About Me


I am a Collector of Old Photos, love Old Books and finding treasures at Car Boot Sales. Family History lover, and enjoy researching any Old Photos with names I find & writing about them on my Blog.

I also enjoy the Birds & Wildlife in our garden and touring in our Motorhome.

When we are touring we love to wander around Churches and Churchyards, such beautiful treasures to be found & they are so full of history & memories.

If you too like Churches please take a look at my new Instagram account churchwaffles

We also have a Border Collie called Skye.

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  1. Kate Carnell says:

    Hi Lynn
    I have an old wall, clock possible a station clock that says Crump, Brighton, on it. I was trying to find out some information about it.
    It was my husbands grandfathers. It’s a bit battered but much loved, maybe you know something about it or where it was made? It’s being repaired at the moment and it’s brought some questions.
    Many Thanks

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    1. Hi Kate
      Everything I know is in the Blog, but I’m sure with the Family History information about them you most probably would be able to find out loits more. Good luck, Kind Regards Lynn


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