Who is Mrs Saville? 💒🌸Bank Holiday Puzzle.

These super photos are a recent buy for me from Ebay. I just loved the Wedding photos and also the added bonus of a Military uniform. The seller was selling several old photos from the same Album that had been split to sell, so these I chose as they seemed the most interesting.

This is all that is written on the Album page?

So who could Mrs Saville be? Do you have the surname among your Ancestors? Can anyone help? Although I haven’t researched any of these names at all yet. My theory is that from the way that the different words are written on these various photos, could it have been a Housekeeper or a servant’s photo Album?

Could these ladies be the Mothers of the Bride and Groom?
The Bridesmaids look stunning don’t they!
Bride arriving at Church with her Father.
The Bride and Groom emerging from the Church to a guard of honour. Doesn’t he look splendid!
Can anyone help with the Regiment please?

UPDATE: Huge thanks to Nicholas on Twitter, he tells me ” The groom is wearing the full dress uniform of an infantry regiment, pre WW2. It look as if he has 2 stars on his shoulder boards indicating that he is a lietenant. I can’t make out the regimental badge on his collar.”

These last three photos below were loose and not on an Album page, but information is from the seller what was written with them.

My friend Liz thinks this : “The Chinese lady is dressed like an Amah in the east, mid 20th century”. An Amah is a Nurse/Nanny. Liz has lived in the East and says they were referred to just by their surnames. Looks like a tight bun on her head, with hair tied back.

Any help with this small collection would be wonderful, thank you.

Hope you are all having a good Bank Holiday weekend.

Till next time then……..


  1. Hi Lynn, You certainly have a puzzle here. Wish I could help. The one photo looks as if taken in the Roaring Twenties by the style of the clothes. I hope you have some success and relatives will contact you. Good luck anyway. Stay safe/

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  2. Thank you Lynn

    Always look forward to your waffles , tried to solve it but no luck , hope you crack it .

    Regards Allan

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