Catherine Elizabeth Storr💖Maurice Daniels🌸

As you all know these last two years I have been buying quite a lot of my old photos from eBay. So recently when I saw someone was selling quite a few Wedding photos all from the same Wedding I couldn’t resist!

Huge bonus, the people were named and the Wedding location and date was on each one as the seller was showing an original invite to the Wedding that he had. So I was able to copy all the details down.

Catherine Elizabeth Storr married Maurice Daniels on Saturday 11 July 1953 at St Giles Church, Lincoln. The invitations were sent out by Catherine’s mother. It also said that ‘after at Eastgate Parish Hall’ 💒🌸Oh if only I had this information for all of my wedding photos!

This is the Church where the wedding was held, this is a screenshot from geograph, always a great place to look for photos.

This is a direct link to the site: aims to collect geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland”

Here’s a little of their family history: Catherine Elizabeth Storr b 13 Sep 1928, I have been unable to confirm a death date for Catherine but someone on Ancestry has her death date as being December 1995, but I have not been able to confirm this at all. Strangely I have found a Catherine who I think is the right Catherine on the electoral roll record for 2003-2006. So that would definitely need more research. Catherine’s parents were Philip Sidney Storr 1891-1930 and her Mum was Catherine Mary (Atkinson) 1896-1983. Which explains why Catherine’s Mother Catherine sent out the invitations. Very sad that her father died when she was just a little girl and didn’t see her grow up.

Maurice Daniel was born 22 Jul 1927 and died 27 Mar 2015. His parents were George James Daniels 1898-1953 and his Mum was Ivy Elizabeth Taylor born in 1899 and died in 1988.

It would have been silly to buy them all so I just bought the four that tell the Wedding Day story.

First I chose this photo as it’s the Bride arriving at the Church on the arm of a very smart chap, as her father had died in 1930 it could be a close relative🌸

What a lovely couple they make. The Bride and Groom with the Best Man and Bridesmaids, classic Wedding photo 🌸It looks like the Groom’s elder brother George may have been the Best Man, they do look alike🌸

It’s a bit blowy! This one has the addition of both Mothers, Catherine’s father died in 1930 and Maurice’s father died on the 5 January 1953 just a few months before the Wedding. There is a definite likeness between the gentleman on the right and Catherine, so maybe a relative🌸

This last one is just fabulous! The Wedding Cake, a hugely important part of any Wedding. I seem to have acquired a few Wedding Cake photos recently, so I’ll be sharing a few more very soon🌸

I have found two children born to Catherine and Maurice, Phillip in 1954 and Catherine in 1957. Both children married, did they have children? Always a puzzle how and why living families let precious old photos get away. It does seem such a shame that these photos have ended up on eBay. Maybe you know someone in the family? If you do please get in touch.

Here is the link to a small family tree I have started for the family on Ancestry:

Till next time then………….


  1. Wow. So sad the photos are on Ebay! But it’s better than in the trash.
    My Dad was born in 1929 (still alive at 92!) and he married in 1955. My Mom’s dress was very different from this bride’s dress. It was all lace and lace sleeves. She still has it. I love my parent’s wedding photos. They were married in Oregon, and my parents still have them. I made copies of all of them in 2005 for their 50th wedding anniversary, and made up photo albums for each of my 3 sisters. I hope that they kept them. I love all photos so much.

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    • Thank you so very much, how lovely 💒😊thank goodness most people do keep them! Keep a look out on Twitter & Instagram as I have some lovely photos coming up every day. Lynn


  2. PS: My parents had their first son in 1957, but sadly he died at a few days old. I was born in 1960, and my 3 sisters all by 1970. And my previous comment should say I love OLD photos so much. LOL

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