Photo Album of Mystery Family in Hertfordshire

Thought I would tell you about a Photo Album dated 1952-3 that I picked up at a Car Boot sale last week, it has some family pictures in of a Gillian, Peter, Micheal all children and some Adults John, Joan, Harold.

The photographer has also taken lots pictures of the area where they lived in Hertfordshire.

One picture is of ‘the garden at Station Road Harpenden’ which I feel sure must be the family Home…BUT oh dear No Surname mentioned at all. I would love to return this to family descendants, surely there must be some.
The album I found in a box of assorted stuff from a House Clearance chap, cost me £2, couldn’t resist, just didn’t want it to be damaged or destroyed.

The photographer has carefully dated each picture with month and year he took them, and they are really good, some places obviously of Historical interest as they have probably changed a lot since.

These are a few pictures of the pages in the album for you to see.

 This is Christmas 1952, Peter, Micheal and Gillian, younger Lady at table is Joan.

 Two pictures of Gillian and the Garden at Station Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire. The house is still there, have checked on Google!

Christmas 1952 again, just loving the Train set, lucky lads.

 The two lower pictures of Someries Castle near Luton.The upper two can’t read the name of church, think it could be Lilley ?All taken in 1949.

 These are all St Albans, bottom right being Verulanium, taken Feb 1949.Top right is French Row in St Albans, that has definately changed, again taken in 1949.

These above are Sandridge near St Albans, Church and ‘Street Scene’

In all there are 23 pages of pictures, Boxmoor Canal, St Albans Abbey, Flamstead, Hertingfordbury, Wheathamstead, Kings Walden, and three pages of the Harpenden Coronation Celebrations, a procession and fun and games, taken in June 1953.

I think I will try to do a bit more research first, then maybe if I have no luck, make contact with Hertfordshire Family History Society, they may be able to help.

This is not the only item I have that belongs to another Family, totally unconnected to my own, I now have half of one of my Bookshelves, with Books etc that I have bought at Boot Sales, just because I would hate them to be damaged. I can’t help it I just have to buy them.

Any suggestions about this Photo Album would be great.

Till next time then……………………………………

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