With Pride and Love We Remember ❤️🌹

This time of year, around Remembrance Day evokes many emotions in people all around the world, especially this years anniversary of the end of WW1….. Fear, Hope, Sadness, Joy, Gratitude, Kindness, Cheerfulness, Anger, Happiness, Surprise, Confidence, Admiration, Enthusiasm, Euphoria, Satisfaction, Contentment, Inspiration mostly heaps of Pride and Love…….


Looking at some of my Military finds from my collection this year, also makes me look more closely at these images and imagine the stories behind them.


Some are lone Soldiers from Victorian times, some with friends, colleagues, serving pals. Some in small or larger family groups, taken before they went to War maybe, some when they arrived safely home after surviving War.



Some taken in studios, some in homes and gardens.


Some very poignant family groups……all have a story


Some that survived war but came home injured in some way, the many Nurses home and abroad that tended the injured and dying, here in this old photo below with Soldiers who are wearing the Hospital Blues Uniform that was worn by patients in Military or Convalescence Hospitals during and after World War One.


Also thankfully some supremely happy old photos taken on their Wedding days, knowing they have met someone to share the next chapter of their life with.


No names but all have a story to tell I’m sure.



Poppy Field Salisbury Blog 2018


Poppy Poppy

If you do recognise any faces, please get in touch…….

Till next time then……….


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