Five puzzle CDV photos with names.

As I am catching up on my queue of scanning during this lockdown time I am coming across lots of wonderful different old photos that I haven’t shared with you all yet. Some that have names maybe interesting characters, I hope! Some I have found a bit of information on, others I haven’t looked into yet. But hopefully, someone out there might be able to identify or at least give me a helping hand. These here below I found at Ford Market in Sussex.

Photo 2
Gustavus Smith Esq. Various dates on the back are 1860, 1861 and 1862.

‘For Papa, from Mr Smith’ The small slip of paper was with the CDV when I bought it, the CDV had come out of an album & the seller had cut out the slip to keep with the photo.

a) I have had a very quick look and found an 1819 marriage of a Gustavus Smith to Miss Jane Travers, both of Highbury, Islington. b) 1862 reference of a Mr Gustavus Smith Esq at Goldicote, Stratford on Avon. Is either of these snippets of info our man? I don’t know, what do you think? Maybe neither of these apply to this chap at all! Anyone any ideas?

Photo 2


With a quick lookup, I found a ‘Lieutenant & Adjutant Robert Hoare Dwyer to be a Captain, Vice Cooper on half-pay being Barrack Master, dated 29 June 1879’

Interesting to have his signature on the back isn’t it. Can anyone find out any more information about this chap?

Mary from my Facebook page writes: “From Brit Newspaper Archives and Ancestry … Robert Hoare Dwyer was a Captain in the Royal Marines Light Infantry, born Ascencion Island 1843. Married a Carrie Georgina Thurlow Cunynghame in 1871. He died 1881 in Portsmouth aged only 38. Appears to have had only one son, Denys, born 1874 who was a Midshipman and sadly died aged only 19 in Portsmouth in 1893.” Thanks so much Mary, well done!

Photo 3
Hilda Kjanst/k??

What a beautiful woman, hair and dress perfect and that necklace is gorgeous, but who is she? Photographer from Naples, Italy. So was she on a grand tour when this was taken? I am not entirely sure of her surname either, what do you think it says?

Photo 4
Thomas Donald Esq. Various dates on the back are 1860, 1861 and 1862.

Once again just as my Photo 1, a small slip of paper was with the CDV when I bought it, the CDV had come out of the same album & again the seller had cut out the slip to keep with the photo, well done to him! So the question is, could he be related to Mr Gustavus Smith or at least a friend? Enabling him to have his photo in the same album and taken by the same photographer in Leamington, Warwickshire. There has to be some connection don’t you think? Any ideas anyone?

Photo 5
Helena Anne Maxwell

After having a very quick look I spotted a Helena Anne Moore marrying a Robert Percival Maxwell on the 19 Sep 1839, that particular Helena Anne died on 22 Jan 1888, is this our lady above or is this lady above someone else, what do you think?

The photographers above, Theweneti Bros who took this photo were at this address in Bath for some years after 1862, more information about these photographers (3 pages & some CDV examples) and many other Photographers of Somerset can be found in the excellent book produced by the Somerset & Dorset Family History Society you can buy this super book (this is my own copy below, bought just after publication) from their lovely website:  Secure The Shadow


The Somerset & Dorset Family History Society website has a lot to offer a researcher searching for more information about their family history. They say ‘We will help you to find documented facts about the lives of your former family members which will unlock doors to your own personal family story. Although we do specialise in Somerset and Dorset and have extensive records from our two counties, our experienced Research Volunteers have skills which can help you trace your family roots, regardless of where they might have originated‘. A direct link to their Home Page: Somerset & Dorset FHS

They are a wonderful helpful group of people and they have lots to offer from their site including a great online shop and also produce a super blog if you have the time to take a look: SDFHS Blog

I would appreciate any help at all with these fabulous CDV photos if you have the time, I know some of you love a challenge! If you do know something or find out something please leave a comment and then I can add it to the writing about the photos above for all to see. Thank you!

Till next time then………



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