George Painter & Frances Elizabeth Coller Marriage & Baptism of William Valentine Jeans

1Sometimes when I’m rummaging through large boxes of old photos & allsorts, I just see something that takes my eye, these are two such things, 10p each !!  A marriage certificate & a Baptism card. At the time I never know quite what I’ve got, but just that it looks interesting..So often I can’t wait to get back & have a proper look. The Marriage certificate was written on the back by the lady herself ‘My Marriage Certificate’ & what a lovely name on the Baptism card, William Valentine.

1aGeorge Painter & Frances Elizabeth Coller

Florence was born about 1867 in Chelsea, London & George her husband, who was a widower when they married, was born in Elkstone, Gloucestershire in 1855.

MRS Painter

This wonderful picture above, I have borrowed from someone’s Public Family Tree on Ancestry, great to see, doesn’t she look lovely. Lovely when you find a photo of someone you are researching & they have made their research public. Florence passed away in 1951 in Southampton. Florence & George had ten children. Alfred George 1889, Henry William 1891, Herbert John 1893, Ellen Frances 1895 Frederick Charles 1896, Emily Rose 1898, Beatrice Annie 1900, Edith Grace 1902, Maurice Thomas 1904, and Patricia Margaret 1908.


If you are descended from George or Frances Elizabeth Painter, and would like to have this marriage certificate for your family records, please get in touch.

William Valentine Jeans Baptism


I wasn’t at all surprised when I found that William was born on St Valentine’s day 14th February 1879, hence the name. He was Baptised in 1881 at Hendford, part of Yeovil. Also if you look at the Baptism record below, you will see that all five siblings were baptised together on the same day. Ellen, Samuel, John, Mary Elizabeth and William Valentine.

WVJ Baptism


Baptism took place at this Church..Pic Above. Holy Trinity, Hendford, part of Yeovil in Somerset…..This photograph was taken by Yeovil Photographer Jarrett Beckett and published in his 1897 book  “Somerset viewed through a Camera”. Lots more info about the Church etc on Yeovil History

1881 Jeans

William is on this 1881 Census, the year of his Baptism with his family living in Yeovil. Dad Samuel, Occupation ‘A Glover’, Mum Mary, Sister Ellen age 15, also in the same trade as Dad, ‘A Glover’. Mary Elizabeth age 4. Brothers Samuel age 7 &  John age 6. I found this fabulous old photo below of the Glove factory in Yeovil, did the family work here ?? are any of them in this photo I wonder ??? Found on Yeovil History

Workers of William Raymond & Sons gather for a group photograph, probably around 1890, in the Eastland Road yard between the main building at right and the ‘rear’ building at left.

In the 1911 Census I found William living with two of his siblings, Mary Elizabeth & Samuel, still in Yeovil around the Hendford Station area & also in the trade, ‘A Glove Cutter’. See Below….

WilliamValentineJeansI have not found a marriage for William Valentine, nor any children it seems. William Valentine passed away in 1978, aged 99 !!     If you know any more info, I would love to hear from you..See Contact Me ..Top of Page.

If you are a descendant of William Valentine Jeans family & would like to have this baptism for your family records, please get in touch.

Till Next Time Then…………….


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