My 1st Blog

Well I’ve done it, started a Blog, Thanks in the beginning to @Emmajolly  suggesting that people would be interested in reading info from a a recipe book dated 1753 that I have, and a couple of other people who are not on Twitter for the suggestion of just a Blog.
I am not at all confident that I will have anything to say, that anyone else will want to read tho. I have never been very Academic and I have never written anything except business & family letters before, so this is a big first for me.
Have called it Lynn’s Waffles because I thought that is probably what I will be doing, just Waffling on, about things that I am interested in, I seem to be interested in so many more things now this last couple of years, than ever before. I seem to be trying to Catch Up.
Probably because I have always had so many things that I have had to do in my life ‘duties’ that have taken up my time. Bringing up my Children a big part of that and running our own business, which totally took over our lives 24/7 for many years.
Now since we have moved down to Dorset and are free of all that, you start to realise what your interests actually are, because you at last have the TIME.
I do seem to have a good few things that I want to do ! I have been doing more of My Family History which is great and has been first on my list, seeing more of Great Britain is another, we toured around the coast of Scotland for nearly 6 weeks in Sept & Oct this year, that was just wonderful, to be totally free and have no restrictions on your life, so we could just please ourselves where we went and what we did every day, it was an absolutely amazing time.
Enjoying all the Birds in our Garden and around the area down here in Christchurch too, and learning which one is which and a little bit about them too.
Also trying to take a few decent pictures of all sorts of things, people & wildlife etc with the better camera I treated myself to when we moved down here, still not very good at the technical side of the photography, but again I am learning as I go along.
Being able to take the time to read various Books and watch some good TV programmes about our Natural World, like the Live Stargazing that’s on at the moment, also the period Dramas, Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs & others similar. We have also been to the Cinema and Local Theatres a few times brilliant evenings out. Just never had the time before.
I am thoroughly enjoying being able to rummage around in local Charity shops and going to Car Boot sales,  picking up some bargains along the way. Just love some of the old books that you see at Car Boot sales, have picked up a few really interesting ones. Love Bibles, Cookery Books and even  sometimes you can find old family photo albums, fascinating stuff especially if they have a bit of the Family history written in next to a picture.
My great pleasure also now is our Grandchildren, they are Scrummy, love them to bits, and its so absolutely wonderful, as I am sure many others will say, to enjoy them & not have the responsibility of them, you can hand them back Ha Ha !
The computer is a fun thing also to find out about, I have joined Face book, to keep in touch with the kids & Twitter this year, have met some great people on there, and just before Xmas went on Skype, that was with help from Son & Daughter, it all seems to come easy to them young things!
Really enjoy it as well as learning about the technical side of it too, which I am not very good at, still trial & error teaches you, & help from lovely people like Mike @familytreefolk  on Twitter.
I don’t quite know what I shall write about on here from week to week, I will do my best to make it interesting, with links to things and pictures etc, when I find out how to do them ! I just hope that there will be some people who will enjoy reading my Waffles.

The picture and background is of The Sycamore Gap along Hadrians Wall in Northumberland, if you think you have seen it before it was in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Took these pictures when it was pouring with rain at the beginning of October on our way back down the country from Scotland trip.
Thought seeing the TREE would keep reminding me to get on with My Family Tree this year instead of doing other things like Tweeting !!

Till next time then………………………………..


  1. Waffles are also nice, sweet things to eat. I like mine with creamy yoghurt and honey.

    I heard about your blog from Rosemary Morgan (I follow her on Twitter).

    Congratulations on your new blog! Looking forward to reading more posts.


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