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So here is the story of the second photo from my finds in Leominster that had a name written on the back, actually, two names, as it says Mr & Mrs Irwin A Kimbal. This was taken at a photographer’s studio in Exeter, New Hampshire, USA.

Irwin and Georgiana married on 16 June 1900 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and I believe this photo above is likely to be their Wedding photo.

Irwin Augustus Kimbal was born on 12 April 1873 in East Kingston, New Hampshire, USA, his father was William Harrison Kimball 1841-1928, and his mother was Sarah Elizabeth Currier 1845-1939. Irwin died on 18 October 1903 in Kensington, New Hampshire, USA, at the age of 30, and was buried in his hometown. But why did he die at such a young age? The following death record will explain. He was visiting Kensington, and he died from the result of an accidental Gunshot, and haemorrhage, and died 3 hours later. Death record below and I’ve also found this report in the Newspaper archives on the MyHeritage site.

This was reported in the Nashua Daily Telegraph, Nashua, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, United States, dated 19 October 1903. From MyHeritage

Terrible also for Joseph Osgood!

Georgiana May Jackman was born on 15 December 1871 in East Kingston, New Hampshire, USA, her father was James Monroe Jackman 1829-1903 and her mother, Adriann (and other variations)1833-1903. She married Irwin Augustus Kimbal on 16 June 1900 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, they had no children that I can find. What a terrible year for Georgianna, her mother died on 8 March 1903, then her father died on 5 October 1903 and just 13 days later her husband in a tragic accident.

In the 1910 US census below I found Georgianna living in Monument Square, Haverhill Ward 2, Essex, Massachusetts, USA, also with her is Joseph Blake Osgood, aged 27 and single. Remember the name? Yes he’s the chap who accidentally killed Irwin and now we have more of an explanation as to who he was, her Nephew, her sister Annie’s child and was just 20 years old when the accident happened. I just can’t imagine how this must have affected the whole family on all sides, how very sad for all concerned especially Joseph.

Georgianna and Joseph are both working at a Shoe factory, Georgianna as a Stitcher and Joseph as a Cutter. Joseph went on to marry Margaret Eslette Cooper in 1921, he was still living in Haverhill and still working at the Shoe Factory. Joseph died in 1947, he served in the Military in World War one and two, see images below the census.

WW1 records
WW2 records, at the time he was 59 years old and unemployed through illness.

At last some happiness. After Irwin died Georgiana didn’t remarry until ten years later when she married Allen Samuel Senter 1865-1933, on 3 Nov 1913 in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, USA and they had one son together, Adrian Kimbal Senter. They gave their son the middle name of Kimbal, after her first husband Irwin, how lovely. Georgianna died on 28 April 1948 in Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA, at the age of 76, and was buried there.

Adrian Kimball Senter was born on 22 September 1914 in Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA. He married Edith De Sales Gagnon 1907-1987, on 25 May 1940 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA. They had one daughter in 1940 who is most likely still living with descendants of her own. Adrian died on 3 June 1985 in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, at the age of 70.

Adrian Kimbal Senter, Georgianna’s son image from his yearbook

Here’s the link to the small public family tree I have compiled on Ancestry: Kimbal/Jackman Family Tree

William Cushing Thompson, photographer. Market and Main Streets, Amesbury, Mass., USA.
Active 1869-1893.

Although the towns in Pennsylvania were about 300-400+ miles away from some of the towns in New Hampshire and Massachusetts where the Kimball and Jackman families came from and also the Gentlee family on my last blog, I still feel that these photos could have come from one descendant and are all connected somehow, but how, I just don’t know! The photo above of the couple was taken at a photographer’s studio in Amesbury, Massachusetts, do you think they look like Georgianna? Georgianna’s mother was born in Amesbury too. I can see a likeness, especially with the woman, what do you think? Could they be her parents? The other three below taken in Pennsylvania could be a family member that had moved there, but who? If I had lots of time to trace all the branches of this family I could probably find out, but I’m hoping that someone out there knows of this family and can put the puzzle together for me. Are you a descendant of this family or the Gentlee family from the previous blog? Can you help? Do contact me either as a comment here or via my email address lynnswaffles@gmail.com

As you can see from this map of America all the states where these photos were taken are in the top right-hand corner, so fairly close to one another.

Till next time then…….


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