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When our Queen passed away on Thursday it touched all our hearts and I like many others I’m sure felt much more upset than we would have thought but I am of the age being born in 1953 that has known no other sovereign. Not only was Queen Elizabeth an absolutely remarkable lady, but she had always been a constant in our lives that will be missed in that way just like one of our own family. I have been enthralled watching all the protocols and ceremonies since her death, it’s been very sad and touching but also extremely fascinating to watch history in the making.

Our Queen was always smiling and had a great sense of humour so this smashing photo is one of my favourites of her with Prince Phillip.

I also have thought as I have been scanning and researching my own family photos lately that my Dad who was born in 1902 had lived through 5 monarchs. Edward VII 22 Jan 1901-6 May 1910, George V 6 May 1910-20 Jan 1936, Edward VIII 20 Jan 1936-11 Dec 1936 (Not crowned) George VI 11 Dec 1936-6 Feb 1952 & then, of course, Queen Elizabeth II 6 Feb 1952-8 Sep 2022. My Dad had kept this order of service among his treasures that I have recently been scanning. He was very proud to have served in the armed forces.

Summer turning to Autumn now and I’m still busy with researching my own Family History, I have had some really interesting new matches on my DNA that I have been able to follow up on and my own family Old Photos so I thought you would all like to see some of what I’ve been scanning.

Taj Mahal was taken in May 1924

My Dad was born in 1902 and signed up at an early age with the Duke of Cornwall’s light infantry, he wanted a better life and an education, he achieved all of that and during his service, he spent almost 20 years in India and I’m so grateful that he loved photography as I have a good selection of his photos that have survived, thankfully also some that he’s written on the back of. He was very proud to have been in the DCLI.

Throughout the summer while I haven’t been sharing and researching my collection of old photos with you all every day I have been scanning the many old photos that belong to my own family, I still have lots more to scan too including a huge box of slides, I’m saving those for last!

I have also spent many days researching the individual branches on my large family tree, tidying it up, adding photos to profiles and adding many records too that are full of more information to give me more idea of exactly who the people were. All to enable me to share their stories with the growing number of other family members who have become more interested in who came before them, where they lived and worked, how many children they had, what the children did when they became adults, and the ones that didn’t make it to adulthood, some also ended up in the workhouse, my family weren’t rich at all. Some also emigrated away from the UK, there are lots of tales just waiting there to be discovered still and I’m enjoying it all so much.

I love this photo of my Dad as a young man in his uniform. DCLI.
The regimental band of the 1st Battalion Lahore, India 1937.
1st Battalion DCLI. Divisional Champions Boxing. Bareilly, India.
On the march in Razmak on the NW frontier of India 1934. My Dad front left.
Dad. Signalling Sgt 1st Battalion DCLI. Sgt of the guard at Government House to Sir John Simons, Governor of the united provinces. 1938/39

Work, Rest and Play.

Here are a few lovely family old photos taken in the UK. I’ve scanned hundreds and doesn’t it take you longer when you are reminiscing and remembering people, little incidents pop into your mind and nostalgia takes over. I have such happy memories of my childhood, I’m very lucky.

Me with a friend at London Zoo. Fancy doing this now!!!

Till next time then……..


  1. Oh !! this is so touching Lynn, how nostalgic for you. I love the first photo of your dad also, the one of you as a small girl with your mom and dad Wonderful. Can’t wait for more. Also, thanks for the lovely dedication to the Queen, so sad we have lost her. Hope all is well with you and family.

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  2. Thanks Lynn, wonderful photographs. A true snap shot of his time in India and your early life. Thanks again for sharing them.Don

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