World War 1 Letters to a Cousin from Arthur

Arthur Jnr..writer of letters

Coming up to Christmas and a time when all families would like to be with their loved ones, I thought you might like to read some more of my families letters…from World War 1, all written in 1916 and written by Arthur Jordan Jnr from France……… they once again were written to my Uncle Dan, who it seems because he wasn’t able to join up, kept the family and friends who were in the fighting line, up to date with Home life and gave them a valuable life line to let them know that they were always in the thoughts of those at Home. There are some interesting bits of information in them too, about the ‘teddy bear’ suits they were issued with and about the Zeppelin.
So you know who the people are in the letters, there are brothers Daniel Snr b1873 and Arthur Snr b1875, so both in their 40’s and served in the Army Service Corps..Then you have Daniel Jnr b1897 (receiver of letters) and Arthur Jnr b1897 (writer of these) Aunt Nell & Jane were sisters of the Snr brothers and Kate and Edie sisters of Daniel Jnr..and Alf, the proper little terror was My Dad ! ha ha ……age 14 and one of Daniel Jnr brothers. 
Sunday Sept 10th
Dear Dan
Just a few lines in answer to your most kind and welcome letter in which I am very pleased to hear you are keeping quite well, I have received a letter from cousin Kate and have answered it, very sorry to hear that Uncle Dan is in hospital let us hope he will soon be better, Mother tells me that she is going to your place today Sunday with I think Aunt Nell and Jane?, I dare say at the time of my writing you are enjoying yourselves. I only wish I was there with you, but never mind Dan if I am not home by this Christmas I shall be home by Christmas twelve months thank god I am spared from this lot, you say you are going to be attested again on the 30 of September, but I dont suppose you will pass, if you do it will be for home service, you are lucky to be out of this lot, Mother tells me that Dad has left Salonika, lets hope he will soon be home. You say that the Colonels daughter is getting engaged to a chap, what a nice thing to get tied up to Dan I am sorry for the fellow.
Glad you are still at work at the same place, Kate tells me that Edie has left the Fish Shop, I hope she is keeping quite well, tell her to drop me a line as I dont get much time for writing it is all a rush for me. Do you remember my Mate Bill that came over to your place with me in my Regiment, he has been wounded with shrapnel, I think he is getting on alright Dan. Remember me to Aunt Kate hoping she is keeping quite well, I shall write to her next. How is Alf getting on.. a proper little terror now I suppose, him and Fred are just a pair. I have wrote to Uncle Dan time after time but I cant seem to get an answer, has he another address..I write to the address that Edie gave to me when I was there with Bill.
I think I have said all at present hoping my letter finds you and all at home in the best of health as I am in the pink at present, write back soon, 

Good night and Good luck 
from your loving cousin 
Arthur xxxxxx
Pte A Jordan
Same Address
Friday Sept 29th


Dear Dan
 Just these few lines in answer to your most kind and welcomed letter very pleased to hear you are all quite well as I am at present, I am very pleased to hear you got exempted again Dan I only wish I was in your place, you are lucky to get out of this lot, but I dare say you are eager to go like I was. I am very sorry to hear the Zepp got to Clapham I dont know what Mother must have been like, I have not heard from home since the 10th of September and I have wrote a letter and I cant make it out I feel sure something must be wrong, have you heard Dan, let me know if anything has happened.I have answered Kates letter, very pleased to hear that Uncle Dan is getting on alright, I hope he has the luck to get home, remember me to him when you write at home. Very pleased to hear about the Zepp being brought down, Dear Dan I have not heard from Bill yet but I as soon as I do I shall let you know. We have had good weather through until this last day or two, we had a heavy thunder storm out here last night I dare say you had one there the same time. Dont forget to let me know if there is anything wrong at home. Pleased to hea you all had a good time with Mother and others last Sunday, Jane told me that she is fairing up alright with you. I think this is all at present Dan so write back soon, remember me to all at home hoping they are all in the peak of health.
Good Night from your Loving cousin
Arthur xxxxxx

Arthur Senior

Monday October 16th                                              A.Jordan

Dear Dan

In answer to your most kind and welcome letter which I was very pleased to receive, and hear that all at home are quite well. Very pleased to hear that aunt Molly is at Southend for a few days holiday. I hope the weather keeps fine for her. Well Dan I wrote to Dad and I sent him Uncle Dans address at the hospital but I shall write again now and send him the new address and tell him about Uncle Dan advertising in the ………………… Chronicle, and am writing again to Uncle Dan and tell him where Dad is, he is at a place called, Macedonia, I could not tell you where that is Dan? very pleased to hear Uncle is getting on alright, let me know how you got on when you went to be re-examined as Kate told me that you had to go up again, we are not getting bad weather out here now for this time of the year we would expect it now we have been served out with under clothes and body belts also our teddy bear coats for the winter you ought to see us in these fur coats just like a lot of teddy bears it does make us look comical, I dare say you are having a bit of cold weather at home now, I am afraid Dad and I shall be away from home this xmas  as there is no hope of me getting home for xmas  unless I get wounded and I don’t want that if I can help it, I don’t suppose Uncle Dan will be home for the xmas but never mind you must all make the best of it this xmas and lets hope that we will all be together xmas twelve months we will make up two xmases Dad has been from home. Remember me to Aunt hoping all are keeping quite well, tell Aunt Kate that she must go over to Mother on xmas or get Mother to go over to her, and you must all make the best of it together, so don’t worry, cheer up and lets all hope and fancy that this war will soon be over, I think I know said all this time Dan so cheer up and best of luck. Remember me to all at home, Good Night from
                    You Loving Cousin
                              Arthur    xxxx
Write to same adress
Write soon  

Your Family Tree Magazine put a great Picture on Facebook Page showing the ‘Teddy Bear’ clothing mentioned in letter above……click on link below

Winter Clothing for Troops via YourFamilyTreeMagazine

Same address
Tuesday. Nov.14.                               Pte. A. Jordan.
Dear Dan
              Just a few lines in answer to your most kind and welcome letter, which I was very pleased to receive and hear that all at home are quite well, as I am my self at present.
I have wrote to Uncle Dan,  but I have had no answer yet, I should have thought they would have given him a short leave before sending him back to Selonika, but why they don’t give them leave is owing to them being so far away, if Dad was not so far away, he would have had a leave before now, he’s been away over 18 months.
                I thank you very much for your photo Dan, I think it is very good of you,  its quite a treat to see someone in civilian clothes, I showed it to my mates up the line, and I told them you could not get into the Army, oh Christ you should have heard them Dan, they all wished that they were you, I only wish that I was there with a chit like it instead of this, but it is not so bad out here, I have got used to it now, it is a case of you’ve got to get used to it, I think Dan. I received Kates letter the same time as yours, I am going to answer it now. I dare say you will get them together.
                I have just received a letter from Dad, pleased to say he is keeping quite well, the first letter I have had from him for months, he said he should be pleased to hear from Uncle Dan, he has not heard from him for a long time, and Dad has a new address now,  I shall put his address at the end of my letter.
                I cant make it out Dan I have not heard from Bill yet I have wrote a letter to his Mother and she will tell me how he is getting on. We are not getting bad weather out here for now, I dare say it is not up to much at home.
                Well Dan I hope you will excuse my bad writing, as the time is getting on, and I have to write ? letters to night.
??????????????????????????????????????   From your loving cousin             Arthur
Pte A Jordan 7829
3rd Battalion Middlesex Reg
xxxxxxxxx   Salonika Force

Daniel and Arthur senior survived the War and so did Arthur Jnr I am glad to say.

If you have some spare time and enjoy writing the odd letter, I’m sure the men and women of our forces today would love to receive a letter or two this Christmas…there is still time to let them know they are not forgotten…
There are 2 links here below of Websites that can help, I expect there are more too if you look……. 

MOD Support Members of the Armed Forces 

Any Letters etc

Forces Pen soldiers 

A Very Happy Christmas Everyone and a Peaceful New Year
Till Next time then…………………………….


  1. Have loved reading the WWI letters Lyn. My work-in-progress is about two Australian WWI soldiers. I had never heard of the Teddy Bear coats! I don't think our fellows had them.


  2. Thank you so much Pauline, really interesting the difference in how the different countries tacked the war, have no idea if other countries did have the coats for warmth, but seemed to do the job…
    Sorry for the late reply, for some reason reply I originally put on here to you didn't come up & hadn't realized…Lynn


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