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Sheila’s Collection. Over the last few weeks I have been sharing lots of CDV’s with my followers on Twitter and Instagram, these are coming to an end this coming Tuesday. These all came originally from one old Victorian Album that a friend in Wales bought so that she could add to her collection of one particular Victorian photographer, who happens to be one of her Ancestors! His names is Storz. So the rest of the collection from this family she offered to me, and as some of the CDVs have names I couldn’t resist!

I would be very grateful for any help if anyone recognises anyone in the collection of CDV’s I’ve been sharing or any others on this blog as being their ancestors.

This one here is the best one out of the collection for researching I thought and who knows the rest of the collection may all belong to the Gough and Boggs families, they were certainly families with money to be able to have afforded to have their photos taken.

Mildred looks a very confident young woman doesn’t she.

So my research has come up with this Mildred Mary Gough. Born in Portugal on 12 June 1852, a British Subject and daughter of James Gough a Civil Servant connected to the Portuguese Embassy and Theodosia Mary (Skipton)

Mildred Mary Gough was one of five daughters born to James and Theodosia, they had married on the 11 May 1847 at St Andrews Church, Hornchurch, Essex. The vicar there for many years was a relation called Daniel George Stacy.

St Andrew’s, Hornchurch, Essex.

The five sisters were (1) Jane Stacy born in 1848, I’m unable to confirm her identity on any of the records after the 1871 census unfortunately.

(2) Theodosia Elizabeth 1850-1941, she never married and after the 1881 census she is living with her sister Mildred Mary and her family as a Nurse/Companion in Cheshire.

(3) Mildred Mary…more later.

(4) Minnie Arabella Caroline 1855-1928, never married and on the 1901/1911 census was living with her sister Henrietta Eliza Skipton and her husband and family in West Derby.

(5) Henrietta Eliza Skipton 1857-1927 married James Threfell (a Commision Agent and Travelling Salesman) in July 1887 in Toxteth, Liverpool they had three sons……………(a)James Noel 1889-1950 he married Nora McGreavy and I’ve found two children so far, a boy and a girl. His occupation was a Superintendent of Births, Deaths and Marriages. ………..(b) Horace Geoffrey 1891-1916, he sadly was killed in action in France on 9 Aug 1916 he was a Private in the 10th Battalion, Kings Liverpool Regiment (KLR)Regimental number 6049. He left a wife Elsie and an eight month old daughter Elsie. The couple’s third son …………….(c) Arthur Leonard was just a baby, a bit less than a year old when he had died 1893-1894 and they also had a daughter…………….(d) Dorothy Catherine born in 1899, she married John Stoddard in Jul 1923, they had one son that I have found, John G, who was just 5 when he died 1924-1930.

The five sisters father James was born in 1819 and his eldest three daughters were born in St Micheal, Azores, Portugal, his occupation was attached to the Portuguese Consulate, a Civil Servant. Between 1852 and 1855 when their fourth & fifth daughter were born he was living in Birmingham, then by the 1861 census his wife Theodosia Mary was with their five young daughters staying at the home of Daniel George Stacy (an uncle) aged 76 who was the Vicar of Hornchurch, Essex, his home was the old Vicarage (later called the Chaplaincy, demolished 1970)in the High Street, Hornchurch opposite the Church of St Andrew.

Image found on Bob Speel Church website:

I wonder if James was back in Portugal at the time of the census? James was back with his family living in Liverpool at the time of the 1871 census and James was Chancellor of Portuguese Consulate in Liverpool, a Civil Servant. He remained in that occupation in the 1881/1891 census, he died in February 1899 aged 80. His wife Theodosia Mary died in Mar 1895 in Toxteth, Liverpool.

Mildred Mary was one of the sisters born in St Micheal, Azores, Portugal, also baptised there. She was with her family living in Liverpool at the time of the 1871 census, then in 1877 Mildred had this lovely CDV photo taken at the studios of The Liverpool & London Photographic Company at 12a Lord Street, Liverpool.
Interestingly in the 1881 census I found that she was a Nurse Probationer living at the “Royal Southern Hospital” Caryl St, Toxteth Park, Liverpool.

Then later that year on the 27 Dec 1881 at St Saviours Church, Liverpool she married Alexander Stanley Boggs, he was known as Stanley, and was a Corn Merchant in Liverpool, he was the son of Gardner Boggs, an East India Merchant and Charlotte Boss (Ayre)

Gardner and Charlotte had married on 30 Mar 1836 at St John’s church, Manchester, Lancashire, so far I have found nine children of the couple .

So now back to Mildred and Stanley. In 1882 they had their first child a son (a) Arthur Cecil Boggs1884-1968 who married Sophie Marjorie Bowles Price in July 1912. Arthur served in WW1 and was a member of the Freemasons from 1917-1920. The couple had one son Richard Cecil born on 7 Nov 1913 at sometime after their son was born they changed their surname to GOUGH, which was Arthur Cecil’s mother Mildred’s maiden name. Why? Inheritance reasons? or Maybe they just didn’t like the surname BOGGS? Richard Cecil was Lieutenant Richard Cecil Gough he died 26 Apr 1941 Cemetery: Phaleron War Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Athens, Regional unit of Athens, Attica, Greece. After searching records I believe he may have been killed during the battle of the Corinth Canal in Greece. He was in the 106 (The Lancashire Hussars) Lt A.A. Regt.

(b) Laurence Stanley Boggs 1885-1944(WW2)He was awarded an MBE on 2 June 1944, in the birthday honours for 1944. He was Captain Laurence Samuel Boggs, a Master in the Merchant Navy. His wife was Ann Katherine McGahey and as far as I can see they had one son Micheal Laurance Boggs 1920-1994 who also served in WW2 in the Merchant Navy.
(c) James Conolly Leatham Boggs, born in 1886 he died in 1887 just eight months old.
(d) Roland Ayre Boggs was born on 5 Nov 1888 and died in Jul 1889 again about eight months old.
(e) Mildred Violet Boggs was born on 12 Mar 1891 at aged 20 in the 1911 census her occupation is described as Poultry Farming the same as her mother Mildred, so they obviously had a business going on. She married in Oct 1927 at age 37 to Charles Cyril Pelham Lane 1879-1952, the son of Charles Pelham Lane and Catherine George Ann (Napier) he was an Analytical Chemist, who worked for India Rubber manufacturing in the 1911 census. In 1929 after her son was born she is registered on the list of Physiotherapy and Masseuse Registers. I believe they just had one son David Cyril 1928-1979, on his fathers will he was described as a mechanical engineer.

Mildred‘s husband Stanley died in 1922 and it by the time of the 1939 register she was living with her daughter Mildred and husband and family at a beautiful home on Freshford, nr Bath called The Hill. You can see it here below on a map of the area dated 1900. Mildred Mary died here on 12 April 1941 aged 88. Her daughter Mildred Violet moved to 1 Allandale Road, Burham on Sea, Somerset sometime after her husband died in 1952, the road is right by the sea. She died there on 13 Jan 1981. Their son David had died two years previously at Sibson Manor, Sibson, Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

The Hill 1900
The Hill now I found on Google street

No doubt Mildred’s husband and his father knew the Liverpool Corn Exchange very well, there are many very beautiful Corn Exchange building all around the UK still being used but for different purposes now and while looking up this one’s history I came across some super pictures and information from: The Corn Exchange was a fine James Picton building constructed in Brunswick Street in 1851 (replacing a smaller exchange, image below). Following the Repeal of the Corn Law in 1849, Liverpool grew ever more important in the world market and the new Exchange represented the aspirations of Liverpool’s merchants. Sadly, the building was destroyed buring the Blitz. The Corn Exchange that now stands there (completed in 1959) is one of Liverpool’s best post-War office blocks, although without a trading floor (or any corn trade)’

Corn Exchange Liverpool 1907

Above: The Corn Exchange, Brunswick Street, Liverpool. “Drawn by G. and C. Pyne about 1827, engraved by T. Dixon.” Source: Muir’s Bygone Liverpool, Plate 35.

This image above I found on the Victorian Web:

Now we get to the CDV old photos that I haven’t been able to identify for sure or tie in with the Boggs or Gough families…yet!

Who is Canon Jones I wonder?
Will Thomaly/Thornaly? aged 18 months
Who are Aunt Lucie & Uncle Owen I wonder? I haven’t found them yet on the family tree?

I must admit this is one of my favourite CDV’s from the collection and I would love to know more about Emma Hamilton.

Here are all of the 48 CDV’s in this collection and obviously all have a connection.

Please do have a look at the Boggs/Gough Family Tree I have compiled on Ancestry, have you a connection? Link here:

Till next time then……………

Images above of Ponta Delgada, St Micheal, Azores, Portugul from 1899 (from Wikipedia)


  1. Oh my goodness, what a teaser you have here Lynn,The photo’s are superb, and so clear. I love the dresses they are absolutely stunning.I wish you luck in hearing from this any of the remaining family. Hope all is well with you Stay safe.

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