Harry & Elsie. Other family members maybe called Edith and Cyril Walker? Also a mention of Peggy’s negatives ? so maybe a Margaret (Peggy was short for Margaret) was married to Jack? This lot I am sad to say has me beaten! For now anyway, unless someone out there recognises the clues in the writing & helps to finish the puzzle. Or even maybe recognises their ancestors! I do hope so! I hate giving up when I’m researching old photos, but having spent about four days worth of research on them it’s time to give in……Of course I might have missed something, so if you have any ideas or inspiration I would love to hear from you.


This is probably the best info on the back of the photos, but have searched on several sites to match these people & then to follow the family tree down to a Jack or Dick or Biddy and had no luck at all.


Mystery pics, but recognise some faces from other photos, one on the right says c1908


Hawarden Castle Jubilee 1935


Hawarden Castle Jubilee celebrations. Pencil writing is mine!


Lots of the envelopes have Steward  as the name on, but nothing matches up with dates/ages & christian names I have


Must be Dick and Biddy


Have lots photos of after they moved to Hawarden & they were exploring Wales


Have a few photos of a holiday the family had on the Isle of Man. See above, Mum? with Biddy & husband Jack & others. Dick took picture.


I believe these are Dick & Biddy’s Mum’s Parents, so Jack’s in laws..No names at all though!


The Cricket Club played at Hawarden Castle from 1865 until a few years ago when they moved to larger grounds. This is Dick above.


Obviously photo above was sent to one of Mums before they had visited Hawarden, North Wales


This photo above obviously taken I would think before they moved to Hawarden, but where from?

This is the new house/garden in Hawarden? On right is Jacks Mum, front 3 are Biddy, Dick & their Mum. Man with Cricket jumper I believe to be Jacks brother from other pics I have got, no names.
Hoylake (Just to the left of Liverpool on the map)
No Writing, but girl in front is Biddy, held by Dad Jack & second from right is Dick, so pic taken by Mum


Above is a total mix of more of the photos, walking in Wales, Swallow Falls, a Scout Camp (Dick) Assorted people & bottom right are two photos of a wooden house that says ‘Wayside’ There is a possible Wayside at Lee Common, but is it a wooden building? This is just nine miles from Aylesbury where some of the photos were developed according to the envelopes. In the 1939 Register there is a retired Policeman living there by the name of Frederick John Wicks & wife Ada Jane (Haskett)the only Wicks surname I have is a Military photo taken with a Frank Wicks? See below image, I believe this to be Jack’s Dad on the left, but again no name! I have also compiled a small tree for this couple Frederick & Ada & their descendants don’t fit either! Pencil writing on pic below is mine..



More above of the super old photos from this lot & no writing!

Lovely to have this dated on the back but no names
Love this photo and written on c1913 but again no names
Nothing written on this military old photo and was rolled up tight, so have had it under some books to flatten out, I don’t recognise anyone from any other photos in it!

Any help or suggestions would be really welcome. There are lots more photos other than these & majority have no writing at all. These are all some family’s heritance, a window into their past, photos of someone’s Ancestors. I would dearly love to identify their family. Can you help?

Till next time then……………….


Margaretta Parry❤️Thomas Alfred lloyd

Earlier this month we had a week touring around Wales in our Motorhome & after visiting Beaumaris Castle there was an Antique/Junk shop we came across just along the road & was lucky & found a few old photos. The fabulous thing was when I looked carefully at the end of the day, 2 Wedding photos of the same 1920’s Wedding had a newspaper clipping tucked into the underside!


In this newspaper clipping of Jun 1924, image below, we not only have everyone’s names but such wonderful details about what the bride & bridesmaids were wearing. ” The bride was attired in an ivory charmeuse (Silk) dress, trimmed with French lace and pearls, and carried a sheaf of lilies.
The bridesmaids, her three sisters Nellie, Edith and Myfanwy were attired in mauve marocain dresses, with black picture hats, and carried bouquets of sweet peas.” (Marocain, derived from the French word for Moroccan, is a ribbed crepe dress fabric. Its warp threads, which give a fabric its strength, are made of silk, wool or rayon (or a combination of those)info found on google search. Newspapers are such a rich source of information for your family history, they wrote in such detail about every event.Their honeymoon being spent at Langland Bay (Swansea) and Penarth (Cardiff)”.

88 Wales finds

The second photo I found of the Wedding, was of a larger group, obviously extended family. The Wedding looks wonderful, very beautiful dresses, hats and flowers. Also because they both had the tissue and covers still intact on the photographs they have kept in excellent condition too.


I have compiled a small family tree as usual on Ancestry, Parry/Lloyd Family Lynns Waffles    don’t forget you can register totally free on Ancestry to have access to shared trees etc, plus there are many databases that are always free to access, you just have to register. Ancestry do sometimes have ‘free’ weekends where you can access other records too. I would always recommend anyone researching their family history to sign up to the free newsletter by Lost Cousins, here’s a recent one Lost Cousins Newsletter       that will inform you of any special offers from companies & any free access on different genealogy sites, plus lots of other super info too.


Have printed out their family tree above using their first born son Emrys, who sadly died as a toddler. I have found possible Grandchildren of the couple, but because of the many common surnames in Wales it would be absolutely impossible to be able to confirm any details without certificates for these. Their family tree above is as usual my most likely guess without being able to be 100% sure. I have found researching in Wales very challenging! So many people have the same surnames!

Thomas Alfred LLoyd and Margaretta Parry had the following children:

Emrys P Lloyd was born in 1927 in West Derby, Lancashire, England. He died in Mar 1929 in West Derby, Lancashire, England.
Meurig P Lloyd was born in 1930 in West Derby, Lancashire, England. (He maybe died in Ontario, Canada, have found records that could relate to him in Canada, but not sure without certs). He married Joan Kaye in Jun 1954 in Crosby, Merseyside.
Glenys Ruth Lloyd was born on 27 Jul 1931 in West Derby, Lancashire, England. She died in Mar 2005 in Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, Wales.


Above and below are Timeline sheets for the couple. As you can see from the family tree details, Margaretta’s mum died just the year before she was married, but her father Hugh lived till 96 years of age and actually outliving Margaretta by 7 years. Thomas’s father died in the month of their marriage, I wonder if that’s why the bridesmaids wore black hats? Then his Mum died just two years later in 1926.


These below are the 1911 census reports for Margaretta’s family first, her father’s Occupation in Welsh, meaning Craftsman, Stone Mason, Carpenter, Builder? I have been unable to find Margaretta. Then Thomas, who was 20 years old and a Clerk working in a Cotton Merchants, maybe the same place as his father, he was a Cotton Foreman Warehouseman. They all lived in Birkenhead, Cheshire. Was Margaretta maybe working in Cheshire? She was  19 at this time, could be how they met?

Margaretta FamilyThomas LLoyd family

This is the couple in the 1939 Register from Find My Past, Thomas was a Cival Servant by now, but also listed as being in the auxillary fire service. The couple went to live in Crosby in Lancashire after their marriage, their three children were all registered in West Derby, Lancashire district. Margaretta died in Crosby in 1955 (aged 62) and Thomas there in 1969 (aged 78).


The old photos I found were all taken at the family home in Bangor, Wales called Angorfa. These photos below were on an estate agents website as the house was sold in 2016, so this is what it looked like then, stunning views! As you can see the front of the house has been added to so the name has disappeared.



Are you a descendant of the couple? They had two children Meurig and Glenys.

Or are you a descendant of one of Margaretta’s sisters? Or Thomas Alfred’s family?

Please get in touch with me at the ‘Contact Me’ details at top of my blog, I would love to return these beautiful old photos back to their family.

Till next time then……………….

Frederick Thomas Turrell & Ethel Queenie Ivy Winzar Crispe Wedding 1927

16 (3)

What a gorgeous Wedding photo! Found recently at the Fleamarket & what a surprise I  had when I got home & was looking through all my finds & turned this one over. A wonderful person had type written all the people in the photo! How amazing is that!


Alwyn Ladell has a nice Flickr album about the Church with lots of interesting information & photos, including this below …link here Charminster Rd Congregational Church


Found some info on The National Archives website about these two local Churches, they hold some records about the Sutton Road Congregational Church, Bournemouth, Dorset & Charminster United Reformed Church, Bournemouth, Dorset

The church was opened on 15 March 1928 as a branch of Richmond Hill Congregational Church. It became financially independent in 1943 and became a United Reformed Church in 1972. In 1982 it merged with the Charminster Road Church, and became known as the Charminster United Reformed Church

There is also lots of super History info on this local site about the area in Bournemouth where the couple married  Winton Forum

Frederick Thomas Turrell (Fred) was born 18 May 1902 in Horsham, Sussex as the fifth child of Thomas Turrell (1876-1934) and Mercy Izard (1874-1967). He had five siblings, namely: Winifred Mercy, William Phillip Peter, Caroline Rebeckah, Daisy Ruth, and Annie Matilda Harriett. Frederick T Turrell lived in Plumstead, London, England on 02 Apr 1911 (Relation to Head of House: Son). He lived in Greenwich, England in 1938.
When he was 25, on 16 Apr 1927 in Bournemouth, Dorset (At Charminster Road, Congregational Church, Bournemouth) he married Ethel Queenie Ivy Winzar Crispe, (Queenie) she was born on 28 Jul 1905 in Christchurch, Hampshire as the first child of Albert Stanley Crispe (1886-1954) and Ethel Florence Stone (1885-1948) (Mum Ethel later in 1916, married Jabez Henry Downer (1887-1966) (known as Jim) They had one child Phyllis Florence Downer in 1919, she is one of the Bridesmaids, stood in front of her Mum & Dad on the right I think.
Fred died on 29 Jul 1960 in Bournemouth, England & Queenie died on 24 Nov 1992 in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Here are Fred (a Capstan Lathe Hand) & Queenie in Hornchurch, Essex on the 1939 Register, I am unable to find their eldest son Phillip?

Frederick Thomas Turrell lived in Plumstead, London, England on 02 Apr 1911 (Relation to Head of House: Son). He lived in Greenwich, England in 1938.

Frederick Thomas Turrell and Ethel Queenie Ivy Winzar Crispe had the following children that I have found…

  1. Phillip F Turrell was born in 1931 in Romford, Essex, England. He married Iris Georgina Perry in Jun 1950 in Romford, Essex. He married Elsa B Peltsch in 1965. He died in 2006.
  2. Desmond E Turrell was born on 13 Aug 1938 in Romford, Essex, England. He sadly died on 15 Nov 1938 just a few months old in Romford, Essex, England.
  3. Ann P Turrell was born in 1944 in Romford, Essex, England. I have found 2 possible marriages & one possible son.rg14_02921_0447_03.jpg1911 Census above of Fred with his family.
    I haven’t found Queenie in the 1911 census but here’s her Mum Ethel working as a housekeeper in Bournemouth, says married but maybe she had parted from first husband (looks like he married several times) & Queenie was being looked after by family somewhere?

    I have compiled a Family Tree for the couple with a couple of generations of Ancestors…Link here…Turrell/Crispe Family Lynns Waffles I was curious about the name Winzar, and found that family on Queenie’s Mum’s side & also this super bit of family history that had been haned down through the family ...image below….on a public tree on Ancestry. How wonderful to have for the Winzar descendants.

Winzar Family Record of Births on Pub Tree Ancestry

I also found the Best Man Mr Percy Winzar, (a cousin of Queenie) actually born James Edward Percival Winzar on 24 Aug 1901 in Dorchester, he married himself in 1930 to Gertrude Elizabeth Lovelace. Is there anyone out there who’s related to any of the people in this super Wedding photo? This picture is not as good as I would like as it’s just a bit too big for my scanner.


Till next time then………………..

Ronald Woodley of Chapelhaies Farm, Tiverton & his admirers & family.

I came across these four old Birthday postcards at a recent Fleamarket, sadly not with any old photos. But I bought them because I was curious and didn’t have the time to read them, they were all addressed to the same chap Ronald Woodley. Of course when I got home and did read them I had to smile, Ronald certainly attracted a few admirers it seems! Finding Ronald also led me to his interesting family….



Yours Always Medee xxx

This first one above was handy because it gives us his year of birth 1911, and looking at the postmarks we can assume it was October of 1911. Just after the census of 1911 but good for the 1939 Register. I found him fairly easily with his family at Chapelhaies Farm, Bradninch, Devon. Here below are some past & present photos of Bradninch, Devon. Top left was taken in 1936, then a view of the village, the farm is not too far from the village, then the Church of St Disen’s, Bradninch.

Below is the 1939 Register from Find My Past, on it marked in purple are the Woodley Family, including Ronald. Then above marked green are the Baker Family, I assume the owners of the Farm as their name is first. I have looked up the Farm and it seems it is still being run by a family of the name Baker, A.L.Baker & Son, so highly likely to be the descendants of these Baker’s.

1939 Register of Chapelhaies Farm families



Lots of Love Jeanie

Knowing the name and birth dates of Ronald’s parents now, John Peter and Georgina Woodley (nee Ireland) I found them on the 1911 Census, just before Ronald was born with their six children and Dad John Peter Woodley was an Innkeeper at the Talaton Inn, near Ottery St Mary, Devon, a beautiful 16th Century Pub that is still going today…

Woodley 1911
1911 Census Woodley family at Talaton Inn

I was lucky to find these reports below in the newspaper archives, which answered some of my questions I had during my research into the Talaton Inn, and the different families of Ireland & Woodley’s  involvement.

29 Nov 1907. Funeral of Landlord (Obviously related to John & Sarah Ireland)
Pic 2 cont Funeral of Landlord


Talaton Inn license Feb 1908


Then on 10 April 1908 a snippet in the paper of the takeover of the license by the Woodley part of the family
John Ireland & Sarah Landlords in 1891 Census
William Ireland Landlord before his death, with John & Sarah Ireland next door at the Farm 1901 Census

Georgina’s parents John and Sarah Ann Ireland later were at Millers Farm, Talaton where they both died, John on 25 Dec 1928 and Sarah Ann a few months later on 10 April 1929.

I wonder how long John Peter Woodley ran the pub for? I found where just a few months after taking on the Pub he was charged 15s for allowing his wife to serve a 14 year old girl with intoxicating liquer in a bottle with no lid! A steep learning curve for him I suspect! He is described in other reports of being  “formerly of Plymtree, Innkeeper, Farmer, reaping machine proprietor, and pig dealer formerly a Baker”

Woodley 1911
1911 Census Woodley family at Talaton Inn

This may answer my questions. I have found a report in the newpaper archives of one of the Woodley family being accidently killed by a Motor Car while he was on his bike very close to the Talaton Inn, see images below...Was this the reason the family left the pub? we’ll probably never know. This is just one newspaper clipping, there were many covering thew same event & also the full inquest details. The Newspaper Archives are a fantastic resource for family history as always, I access through Find My Past.

Tragedy close to the Talaton Inn in May 1919

I found that Ronald’s father John Peter had died in 1951, this is John Peter Woodley’s will leaving money to his two eldest sons, also here is a photo of the gravestone memorial to Ronald’s parents in St Dionysius Churchyard, Bradninch, found on Find A Grave.


This is the Talaton Inn in more recent times…

talaton inn



Love from Winnie x


After the interesting family diversion, back to the Postcards…..

So we have admirers Medee, Jeannie, Winnie and Gwen….Did Ronald marry any of them? Well no, he actually married a lady called Ivy Heaman in Tiverton late in 1941. I have not found any probable children of the couple. In their later years together they lived in Exeter, Ronald died on 13 Jan 2002 in his ninetieth year, then I found that Ivy after his death went into a care home in Exeter. I am assuming she passed away there on 27 Nov 2008, she was born in 1910. They are both laid to rest in Bradninch Cemetery, with a lot of the Woodley family close by in the local churchyard. He must have found the right one to marry after all.

Heaps of Love & Kisses from Gwen xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If you know of anyone in the Woodley Family who would like these Birthday postcards do get in touch….

Till next time then………..

1926 & 1932/33 Totally Old Photos

The last part of this particular group of found old photos and they are dated 1926, and just the last few are 1932/33.



Happy young ladies taken in summer 1926.


Wonderful picnic and playtime with ladies and children.



We are in 1932 now, wonder which one is Ruby and where the bridge was?


Image above is Good Friday 85 years ago on April 14th 1933 a lovely get together picnic at Farningham Woods. Its near to Sissinghurst in Kent and is now a Nature Reserve.


Both these last two old photos dated Aug 1933 taken at Brighton. It does seem from very small clues about all three groups of these old photos that the ladies all came from Sussex or Kent. Do you recognise anyone at all from your family, are they your ancestors?

Here’s a few more from the collection too, but these are all undated, some are similar to these three blogs with dates on, they looked such a happy bunch of friends and family….

Have a super Happy Easter Weekend everyone…….

Till next time then…….

1925 Totally Old Photos

This is part two of the job lot of found photos. Do you recognise anyone? Are they your family members or ancestors?



Lovely groups of friends & children, but who are they?



Who were these three friends above I wonder? Still working at the same place as the last blog post in 1924.



All dated 1925 but no names or places…..


Lovely happy ladies & children picnic time……



This last little girl is named Ethel as well as dated 11th July 1925, do you know of her? Was she an ancestor?

1926 Old Photos to follow shortly…

Till next time then…….

1923 & 1924 Totally Old Photos

As always I have been trying to catch up with my scanning of bought old photos, this particular bag full had lots of dates, so after sorting them all I have ended up with some 1923 & 1924 (This Blog) Then 1925 & 1926 (Future Blogs) But there are only a few first names!

So can you help? Do you recognise any family members or ancestors?

This lot of images above are all dated during the summer of 1923. The lady above on the gate says ‘Dorrie, Shoreham’ which may give us a clue what area they lived…Sussex maybe? Then the last one above Lady in the grass says ”Cousin Elsie’

The second group here above are all various from April to July of 1924. No names at all.

232425262727a 24-27

This last lot above as you can see are all dated Sept 24th 1924. It looks like all these young women worked together & played together, no names at all. I wonder what type of work? Or do you recognise the building where the photos were taken? Any ideas?

Old Photos from 1925 coming shortly……..

Till next time then………..



Bristol Musical Comedy Club programs & autograph scrap book

UPDATE   I’m pleased to report that this super Scrapbook is now back in the hands of the Bristol Musical Comedy Club. Their secretary Becky writes ” It’s really fascinating having a look a what’s changed (and what hasn’t) over the years. We still have annual dinners/balls, but don’t toast the monarch as they did back in the 1950s. The sentiments from the programmes about club camaraderie are something we still say about the club now, which I think is lovely.” Super result & I’m sure Cynthia would be pleased to know.

On Sunday we went to an Antique Fair & I came across this super Scrapbook, not my usual thing to buy, but looking through it someone had obviously taken great care to collect autographs & memorabilia from the Bristol Musical Comedy Club back in the late 1940’s & early 1950’s. I wasn’t sure whether to buy it or not but quite honestly I just couldn’t bear the thought of it ending up as rubbish!


Looking at it more clearly when I came home I could see it had all been collected & compiled by a lady called Cynthia Stowe, who was in the Chorus on several programs, she was obviously well liked by the Theatre Company which was started in 1926.





Many great old photographs of their productions in the 1940’s & 50s





Look at the photo above! One of the clues, a stage pass! Super newspaper clippings kept.





More photos & programs





A real mix of productions like Oklahoma etc & so many autographs of cast members





Cynthia M Stowe (Harris) I believe was married to Edwin E Stowe, both born in the 1920’s. I have found a probable marriage of them in Birmingham in 1952, although obviously they would have been together a few years before that if this record is correct. They lived in a small bungalow out in the countryside at Highbridge, Somerset according to the electoral rolls of 2002, then I found later Edwin was in a local care home called Holywell Nursing Home, he died in May 2013. So I am assuming that more recently Cynthia has either moved or passed away, hence a house clearance & this lovely Scrapbook ending up at an Antique Fair. I found just a couple of old photos in the book, see top left of image below…Could this be Cynthia & Edwin Stowe? It seems likely doesn’t it.


This is the website of the Bristol Musical Comedy Club   They started in 1926 & are still operating now, they put on their productions at the The Redgrave Theatre  in Bristol.

I have sent the Club a link to this blog in an email, I’m hoping that they may want this collection for their archives, I’m sure Cynthia would be very pleased & proud to think that this small collection will be treasured.

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