Sunday Old Photos (2)

I have just three old photos for you on this Sunday Old Photos BUT two have more information on them than the last batch. I haven’t researched at all, so if you have any names that match in your family tree please let me know. Or you might fancy researching the names yourself. It would be great to add more information to these.

2020a Ebay

This lovely CDV above was taken at a photographers studio in Sheffield, Yorkshire. So who are they and where do they come from? Were they just visiting family when they had the photo taken? Do you have any Skinner family in your family tree?


A lovely Wedding day photo, stylish lady. I was thinking about 1915-1920. I think also that QUIGG looks the most likely name for them. What do you think? Do you have anyone by this name in your family?

21a Ebay

Lastly we have a wonderful photo that I thought you might all like to see. I found it on Ebay recently and shared with my Twitter and Instagram followers last Monday. An outside photo of the staff of a large house, sadly no printing or writing. So just for fun I slightly darkened it so we can see the people clearer and numbered each person and asked “What do you think their job was?”

Here’s some of their answers and comments, are they right with occupations?

I like the little dog on 13’s lap 🟢 8 & 4 same role? 8 might be the smartest dressed? Are they unusually dishevelled? Or informal photo? Not house of gentry? Merchant etc? 🟢 What is 2 holding? 17 youngest? Outdoor boots on 17 & 16 ? 10 & 11 slightly smarter shoes? 🟢 1 and 5 would be maids, 4 by his stance and dress a butler and 11 works outside so possibly a gardener. 1 and 5 might work in the kitchen tho there were “subdivisions” within these roles eg “ under parlour maid” 🟢 I’d say 6 & 9 probably worked outside too 🟢 I wonder if one of them was the groom? Could the top hat next to 9 indicate he was a coachman maybe? 🟢 What about chap 12? He looks outdoorsy too with his stick. Like a gardener maybe? Wonder if he works with the dog? 🟢 That stick‘s long, too – makes him look a bit Gandalf . Wonder if they employed a gamekeeper? 🟢What a superb picture. I’m wondering if 3 may have been the nanny/ governess due to the lighter clothing. 14 could the housekeeper due to her central position in the photo and ornate headwear. 9,10 and 11 are probably gardeners – rolled up sleeves and no jacket – 12 & 16 gardeners 🟢 16 looks like he’s been at the cooking sherry and is that a hole in the sleeve? Where is the nanny, might be two in the household? One an assistant? 🟢 I feel like 10 and 11 are Ted and Ralph 🟢 Fabulous image. Number 7’s dress is a bit more frilly – perhaps the governess? But then no 3 looks more teachery… Gosh, hard that 🟢What a fabulous image! No: 14 looks as though she rules the roost! 🟢 those are some rather splendid sideburns Mr 12 is sporting 🟢 Mr 12 which reminds me of Robbie Coltrane 🟢 What fun! 1 & 5 maids. 14 cook. 7 tutor. 3 housekeeping. 2,4 & 13 house, maybe butlers, valets . 8 something to do with horses. The rest estate & garden management? 🟢 The guy with a dog on his lap has his tongue out 👅🟢 You missed one Lynn! No.18 the likely terrier on lap: Chief Ratter!😃

This is the original above.

Till next time then………

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