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Last week I had a few more Wedding old photos arrive that I had bought as a small job lot on Ebay. Just one of them was named and dated. I thought it would make a fun weekend puzzle for everyone, so shared it on Twitter, Instagram and also my Facebook Page. I wasn’t surprised to see several of my lovely Twitter followers first off the mark with more details about this couple.

Super to have a date for this couple’s Wedding 19 October 1936. This photo was taken just outside Edmonton Register Office.
Note the other name ‘Mrs Flo Suckling‘ just above the Wedding couple’s names.

Firstly Elizabeth @ElizabethWalne “Godfrey Reisner and Janet Hinge married Dec Quarter 1936 in Edmonton RD.”

Then almost at the same time, Allie @alliethinks “Janet’s maiden name was Hinge, and they married in Edmonton. A surprisingly large number of women named Flo marrying men called Mr Suckling – 17 between 1920 and 1950 in England and Wales alone. Sadly none have the maiden name Reisner or Hinge.”

Then Pam @IOWPam found a bit more “Claude Suckling married Florence M Hinge in 1912. Godfrey Reisner married Janet Hinge in 1936. Janet was born in 1914 and I have also found a possible sister Florence born in 1911. So Florence Suckling is probably Janet’s aunt.” A lovely comment by Timothy followed this “What a shame that Flo Hinge did not marry Mr Bracket.” haha

Following this family history information, another follower Chris @CLeeEsq found this great image of the Edmonton Register Office where the couple had married:

A newly married couple prepare to set off from Edmonton Registry Office on a tandem bicycle. (Photo by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

Here’s just a brief rundown of Godfrey and Janet’s Family History, I haven’t found any children at all of this couple. Godfrey Reisner‘s parents and family were Jewish, his father and mother from Romania. They were Solomon Reisner 1889-1963 and Kate Nadler 1890- 6 Nov 1915. Godfrey had a brother Morris Reisner 1 Dec 1910-1983, so a little older than Godfrey born 24 Sep 1915-1982. As you can see from these dates Godfrey was just a few weeks old when his Mum died, so sad.

Solomon and Kate had married in 1910 and in the 1911 census were living at 22 Fournier Street, Whitechapel, Spitalfields. Solomon’s occupation then was a Cabinet Manufacturer. This is a wonderful area of London with a rich history and much can be found online about Fournier Street and the Spitalfields area. This is from Wikipedia: ‘Following the terminal decline of London’s silk weaving industry at the end of the Georgian period, both Fournier Street and Brick Lane became established as the heart of the Jewish East End. Although there had been a small Jewish community in the East End for some time, a large number of Jews from Eastern Europe and Russia moved to Spitalfields in the 19th century and founded a thriving community. Many new schools, cultural activities and businesses were created, including the Jews Free School and the Jewish Chronicle newspaper (the oldest Jewish English language weekly in the world)‘ In 1919 Solomon remarried Bessie Stopnitski, the couple had three children in the 1920s, two girls and a boy Cyril 1924-1924 who didn’t survive. In the 1939 Register Solomon was a Stall Holder (Provisions) with the help of one of his daughters Lily as his assistant. In previous Commercial Directories, he is listed as a Baker in partnership with someone else trading as Taylor and Reisner. See this 1925 listing below:

Janet Hinge’s parents were James Hinge 1874-1930 (a Farmer) and Janet Wooley 1874-1964. She had one sister Florence born in 1911, Florence went on to marry before Janet in 1932 to Percy J Leslie. Here are Janet and Florence’s parents below on the 1911 census with Janet’s (Murdoch) parents George Wooley and Janet Murdoch, who was George’s second wife.

George Wooley b1820 was a Job Master at the time of his first marriage as was his father William Wooley. That was a person that supplied Horses and Carriages and Drivers for hire. By the time of the 1851 census, George was a Farmer of 286 acres employing 4 labourers, living at Stoney Fields, Hendon, Middlesex. This farm could likely be the site of the Stoneyfields Park, Barnet now:

Janet Hinge’s Grandmother Jannet Murdock was born on 23 February 1839 in Annapolies, Nova Scotia. Her father John had travelled there from Scotland around 1820. (See 2nd record below from Ancestry) Her family history is documented on Ancestry in the ‘North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000’ in the Book: ‘A genealogy and history of the Hute [i e Chute] family in America, with some account of the family:

If this is your family I’m sure you will be able to find a wealth of information all about them and connections at Nova Scotia.

Wikipedia is also a great place to look at for more information about the history of Nova Scotia, with lots of links and references to follow up on, here’s the link to that page:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Nova_Scotia

What really made me smile about this young couple, was the moment I found that they were living with Janet’s widowed Mum, Janet Hinge, in the 1939 Register at no 45 Lady Margaret Road, Southall, Middlesex. That brought back lots of fond memories for me as my lovely Nan lived just around the corner in Carlisle Avenue, when I was younger and living in Purley, Berkshire we visited her every Sunday and I always helped her making the apple pie for Sunday dinner. At the time of the 1939 Register, my Mum & her three sisters would have been teenagers and I wonder Did my family know them?

House on the left of this pair is 45 Lady Margaret Road, Southall, Middlesex, from Google Street. Isn’t it great when you find your Ancestrors homes are still standing, if only walls could talk!

This is the small Public family tree I have compiled for the family: https://www.ancestry.co.uk/family-tree/tree/175782599/family?cfpid=252284345209&fpid=252284345209

Please get in touch if you are a descendant of this family and would like the photo for your family archive.

Till next time then……..


  1. Hi Lynn, such an interesting post and lovely photo’s So nice that so many people were able to help with the identification of your families. Some time ago I did my family tree both my mothers and my fathers side “complicated” but I did it and was then in touch with some of my half sisters and brothers …..long story. I must admit I found it difficult to do which is why I admire your work so much. Hope all is well with you take care, have a great weekend and stay safe.

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