💕Lydia Gibbs Victorian Album💕

Back in the summer of 2020, I was contacted by a lovely lady Lynne about the Blogs I had written on the Gibbs Family of Beaminster, Dorset back in January 2019. We have had many emails back and forth since and so the Gibbs Album that she found has joined my collection. I was thrilled as it is such a lovely Album. Thank you so much Lynne x

This is Lydia Gibbs (Holt) below, the owner of the Album.

Lydia’s photo was taken on 1st July 1887.

This Victorian Album was given as a Christmas gift to Lydia in 1899 by William John her husband. Over the years she added her children, husband and many family and friends. Most of the photos are unnamed but the few that do have names are just wonderful.

Inside the Album
Decorated Leather Album

I wrote lots about the Gibbs family in my previous two Blogs. So I will try and keep the family history brief. Here are the links if you haven’t read them: First Blog: https://lynnswaffles.com/2019/01/01/william-john-gibbs-baker-confectioner%f0%9f%8d%9e%f0%9f%a5%96%f0%9f%a7%81beaminster-dorset-pt-1/

Second Blog:https://lynnswaffles.com/2019/04/18/the-gibbs-family-of-beaminster-pt-2/

William Gibbs was born on 4 January 1864 in Crewkerne, Somerset, his parents were Thomas Mark and Anne (White) he married Lydia HOLT on 22 April 1893 in Chard, Somerset. Her parents were Henry and Mary Ann (Lawrence).

This is a super photo of Leonard and Stanley the Twins, this photo was taken at age two and a quarter years old.

The couple had two sons and three daughters, sadly one daughter died before her first birthday, Jessie. They had twin boys in 1896 Leonard and Stanley, then Jessie 1900-1901. Next, they had Lydia Mary in 1904 and lastly Elsie Ellen in 1911.

William died on 7 March 1948 in Beaminster, Dorset, at the age of 84. Lydia died on 12 September 1955.

These beautifully dressed young children are unnamed.
Named: Gladys Mary Windsor Born 26 April 1896, this is taken when she was 8 months old.

Named: Gladys Mary Windsor was born on 26 April 1896 in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, the daughter of Martha (Holt)(one of Lydia’s sisters) and George Loribond Windsor. I believe that Martha and George emigrated to South Africa between 1881 and the birth of their first child in 1889. As in 1881, Martha was 22 and a Draper’s assistant in Salisbury, Wiltshire. The couple had three sons and then a daughter, Gladys. But tragically on 1 Sep 1898 in Cape Town, Cape Province, South Africa, Martha died, she was just 40. I found the eldest son Harry Loriband Windsor in the 1901 census age 12 with his future wife’s family in Crewkerne, Somerset. Also living in the same household was the second son Sidney George Windsor born 1890 aged 10. There are several possibilities for the next son Frederick Westlake Windsor born in 1891 Cape Town, South Africa. Some in Devon and also Australia needs lots more research really to trace his life. Lastly of course is Glady’s Mary Windsor above, again I have found a possible marriage for her in Devon but also a possible trip to Australia, so that might tie up with Frederick’s record?

The possible marriage for Glady’s is to Arnold L Ainsworth in April 1921 in Totnes, Devon and there is a possible child to the couple. Also a death for her in October 1982 in Torbay, Devon, at the age of 86. Did she come to England after her Mother had died like her 2 brothers, highly possible as she was the youngest? All this would depend on confirmation of her father on her marriage certificate, so not confirmed. Needs lots more research really to confirm.

Another lovely photo of Leonard and Stanley, the Twins

They look such a mischievous pair don’t they, bet they got up to some adventures!

Named: Edith Mary Cummings born 1st January 1894. Photo was taken in 1895 when Edith was 14 months old.

Named: Edith Mary Cummings was the daughter of Charles Cummings and Maria Holt (another sister of Lydia) Also Edith Mary Cummings married William John Gibbs who was the son of Thomas John Gibbs a brother to William John Gibbs who was Lydia’s husband. So the Holts and the Gibbs have matched up again! Sometime between Between 1911 & 1914 Edith’s future husband went to Australia & joined the Army there and served in WW1. This is his Statement of Service below.

Then after William John Gibbs came out of the Army he and Edith Mary Cummings married in Chard, Somerset in 1918 and went to Australia where their children were born.

Edith Mary died on 16 February 1974 in Australia, this is the report from the local newspaper below listing their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Named: The photo above says Lydia Mary Gibbs (Lydia and William’s daughter) born 28 January 1904 this photo was taken at ten and a half weeks. Lydia 1904-1986. Lydia Mary was still living with her parents at Prout Bridge, Beaminster in the 1939 Register, I have found no marriage for her and she died in 1986 in the local area, registered in Bridport, Dorset.

Eden Society Studios just says ‘Will’ on the back

As the Eden Society Studios was in Sidney, Australia. I think the best possible match for Will is a son to Job Gibbs & Mary Alma (Bishop) (Job was a brother to William John Gibbs, Lydia’s husband) Job and Mary had six children in England, then had Twins in 1885 a boy and a girl, that both died, after the next baby was born in 1886 a daughter, they emigrated to Australia before 1888 when they had a son in Tungamah, Victoria, Australia. By the time of the Australian electoral roll in 1909, I found Job Gibbs had a Farm, “Gowangardie” in Violet Town, Echuca, Victoria, Australia, sons Harry, William Mark & Tom were farmers & Ernest Alfred a Beekeeper (Apiarist)Job and Mary had 14 children in total.

Job made a visit back to England in 1906. Job arriving back in Australia 1 Feb 1906. He also made another visit back to England in 1926 Job left England back to Australia on 30 Mar 1926.

Could his son William be the ‘Will’ in the photo above?

The Twins as babies on the back says ‘ Leonard Stanley Gibbs. Stanley William Gibbs. age 6 months. Beaminster, Dorset. Leonard 1896-1948. Stanley 1896-1992.

This one is just wonderful and says ‘April 17 1876. Father and 7 daughters‘ So as there is no name for ‘Father’ I’m assuming it is Lydia’s own Father, who did indeed have seven daughters! This is a screenshot below of their branch of the family with the twelve children born to Henry Holt and Mary Ann (Lawrence) Lydia was the youngest so it looks like she’s the daughter sitting on her Father’s lap.

Here’s a direct link to the family tree if you think you might have a connection: https://www.ancestry.co.uk/family-tree/tree/151445416/family?cfpid=422008749949

This Album is just fabulous and I am very lucky to have it in my collection. So I’m really really glad that Lynne made contact with me. But I haven’t told you the best thing yet, she is a DNA Match to me!! We haven’t found our link yet on the family tree but Lynne has been busy trying to link us up, we are distant cousins. Lovely that saving old photos runs in the family. Isn’t that just totally amazing?

Here’s a photo of the Gibbs Family from my previous Blog taken I believe at the Beaminster Manor House. Writing on the back says ‘Elsie Gibbs aged 5 & a half, taken 1917‘ Leonard I think far-right and Stanley far-left with a young lady on his arm, parents William and Lydia with their eldest daughter Lydia next to her Mum and little Elsie at the front. Stanley had just returned from America in December of 1916, so it’s lovely to see the family all together.

I’m still sharing photos from this Album through to the end of February on Twitter and Instagram daily. 💕Happy Valentine’s Day to all💕

Till next time then……..


  1. Fascinating. The clothes they wore…all those frills and corsets

    Sent from Mail for Windows


  2. Lynn, thank you for this information, particularly the photograph of my maternal grandmother Edith Mary Gibbs nee Cumming’s. She was a wonderful lady and grandmother. As I have stated in my previous email to you, I was her eldest grandson and my parents were Lyall Booth (deceased 15/11/2012) and Norma Booth nee Gibbs, turning 99 on May 4 this year.
    John W Booth.


    • Hi John. Fabulous photo of Edith as a baby isn’t it! Good to hear from you, wonderful age for your Mum. I am unable to find an email from you at all, I will go through my comments on the different Blogs, maybe it was a comment from you that I missed? Kind Regards Lynn x

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  3. Hi Lynn sorry i lost touch which was due to problems with old computer, now have a new one. This post is absolutely fascinating, how exciting you have a DNA connection with this family. Gorgeous photo’s. Hope all is well with you.Take care and stay safe.

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