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My Family Group Photographs

Well here is another Blog about Family Photographs, Groups of My Family, on outings and at Weddings and other celebrations, this one seems to have taken me a lot longer to write, mainly because I keep getting distracted by all the memories the pictures remind me of…Then I […]

My Family Photographs

I was chatting to a couple of dear Twitter friends last week about Family Photographs, and very rashly said “think I will do a Blog about that subject next week” at the time I didn’t think that it would take so much time, but goodness me I think […]

WDYTYA Magazine Index Part 5

Well here we are Part 5, the last one for a while…this includes Issue 60 that just dropped through my letterbox this morning, so I have finished this all off, so that we are all totally up to date now….Please dont forget though that there is lots more […]

WDYTYA Magazine Index Part 4

Here we have Part 4 Completed, As I have already said in other posts (3 of them, scroll down) Please remember that I have not covered everything that the WDYTYA Magazine holds in its pages, there is still lots more not indexed that might be of help to […]

WDYTYA Magazine Index Part 3

Here as promised is Part 3 of the WDYTYA Magaine Index, From Issue 25 onwards we now have the Issue Number on the spine of the Magazine which is helpful. And also Issue Number 36 starts the New Look magazine, with new regular articles such as Behind The […]

WDYTYA Magazine Index Part 2

Well here is the second part of WDYTYA Magazine Index Issue No 13 up to and including No 24, I am on Part 3 already so will put that on Blog at end of next week.         As before Please if you do come across any errors let me […]

ALICE JORDAN 1859-1895

My aim for this year for my Family Tree is to do a round up of the facts of each of the people I have so far listed on it,  starting with the main families first and this is my first subject. ALICE, she is the eldest of […]