Wreford S P Clements ❤️ Margaret M Inglis


In celebration of St Valentine’s day, I’m sharing with you one of my favourite Wedding old photos. …That magical look of love….The Bride & Groom both looking splendid ! The Bride wearing a gorgeous dress & full length veil, with lovely bouquet. The groom is soooo smart too, pin striped trousers & tails & also lovely to see the Spats ! A 1930 Advert for them !


Not only did someone put the date on this gorgeous picture, but we also have the couple’s names !! Wreford Clements & Moira Margaret Inglis married 2 June 1930.

From the records I find that their marriage registration area is Williton, Somerset…Just below Watchet on the north coast of Somerset. There are lots of lovely little villages in the area, so the photo could have been taken at any Church. It doesn’t seem to fit with St Peters in Williton. If you recognise where this picture was taken, please let me know…..

Wreford Sidney Petvin Clements was born 25th August 1902 in the Taunton area in Somerset. I suspect in Cotlake..The family lived in Wembdon Road when Wreford went to School in Bridgwater aged 9….Somerset School Register below…


Clements family in the 1911

Wrefords father Sidney was a Draper and the family were all born in Somerset, Wreford had a younger sister called Marjorie. I found that Wreford had been to Venezuela in 1929, a year before his marriage. He was living in London & a Chartered Account. Here’s the record from the passenger lists below….


The next records from online are the 1939 Register records from Find My Past..I found Margaret Moira Clements (Not Moira Margaret as on photo) in Chesterton, Cambridgeshire. She was with her brother John Godfrey Inglis who is a Dairy Farmer & his wife Marjorie, both Margaret & Marjorie were auxiliary nurses for the Red Cross, Marjorie a Commandant.


Had a bit of trouble finding Wreford in the 1939 Register as his name was misspelt..                   Good job I had a birth date !! He was obviously still working as an accountant in London.

Wilford S Clemente 1902 Wandsworth London



In the 1950’s I found a few passenger list records for the couple, trips to Tenerife etc…this one also has a Patricia Clements born on 9th May 1936 with them..A daughter ?

I found a Peter W Clements born in 1933, mother Inglis..Wandsworth and then in 1936 a daughter Patricia M Clements also registered in Wandsworth area. So the records on the 1939 Register are still closed for them, maybe they are still alive ? I haven’t found any marriage or death records.

Margaret Moira Inglis was born in Scotland on 27th November 1906..(I don’t have a subscription to Scotlands People records, so information I found was limited) her mother was Margaret Anderson 1881-1936 and her father was Quentin Godfrey Inglis 1878-1943, Margaret had another brother Colin William Anderson Inglis born 1908 & died on 15th February 1944 at sea. There is a memorial to Major Colin William Anderson Inglis & others at Brookwood Military Cemetery, Brookwood, Woking Borough, Surrey, England. Plot: Brookwood (1939-1945) Memorial, Panel 25, Column 3. In his will he left everything to Margaret & her husband Wreford. Just over £9,000. So I am assuming he hadn’t married. Margaret’s brother John Godfrey Inglis  died in September 1988 in Glasgow, Scotland. This is a small part of what was written at his funeral “A Farmer, he also organised the Home Guard into an effective force, and was a member of the Milk Marketing Board of England, intent on improving the lot of producers etc For much of his life he worked for them, before returning to Scotland as General Manager of the Scottish Board in 1951. He had great respect in the industry, a man of vision. He was revarded for his service to Agriculture with the Order of the British Empire. OBE. He had two children Ian & Jess & Grandchildren Arabella, Lucy, Jake & William & great Granddaughter Clementine ” His wife Marjorie died in 1990.

Our lovely couple Wreford and Margaret both died in 1988 in Exeter, Devon. Margaret died in the April & Wreford died in the June.. Here is Wreford’s will below….


The Look of Love

Here are some lovely old vintage Valentine’s postcards….Have a lovely day …

Till Next Time Then……………………


  1. Margaret Moira Anderson/Inglis is a second cousin of my mother. Margaret’s paternal grandfather William Boyd Anderson was an elder brother of my mother’s maternal grandfather James Farie Anderson. I very much enjoyed reading this, which provided me with information on an Anderson, about whom I only previously knew her date of birth.

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  2. Hi Lynn – I have now bought and moved into Cotlake, and I’ve found a family photo in the house that is from Wreford’s era. The previous owner doesn’t recognise it, but it’s definitely not come here with us. It’s a big house, and possible that it may have accidentally been unearthed during the clear-out. It would be great to know if you recognise any of the people from your family photos. If you do, you will love the photo as it is really fabulous. Can I email it to you?

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  3. I bought a lot of old wedding pics and among them are 2 large ones of the wedding of John and Marjorie Inglis, showing Wreford, Sidney and Myrtle Clements among others. The typewritten label is the same as the one on your pic. Taken by Carey of Bridgwater. If anyone is interested in I’m about to put them all on ebay.

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