Hilda Victoria Goodman💟 John Philip Atkins, I think!

So last week I asked for help with this wonderful wedding photo from my collection.

I wrote this on the Blog: “the best one I found I think was John Philip Atkins m Hilda Victoria Goodman, Possible Vic for Victoria there? but there are many other possible matches outside of the exact date mentioned on the record.” There were some people that agreed with me that this was the best option out of the ones I found.

So I thought I would start up a small family tree for them and bingo one of the ‘hints‘ on Ancestry was a public family tree with some photos on it. The photos aren’t brilliant but good enough for comparison.

This is the photo of John (left) then Hilda (centre) and their eldest child, a daughter called Doreen. For me, these match quite well and when I look at the photo of Doreen she’s so like her Mum don’t you think. They also had two sons David and Graham.

Here’s their wedding certificate, again found on Ancestry which matches exactly and also tells us that John was a Carpenter.

Hilda Victoria Goodman married John Philip Atkins on 27 March 1920.

As you can see they both live at the same address in Acton at the time of their marriage so only about ten miles from the address where they sent the postcard from. Then in the 1939 Register, they lived at 27 Featherstone Road, Southall, Middlesex. John was now a Corn and Seed Merchant, so presumably, the family lived above the shop.

If you are a descendant of this family, please do get in touch, either by a comment here or via email to lynnswaffles@gmail.com

Here’s the small public family tree I’ve started for the couple on Ancestry: https://www.ancestry.co.uk/family-tree/tree/182920533/family?cfpid=332382987741&fpid=332382987875

I shall send a message to the owner of the public family tree on Ancestry and see if she has any other photos of the couple and point her in the direction of my two blogs.

Till next time then…….

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