Rose Effie Geraldine Byrom❤Alan George Eden wedding photo.

Original Post June 2020. Now UPDATED on 22 August 2021, see end of Blog.

During this month of June, I have been posting a different wedding old photo every day on Twitter and Instagram and today was a good one as it had lots of information on the back to be able to identify the Bride and Groom and also the place where the photo was taken 100 years ago. So my followers got busy and did a great job as always!


The writing on the back is “Thought you might like to have one of these” 6 April 1920“.

At Kilnwick House, Beverley. Address letters to US Club, Pall Mall for shall be at Culver, Devon next week“.

1) Firstly from Chris @CLeeEsq on Twitter: Possibly Alan George EDEN = Rose Effie Jerardine BYROM

With this link to Ancestry public tree & details of the registration of marriage: Name. Alan G Eden. Reg Date 01/1920. Registration Quarter Jan-Feb-Mar. Registration district. Beverley. Yorkshire East Riding. Spouse. Rose E J Byrom
Volume Number. 9d. Page number. 207.
Also a link to the US Club at 116 Pall Mall from Wikipedia: United Service Club

2) Then Paul said: “Possibly Kilnwick Hall, demolished in the 1950’s. Certainly parkland and a cedar of Lebanon in the background. Post to the US club Pall Mall, assume military officer. There is the old RAF Driffield nearby, was he stationed there?

3) Meanwhile, Chris had sent me the newspaper report of the Wedding :

Wonderful to have all this information isn’t it, weddings were reported in such detail in the newspapers back then.

The Bridesmaids in Pale Green soft satin and the Bride carrying Orange blossom…

4) Then Sarah said “Yes they married on 17th Feb 1920 at Kilnwick. The bride’s mother lived at Kilnwick Hall. Attended by her nieces Rosemary and Cordelia Wintour. Rodney Eden was the pageSource Hull Daily Mail 18 Feb 1920  @BNArchive (Twitter)

5) Chris sent me more info and photo “Kilnwick Hall (demolished) 1951/2


Plus this link referencing the Hall from Wikipedia: Kilnwick

6) Judy from Twitter then sent me this: “The bride’s face looks remarkably Roman, much like those on Roman statues. Her mother was a Grimston, of course, as indicated by her name (divorced?) very old family descending from Sylvestor Grimston who came with William the Conqueror (I went down the rabbit hole!)

Note: Alan George Eden was born in 1880 in Kent and died in 1946 in Devon. Rose Effie Geraldine Byrom was born in Devon in 1884 and died in Devon in 1968. They had one daughter.

Huge thanks as always to my wonderful followers for their research today on this lovely wedding photo.

UPDATE. 22 August 2021:

This lovely old Wedding photo is now on its way to a lovely chap called Robert who contacted me via email a few days ago. Robert Lee lives in the village of Kilnwick, East Yorkshire and is currently writing a book about the village of Kilnwick. Part of the book is about Kilnwick Hall. During his research, he came across my Blog about the family and the beautiful Wedding photo of Lady Byrom and Alan Eden.

He’s kindly given me permission to share this lovely photo with you of Lady Byrom outside on the grounds of Kilnwick.

The photograph is Lady Byrom and the little boy is called Fred Jackson. Taken c.1930. Thanks to Robert Lee for permission to use this photo.

Robert says “I have managed to create a good collection of old photographs of Kilnwick village. On completion of my book I am going to present them to our local archive service for East Yorkshire so that others might use them”

Thanks to Robert Lee for permission to share Alan George Eden’s death certificate with you all.

Below…This is a family tree for the Grimstons. It’s from a book about the Grimston family called ‘Leaves from a Family Tree’ by Edward Ingram. The book was dedicated to Jeradine Eden and her son Edward.

Thanks to Robert Lee for this copy of the Grimston family tree.

Till next time then……….


  1. Great post Lynn I can almost hear your excitement when it all comes together just from looking and searching old photo’s This one is extremely good for a photo of that age. 100 years. Hope all is well with you during this time of crisis. Stay safe.


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