Rawkins Chubb Update🎆

I know it’s only been a short while since my Blog about this family and this beautiful old wedding photo I discovered on EBay.

But I have wonderful news!

This gorgeous old family group photo is now on it’s way back to be with descendants of the family!

Some of you may have noticed a comment on the blog from a descendant of this wonderful couple. After my reply to the comment I was thrilled when Natalie contacted me via email. After several chats back and forth the photo above is on its way home to Natalie.

Natalie is descended from George and Clara’s son William Henry Rawkins. She not only shared more information with me but also a fabulous old family group photo. Natalie’s Grandmother has very kindly allowed me to share this extra photo with you all, it is William Henry Rawkins with his wife Elizabeth Rhoda (Baker) with their children taken about 1917/18. Huge thanks to Natalie and her family for their generosity. I have watermarked the image for Natalie now and also lettered each person so they are easily identified from Natalie’s notes she sent to me.

A. Lillian Violet 1905-78 B. Jessie Constance 1911-38 C. Diana Amy 1913-? D. Elizabeth Rhoda (Baker) 1871-1968 E. Frank Dunraven 1909-74 F. Patricia Clara 1907-86 G. Kitty Elizabeth 1903-72 . H. William Henry Rawkins 1872-1944 I. Roy William 1899-1961 J. Wilfred Henry 1901-61.

You will also notice that I have added lots more records to this particular branch of the family on my Ancestry Tree, now we have a photo of them:


They are an interesting family, one went to Australia and came back, another to America and came back and several visits were made by other siblings to America for visiting. Three of the sisters ended their days in Worthing, Sussex, maybe they lived together in their later years? Lots more details on the family tree.

As with all families there were ups and downs and some lived quite ordinary lives and others more privileged. We are never finished exploring our families are we, and as more and more records go online we can discover more from the comfort of our homes and fit the clues together.

Natalie also has told me about Robert George Rawkins (a Brother of William Henry (Above)) who was Mayor of Windsor twice 1920 and 1932. Because of this we have a picture of him painted by an unknown artist when he was Mayor:

Unknown artist; Robert George Rawkins, Esq., JP, Mayor of New Windsor (1920 & 1932); Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Civic Collection;
This above is an article online that Natalie has found about the Pargetter side of the family, the Clara Chubb branch. Not a very flattering article about the Vicar Robert Pargetter.

Natalie also wrote to me about Ralph Roland Rawkins, another of William Henry’s brothers ‘You noted that Ralph Roland Rawkins carried on the photography. In my family research, I got hold of a book called “Photographic Printing” by R. R. Rawkins, which is very likely to be Ralph. Please find photo attached‘:

Bringing these two facts together, here’s a photograph of Windsor Castle taken by R. R. Rawkins‘:

Windsor, The River Thames 1904 R.R.Rawkins.

Natalie is also still searching for the link on Clara Chubb’s side of the family for a connection to the very famous CHUBB LOCKS family, who it seems lived in and around Fordingbridge, Hampshire too, Good luck to Natalie with her research.

I do have a limited tree on Ancestry of the Chubb Lock family, but I haven’t found a link to Natalie’s Chubb family but if anyone can help please let me know and I will pass on any information.

Here’s the link to My Chubb Lock family: https://www.ancestry.co.uk/family-tree/tree/172773453/family?cfpid=152243926041

But of course the best news of all is that this photo is now on its way to be with its family again, who I’m sure will now love and cherish it for generations to come.

Great result!

Till next time then……..


  1. WOW ! Fabulous news Lynn,how nice an ancestor has contacted you with more photo’s. You must be so thrilled. Once again thanks for sharing your wonderful research of such an interesting family.

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    • Thanks so much Rita, sorry I haven’t replied before but for some reason I didn’t have a notification of your comment! Gremlins!
      Yes I’m so pleased as it’s a very beautiful early image. Lynn xx

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  2. Hi Lynn,no problem ! I think everyone is having problems with their computers,maybe it’s because so many are are working from home and getting overloaded. I always put a like on your posts but I don’t think you get those either. Take care and stay safe.

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  3. Robert George Rawkins was my Great Grandfather. His son, Robert Rawkins was my Grandfather, and his son (my father) was Peter George Rawkins. His son (my brother) is Anthony Peter Rawkins b. 1957. Interesting to read that R. R. Rawkins was a photographer – it must run in the family, as Dad (Peter) and myself, Susan-ann, are photographers, too. I didn’t know anything about my ancestors until today, when I was researching Mayors of Windsor, and found the portrait of RG. My Grandfather, Rob, had a similar portrait which used to hang in the dining room in Whitton, UK. How fascinating to learn of all my distant relatives. Thankyou.

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    • Thank you so much for getting in touch Susan & wonderful that you are carrying on the family traditions! So pleased you enjoyed reading my blog, thanks for sharing with me. Kind Regards Lynn x


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