Hawkins Family Pic

I came upon this picture above at a  local Car Boot sale in November with 5 or 6 others, and it wasn’t until I sat down later in the afternoon to have a look at my finds from the morning, that I realized on turning it over that […]

Happy Christmas & New Year

Thought I would end the year 2013 showing you a little of what’s to come for 2014. Not long ago I acquired 3 more Victorian Albums with some photos inside. I am just working on the first one at the moment, but here’s a sneak preview of some […]

War Animals in Memory

In Memory of the large and small Animals that played their part in our War History. From the Elephants & Horses to the Slugs & Glowworms, they have all played their part in helping to save Human lives. HorsesAt the start of the War, WW1 the British Army […]

Jewell Suitcase Family Part 2

Click on this link below for Part 1 of Jewell Suitcase Family Blog  Jewell Family Part 1 I couldn’t help, not write a Part 2 about this Jewell Suitcase Family, there is such a lot of information on the records online about them. So I thought I would […]

Jewell Suitcase Family Part 1

Find Part 2 here : Jewell Suitcase Family Part 2 Blog When we went away to Devizes 10 days ago we stopped off at a Car Boot sale on route and had a great find a large tatty Suitcase full of Old Photographs, couldn’t believe my luck. We packed […]

MORE Car Boot finds

I seem to have had a bumper time for Treasures from Car Boots, so here’s a few more of the bits and pieces that I have found lately. French Document 1777 This is a French Legal document 12 pages in total, written in 1777, it mentions the King, […]

The Chiddicks Family Tree

Every Family has a story to tell..........Welcome to mine

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a journal about my experiences becoming a certified genealogist

Somerset & Dorset Family History Society

The SDFHS helps people, wherever they live, to research their family history and to help add local context and connections to the basic information they may already have found. Website: www.sdfhs.org

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