Agnes Jane Akers 💒 Charles William Sly Part 2 Update

After being able to return the lovely photo of Agnes to a direct descendant a few weeks ago, Dick has very kindly sent me more images of the the family. Lovely to be able to see Agnes as a young woman and Mum. Good to also be able to share these with you all. If you missed the first Blog with their family history here it is   Akers Sly Family Blog Pt1  …

Super seaside photo, taken later in life when Charles and Agnes were Grandparents, love her outfit & hat!
Holidaying in Devon, near Torquay. They were obviously lovely Grandparents
This is the photo of Agnes that I found at the Car Boot sale.
Looking at the ages of the Children, this family group photo above was taken about 1897/8
Going on the youngest daughter Kathleen Mary born August 1893, sat on Mum Agnes’s lap, this dates the photo above to late 1894.
This gorgeous photo is Agnes on the right with two of her SISTERS, taken after her marriage in 1879 as she’s wearing a Wedding ring, early 1880’s?
My favourite, a wonderful informal outdoor photo of Agnes and Charles


Although it’s written ‘Agnes with Mum & Dad & Mrs Ann Ely, wife of farm manager’ on the back, I would question that, as clearly it is Agnes on the right, but the two other girls in the hammock must be the same two girls in the sisters photo above, could probably be Dad James Matthew Akers standing behind, but most certainly not Mum Jane, she would have been about 50/55 years of age at this time & all in the hammock are much younger. Agnes photo taken maybe just before her marriage in 1878/9, no Wedding ring visible.

This image below is a copy of a photo from the Sly side of the family below, beautiful lady, tragically died young.

Eliza varley, wife of James Sly. Married 3rd Jan 1863, died 1863, most probably in childbirth. Update, just found out from Dick that she died from Scarlett Fever two days after Baby was born. Baby Charles Herbert James Sly was brought up by the Varley Family as James remarried.
This is an unknown group of young people from the family, do you recognise anyone? Are any of these in your family?
Another Unknown group from the Akers/Sly family. Do you recognise them? Have you seen these faces among your Ancestors old photos?

This truly wonderful poem below has been passed down the family from way back in 1859, written at Pentrebane Farm, St Fagans, Cardiff, and was obviously written by the childrens Nanny/Governess. “Gentle little Agnes is so delicately fair” Amazing to have this in the family. I would love to have found out the author, but am unable to track down the 1861 census entry for them to see if that holds a clue, the record for Pentrebane Farm, St Fagans, Cardiff seems to be missing on Ancestry & Find My Past, but it’s not listed as missing? James Matthew Akers was one of the principal tenants of the The Hon Robert Windsor Clive & Lady Mary Clive, another interesting family (Lady Windsors Estates)

Below you will see their family group sheet with more details about the first six children mentioned in this poem, and the other children that were born after 1859



My huge thanks go to Dick, such a lovely chap to share so much of his family history and photos with me, I really appreciate the time and trouble he’s gone to, to send me these family treasures.

If you missed my original blog about the family, which includes their family tree, link is here below

Akers Sly Family Blog Part 1.

Till Next Time Then………………


  1. […] Had an email from a lovely chap who saw my Blog about his Grandparents! “I was having a surf on my computer and came across your photo of Agnes Sly nee Akers wife of C W Sly, these are my grandparents…… I have a great interest in the family tree I have many photos but had not seen that one…..Nesta is 101 on Sept 5th (One of his cousins on the tree)…….I`d like to have a chat……Richard …….(age 86)” He’s just learning on his computer & doing well! So I phoned him & we did have a lovely chat yesterday afternoon, and this morning his Grandmother’s beautiful photo taken in 1917 is on it’s way back to him and his family!   Part 2 Blog sharing more treasures from the family Family Akers/Sly […]


  2. WOW ! This again is a fascinating family history. Love all the wonderful clothes of the time, and the lovely long poetry piece is very touching. Thanks Lynn for all your hard work in researching this family and sharing it with us. Have a great weekend.

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  3. We are from the James A. Akers Family 1835-1890 Born Franklin Virginia, US, any relation? We cannot find his parents.

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  4. I’m not personally a relation because as you obviously read I am a collector of old photos, but I will go through my notes for this Blog tomorrow and see if there is any connection! Maybe you could email me on then I can reply to you on email. Kind Regards Lynn


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