Do you know Isabel Price or Bob & Cis Hayward ??


What a very lovely Cabinet Card photo this is..The lady Isobel Price is so beautifully dressed, and how wonderful to have it dated too ! 1877.  I think the writing on the back says “then Smith after being married” ?? But I’m not at all sure on that..What do you think ?


The Italic writing on the back of the card reads very roughly !( I used translator ! ) “Brothers Vianelli. Photographs of the be d’Italia and Prince and Princess of Wales and Germany. Decorated and rewarded sometimes” The address of the Photographers is Venice in Italy. So was Isabel on the Grand Tour ?? I am afraid I cannot find a conclusive ‘Isabel Price’ in the records, there are several possibilities, going on the the fact that her name may be spelt differently, Isabel may even be a middle name by which she is known. Also out of the possible lady’s there are several that married a man called Smith..if that is correct ! …Has anyone got an Isabel Price in their Ancestry ??


This next photo above is stuck on a single photo album page, which has been cut in half. Luckily there is some writing, and another photo on the page (See below) The writing says  “Bob & Cis Hayward at Normanhurst, August 5.1920 Their Silver Wedding”

There are a few possible Bob/Robert Hayward married on August 5 1895, again as with the first photo, Bob could have been a middle name. Another puzzle is wife Cis..It could mean Sister or a name Francis, Cecelia, Precilla, Cecily etc… again they could also be middle names….Plus the date may not be totally correct, a lot of people were married when the lady became pregnant, so a year may have been added on ! Normanhurst also could be a road, a place or the name of a property.  The second photo below has written “Mother at Dunross September 1925”    Is this in Ireland ? Was Mother on her holiday’s or did she live there do you think ? So many maybe’s !!!66

Because whoever wrote the captions on the photos says Mother, I am inclined to think it may be another daughter & then the Cis would be Sister, which would make it almost impossible to correctly identify these people….Shame I didn’t find any more pages of the cut up album !  Were any of your ancestors called Bob & Cis Hayward ??

Till next time then……………………..


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