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The Jacques Family 1911

Earlier this week I posted on my Facebook Page, Twitter & Instagram this super Postcard Photo of a lovely family written on the back The Jacques Family 1911. Inviting everyone to have a go & research if they wanted or if anyone knew the family, I had not researched this one at all.

Jacques 1

Jacques 2

Huge thanks to friend Gina Card Maker  (she makes some wonderful cards) from Twitter, she found the most likely family in Northumberland & so after her initial find on the 1911 census, I followed up on it.


Every family is interesting & this Jacques family is no exception. Here’s what I found.

George Fenwick Jacques was born 2 Sep 1887 to John & Alice Jacques, in the 1911 census above he was a Farm Steward & later in the 1939 Register a Farm Bailiff, (also a special constable then). Quite a good job. According to the super resource, now online A Dictionary of Occupational Terms

“bailiff, farm bailiff, farm manager, farm Steward ; a manager or head worker on farm or farms, who is mainly engaged in supervision and allocation of duties; superintends work of agricultural labourers, e.g. carters, cowman; is often placed in charge of subsidiary farm under the direct supervision of the employer and manages farm in absence of farmer (q.v.); may buy and sell produce and equipment in market on owner’s behalf.”

He was born into a large family, his father John was a Coal Miner as was his father John before him. So I assume George didn’t want that for himself & in the 1901 census was a Servant, but on a farm, obviously learning the ropes. He married Jane Ann Clark b 12 May 1886 in 1905 in Rothbury, Northumberland, her home town. She was also a Servant at the time.

Now when I was looking for the children’s births I found that the eldest Henry George was actually born in Rothbury, Northumberland on 23 Dec 1904, before they married & was registered as Henry George Clark, so was he George’s son or not? I think probably he was. Although if it’s correct, I have found that Henry George married as Clark in 1959 to Ellen C M Bowen, why not Jacques? Henry George died in 1990. I didn’t find him in the 1939 Register but there are lots of probables on the Military records.

John Jacques was born on 18 Feb 1906 in Rothbury, Northumberland & in 1932 he married Elsie Strong. In the 1939 Register he was a Motor Driver Fitter living in Morpeth, Northumberland. John died in 1964.

 Samuel Jacques was born on 7 Oct 1909 in Castle Ward, Stannington, Northumberland. In 1936 he married Nancy Lloyd, they lived in Gosforth, Northumberland in the 1939 Register & he was a Transport Driver. Samuel was 93 when he died in Warrington, Cheshire in April 2003.

I have also found a Joan Jacques born in 1923 3rd q to a mother Clark also in Castle Ward, so that could be a possible daughter too, as Mum’s age was only 37 at the time, and in the 1939 Register there is a closed record on their household, which could possibly be Joan.

Jacques 1939

In 1921 George Fenwick Jacques is in the Kelly’s Directory under Farm Bailiff. To the Trustees of the Rt Hon Viscount Ridley, Catrow, Stannington, Newcastle, Northumberland.



Blagdon Hall today


This is the estate where he lived & worked, Blagdon Hall is a privately owned English country house  & huge estate with many farms etc in Northumberland. It is a Grade I listed building. The house and estate have been in the ownership of the White Ridley family since 1698. It looks a spectacular place.

Here’s a bit of the Ridley Family History from Blagdon Hall website. Blagdon Hall

George Fenwick Jacques died 29 May 1955, still living at Blagdon. In his will he left £1,063.4s11d to his son Samuel.

Previously in 1955 I found the death of Jane Ann his wife & was surprised when I read her will…see below…

Jane Ann Jacques

I haven’t found anything on her death in the Find My Past newspaper archives. But it seems the weather at that time was absolutely appalling. The snow was 12 inches deep in Northumberland on the day she was found 19th February! So did she become stranded in the bad weather? I would love to know the story behind her death. What an awful tragedy to be missing for 2 days. Here’s one newspaper report of the weather at the time.

Of course this family may not even be the correct one, if you have any ideas please let me know.

Till next time then………….

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  1. Beautiful family here Lynn and as always you did great research. fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing your brilliant talent. With very best wishes for a Happy Xmas and good luck for the coming New Year 2018 Rita.

    Liked by 1 person

      • I enjoy reading about the research and stories behind all the items but find it really quite difficult to read the text against the “busy” Father Christmas background.


  2. I do believe that the photo of the jaques family has my grandfather in henry george clark


  3. Thanks so much for getting in touch Angela. Do you know why he kept the name Clark? and why he didn’t change to Jacques? Or was someone else his father?
    Kind Regards Lynn


  4. My dad was Henry George Clark, his mam was Jane Ann Clark. He was not Jaques son. I will write a bit more later and post birth certificate etc

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  5. Hi Lynn, my name is Hazel Race (Clark, I am Eileen Wilson (Clark) elder sister and Angela Armstrong (Clark) aunty. Most of the info on the Jacques part of my family is true, but sadly we found from other members of Jacques family via memory/other photo the picture is not of the same family. There is another Jacques family out there who this photo belongs to. Thank you…


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