💕Who are Vic and John, can you help?

I need help to be able to identify this lovely couple, please.

With the information written on the back, you would think it would be fairly easy to find out who they were with a bit of research, but I just cannot be sure at all.

So on the back of this postcard photo, it says ‘To Dear Elsie, With love from Vic and John’

It’s also dated 27.3.1920. for the Wedding. In reality, the wedding could have happened anywhere in London or beyond as we don’t have the photographer’s details, so it’s only a guess it was near Peckham.

So I found a few possibilities with John as the groom and the letter V in the bride’s name via the records using the date in the London area. I’ve pencilled some of them on the back of the postcard above, I also found more: John Charles Jones m Eileen Mary Young, Ernest John Hawkins m Mabel Louisa Lewis, William John Smith m Helen Rose Smith until I saw he was 51 years old so counted him out! Then John Rueben Louis Plankerhorn m Elizabeth Mary Molley all with the groom’s name of John, the best one I found I think was John Philip Atkins m Hilda Victoria Goodman, possible Vic for Victoria there? but there are many other possible matches outside of the exact date mentioned on the record. If only his name hadn’t been ‘John’ as he could well have had a completely different name but be known as John by Elsie, note the commas on each side of the word John. That makes me wonder?

16, Bushey Hill Rd, Peckham, London SE5. This is obviously the address where they sent the photo postcard to Elsie and not the wedding address. I was slightly hopeful that the same address on the 1921 census may hold a clue to this couple, I was wrong, no John or Vic variations of names, maybe they just had a room there for a while in 1920 and then moved on. See images below. I checked out the Castling family below, but they only have the four daughters in the image below.

1921 census for the address above, no John Or Vic?
As you can see no 16 Bushey Hill Rd now above, it was a fairly large house (Far left) so quite possible for the couple to have a room here.

Can you take a good look at these faces and names are they your Ancestors or part of your family. Do either of them match with anyone in your old family photos?

Please do comment here or you can contact me via email at lynnswaffles@gmail.com

Till next time then………


  1. Well what about those pencil-written marriages? Could they help? Or has someone else been sleuthing for possible names?

    Name John A Allen
    Marriage Date 1920 Marriage Place Southwark, London, England
    Registration District Southwark
    Page 213 Volume 1D Reg Qtr Oct-Nov-Dec Registration Year 1920
    Spouse Name Hobbs
    Possible Spouse Florence E V Hobbs

    Name John Dempsey
    Marriage Date 1920 Marriage Place St. Olave Southwark, London, England
    Registration District St. Olave Southwark
    Page 492
    Volume 1D
    Registration Quarter Apr-May-Jun
    Registration Year 1920
    Spouse Name Pooler
    Possible Spouse Edith G V Pooler

    Name John W Coughlan
    Marriage Date 1920 Marriage Place St. Olave Southwark, London, England
    Registration District St. Olave Southwark
    Page 426
    Volume 1D
    Registration Quarter Jul-Aug-Sep
    Registration Year 1920
    Spouse Name Boyes
    Possible Spouse Lilian V M Boyes

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  2. in “The Stage” 06 May 1920: WANTED Known, Dis., Soubrette (petite). Good Dancer. Can Arrange Ballets, Incidental, Troupes, etc. -I, L., 3 Flat E, Bushey Hill Road, Camberwell.

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  3. Man’s name is customarily first. “John” is in quotes; possibly indicating a nickname.

    The woman looks masculine to me, but I wouldn’t go there yet.

    Love your posts.

    Good Luck, John Wheeler


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  4. Hi Lynn, oh so sorry I can’t help at all. But such an interesting post. I do hope someone will come up with a recognition of this lovely couple for you. Hope all is well with you Take care and stay safe.

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  5. I have a Vic and john in my family they came to Canada in 1912 John was born in 1898 and Vic 1910 John served in the First World War and Vic the second. Don’t think this will help but thought i would send it. Isabelle

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  6. I wonder why John is in inverted commas?
    Could Vic be the man and ‘John’ be a nickname or an in joke about the woman?

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