Richard Clogg & the Cann family👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

Welcome to 2022. I had a lovely beginning to this new year with a message at the start of the month from someone who had spotted his Ancestor on one of my Pinterest Boards.

I had set up my Pinterest account just after the site had launched in January 2010, it was and still is a great place to share your interests through images. It was easy to set up and for me at the time that was a huge bonus because I was also fairly new to social media. I have quite a few Boards apart from my few Old Photos ones and this is not the first time someone has recognised an Ancestor from them.

This is the splendid gentleman below, Richard Clogg.

Cabinet Card of Richard Clogg

This is just part of my correspondence with J “I wanted to write to you as I just found the most gorgeous picture in your collection of my 4x great-grandfather! His name is Richard Clogg from Liskeard in Cornwall. I can show you another picture of him to prove my connection“:

Richard Clogg and his wife Amelia Ford Squire

J’s Photo above. “These are my 4x great-grandparents, Richard Clogg and his wife Amelia Ford Squire. Richard Clogg’s son, Robert Clogg (1844-1917) had 16 children with two wives across Ireland and England. He, just like his father, worked as a mine purser and accountant. Robert Clogg’s wife, Sarah Lambert Gorwyn, was first cousins with Viscount Lord Lambert, British MP for more than 50 years. My family were well known around Liskeard, Cornwall and it is likely more photographs exist“.

Here’s the direct link to Richard Clogg on my Pinterest Board:

Astonishingly after looking at my old photos and through my Blogs I had another message from J saying that his family were also linked to another of my old photos that I had already returned to another branch of the family in Australia some time ago.

J writes: “My 6x great-grandfather was Captain John Cann who owned Fuidge!” what are the odds of that happening!

Francis Raymond Cann and Family

This is the photo connection above and the direct link to the Blog I wrote about this family:

The chap who now owns this Cann photo above is related to the lady in this photo Norah Frances Hick, he is a descendant of one of Norah’s siblings.

Another wonderful thing for me about initially finding the rightful families for my old photo finds is that often another descendant of another branch of the same family makes contact with me and although they can’t have the photo, I can usually put them in touch with the person (with permissions) who is the new owner of these treasures. I have been very lucky that during this last 2 months I have been able to do that 3 times! Such a thrill.

Looking forward now to the rest of the year and hopeful that many more connections will be made and more of my old photo finds will be returned to their families to treasure as family heirlooms for future generations.

A small assortment from my collection

Till next time then………….


  1. Fantastic! I absolutely love old fotos. Photographs from family are my specialty. I am the official family photo archivist and have quite a few places where I get my connections from. Most photos I am fine with just retaining digital images which are easiest to share with other family members who remember. The genealogical aspects are a bonus. Love love love this article ;)Namaste.

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